Day 26 : Lac de Salanfe – Cabane Scex Carro 6th July 2013

Leaving the house of god 6:30am. Bright blue sky

7:25am 1421m reached Van d’en Haut camping ground

Hot shower available for 1CHF but could not find out how it worked…

Cute village & chalet in Van d’en Haut

8:10am 1394m Col de la Matze. Via alpina goes down towards Auberge du Vallon de Van.

8:25am going down Gorges du Dailley (quite impressive).
Following Les granges/Salvan direction. View of the Martigny vallee

8:50am 1140m meet woman with patou dog picking up Oxalys flower near wood hut/shelter.taking way down left

9am came back to the hut/shelter.there is a 3rd path going down behind the hut.

9:20am reached a place called Marmittes Glacieres.Nice view on the Martigny vallee from there but wrong way. GPX file downloaded from via alpina website is misleading and shows a trail that no longer exists (or difficult to find)

Asked a day hiker to take a look to his map. Need to go to Les granges first.

9:40am 1071m just before Les granges. Marked Le marcot way on left.Following it

10:10am 919m catched up with wide path called (route des diligences). Vernayaz first mark down steeply in laces

11am 500m touched down Vernayaz.quite a few things to care of before hiking up the opposite side of the mountain right in front.

12:25am leaving Vernayaz. On the way passed by a cherry tree loaded with red delicacies and all i could hear was : “Eat me, Eat me, Pick me up please”

Picked up about a kg…

12:45am Pont de Dorenaz 461m catched up via alpina trail and crossing Rhone river.
Alesse marked 1h20.Dorenaz marked 15mins. A trail going up steep is marked Champex d ‘alesse 2h…may be shorter but want to fill up my stomach before going up…

1:50pm leaving Dorenaz after stopping for lunch. 25CH for piece of frozen meat, frozen vegetables & frozen french fries. Very bad service here in “Le relais” restaurant in Dorenaz.

2:50pm Alesse 937m. Scex Carro marked 3h.Going up steeply all the way in the forest.

3:15pm Champex d’Alesse 1123m.Col du Demecre marked 4h.Portail de Fully marked 3h20.Cabane Scex Carro marked 2h25

Followed T2R (tour des 2 rives) markers from la Giete to reach L’Au de l’Alesse 1958m at 5:05pm.
There is an open wood hut here and also a big wood table with roof.

Cabane Scex Carro marked 5min.Col de Demecre marked 1h35.Lacs de Fully marked 1h30

Arrived cabane Sex Carro 5:30pm 15CHF (very good value for money)

Distance covered : 26,3km
Walking time : 7h10
Resting time : 4h
Date : saturday 6th july 2013
Weather : hot & sunny

Fabrice 31 refuge keeper his here for a 3 days rotation.Owner here are the Dorenaz ski club.Probably the cheapest cabane available in all Valais.

View on the Mont Blanc from here & Dents du midi.

Shared a pasta carbonara dinner with Fabrice and his friends. Nice & quiet here.Great atmosphere in the Scex Carro cabane.


Salanfe chapel


Van d’en Haut chalet


Gorges du Dialley



Panoramic view from Cabane de Scex Carro


Dents du midi morning view

Transition day : going down steeply in forest, crossed vallee and rhone river to go back up steeply through forest

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