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Day 43 : Korbalpe Kapelle St Jakobus – Oberstdorf 23rd July 2013

On the way up to Widderstein Hutte 6:15am

6:20am 1670m Hochkrumbach.Widderstein hutte marked 1h.Mindelheimer hutte marked 4h30

7:45am 2009m Widderstein hutte.Not much water in the area.Had to buy mineral water.2,5euros for 0,5L.Mindelheimer hutte marked 3h30.Koblat pass marked 1h45

8:55an 1975m Koblatpass.Mindelheimer hutte marked 2h.

Nice and flat walk over 1900m until Koblatpass.From there it can stay up and go to Ruppensee hutte and avoid going down to Oberstdorf.

9:20am 2123m intersection. Greisshorn marked 40mins up left.Via alpina stays low but still nice hike around here.

10am 2058m Mindelheimer Hutte.
170beds available here.10euros for Alpine club members.20euros if not.Friendly staff introduces different trails around

From here there is a challenging climbing trail called Mindelheimer Klettersteig.Via alpina goes by the lower smooth trail.

Leaving Mindelheimer Hutte,Germany 10:40am

1:15pm 1000m near Birgsau.Oberstdorf marked 2h30

1:30pm walking on road for 8-9km.The GPX file downloaded on the via alpina website in june 2013 indicates a trail on the other side but it must go over barbwire and no markers.
There is a bus service from Birgsau or probably easy to hitchiked here but don’t mind walking road…a km or less after birgsau, a bridge make it probably possible to catch up via alpina trail in the forest…

2:15pm stopped by for a quick bath in the fresh Stillach water stream

3:30pm another episode of a short light rain shower

3:35pm Oberstdorf 824m Allgau area.

Starting or ending point of via alpina purple and yellow trail.Via alpina red trail also passes by Oberstdorf, Bavaria Germany

Lots of tourists eating ice cream in Oberstdorf village.

After wandering a lot in Oberstdorf streets.Got some laundry done for 8euros but impossible to find the computer needed to upload new via alpina GPX files, roadbooks and maps…

Went to the campingplatz after 7:30pm.The registration office closed at 6pm and opens 7-8am.
A note is written in German, too tired to try to decipher it…going for the hot shower wouhhhhou

A small kitchen with cooking equipments is available for campers.

Rained a little bit in the evening.the kitchen could make a warm place for the night…

Pitched the tent outside

Distance covered : 37km (at least 4-6km in the streets of Oberstdorf)
Walking time : 8h50
Resting time : 4h
Altitude : 800m
Weather : very hot and sunny, light showers in the late afternoon
Date : tuesday 23rd July 2013

For indoor accomodation in Oberstdorf.There is a youth hostel (4km away from the village) that have B&B for 25euros

Few Gasthaus at 20euros but at least 6km away from Oberstdorf.
37euros is the cheapest price founded in the village.


Kapelle St Jakobus – Korbalpe


On the way to Mindelheimer hutte





Going down to Oberstdorf

Right on time for the picture : Bavarian style lady is out in front of her Oberstdorf house


Oberstdorf house

Day 42 : Blons – Korbalpe Kapelle St Jakobus 22nd July 2013

Leaving Blons school playground 6am

6:10am 760m Hinteregg.Garsella marked 1h15.Sonntag marked 2h30

7:30am 735m Garsella.Sonntag Walserweg marked 1h15.Buchboden marked 2h45

9:05am 810m Buchboden Walserweg.Biberacher Hutte marked 4h30

It really starts going up steeply from Buchboden

10:30am 1570m Obere Uberlutalpe.Biberacher Hutte marked 2h15

Little bit later bumped into Frank and his 2 kids.Frank was curing one of his 53 cows foot.Videotaped him in the process of putting the bandage on the cow foot. Very friendly and willing to explain in english. Vorarlberg and Austria really interesting so far.

11:30am caring on to Biberacher hutte

12:10am 1800m Pregimel.Biberacher hutte marked 1h15

Easy to take wrong trail around here.

1:45pm 1852m Biberacher Hutte.Great location to stay overnight,leaving 2:05pm.Schroken marked 2h30

3pm 1100m low point,crossing water stream on bridge.Going up Schroken now.

3:30pm took a dip in the refreshing water stream before reaching Unterboden 1140m

4pm 1250m Schroken

4:50pm leaving Schroken

5:20pm 1560m Batzenalpe.Hochtannbergpass marked 1h30
Alpenmusuem here

6:20pm 1670m Korbalpe

Distance covered : 39,8km
Walking time : 9h15
Resting time : 4h15
Altitude : 1700m
Date : monday 22nd july 2013
Weather : very hot & sunny

While eating dinner and checking the map for a possible camp site for the night. A Kapelle St Jakobus appeared in the vincinity…now know where i am gonna end up the first day in beautiful Austrian mountain area on the via alpina.

7:30pm 1700m Kapelle St Jakobus is open but humid inside…will pitch the tent outside


Blons area


On the way to Buchboden



Frank curing cow foot near Obere Uberlutalpe

On the way to Birberacher hutte

Panorama Birberacher hutte



Schroken church

On the way to Korbersee





Panorama at Korbalpe : Kapelle St Jakobus

Day 41 : Gadafura-Hutte – Blons 21st July 2013

Leaving Konrad & Anita (kind & friendly refuge keepers/owners) nice & clean Gafadura-Hutte.

On the way to Austria at 7:30am

8am 1630m Back to Prafazei, on the via alpina red trail.Leaving Via alpina green trail and Liechtenstein.Going down towards Feldkirch

8:10am 1473m Sarojaalpe.Via alpina way goes straight by Feldkirh hutte marked 1h.Feldkirch marked 2h45.
Going right,Frastanz marked 2h15.Taking Frastanz shortcut,no need to go Feldkirch

9:30am 763m Amerlugen.Feldkirch marked 1h.Frastanz marked 35mins in the other direction.

Following down to Frastanz through forest trails and roads yellow and white markers

10:20am catched the via alpina red trail coming from Feldkirch. 473m Brugger Torkel. Satteins marked 1h15

10:35am 510m Krist.2ways to go to Satteins.Straight by the road (roman way) marked 40mins. Or up left on via alpina red trail (called walgauweg) marked 45mins to get away of the noisy nearby passing highway.

12:30am leaving Satteins. Lunch + drinks 19EUR

1:15pm 610m Rons.Schnifis walgauweg marked 30mins

2:45pm 780m Plattenhof.Thuringerberg marked 1h15

Lots of roads,forest trails,religious items on this first transition day in the Austrian countryside,moving up to enter Grosse Walsertal valley

3:45pm 875m Kirche HI. Andreas.St Gerold marked 1h15

Thuringerberg has a restaurant/gasthaus and a petrol station with survival groceries available opened on sunday

Light rain started around 4:15pm but quickly stopped once again.

5:35pm 840m St Gerold Propstei.Blons marked 1h15 by walserweg

6:30pm 890m Blons.Stopping for some dinner

About 7pm young locals dressed as firefighters comes in and joined me at the table outdoor.

Meet Simon 19years old, after talking and videotaped him telling me the different local dialect here in Vorarlberg county Austria.

Simon invited me to stay at his house if his parents agreed…

Distance covered : 34,2km
Walking time : 7h35
Resting time : 4h50
Altitude : 888m
Date : sunday 21st July 2013
Weather : very hot & sunny, light rain in the late afternoon, clear in the evening

Simon and his brother David went to ask the Blons priest if it will possible to stay in the church.The open minded priest says no (it is not raining) but gave some cabbage that can be eaten raw.

Simon and David took me too there house so i could take a shower and showed me where in Blons school playground, the tent could be pitched for the night.

After shower, Simon mother gave me some cakes and cherries and told me if needed anything, could come in and ask.

What an amazing way to end up that first via alpina day in Austria…

At the Blons restaurant, someone paid for a drink and the waitress did not want me to pay the cents of my bill.
Left 24euros for the meal + drinks + increbible encounters with the locals here in Blons Vorarlberg county Austria.

9:30pm looks like full moon tonight.


Drei Schwestern view


First wood chapel in Austria


Drei Schwestern from the Austrian


House on the way


Chapel in the forest


Simon 19 (left) and Blons volontary firefighters

Day 30 – Lauenen – Adelboden 10th July 2013

6:15am left the hut i stayed 14hours inside.Going down to Lauenen.

6:35am Lauenen 1255m.
The warm & beautiful church seems open 24/7.water & electricity available there.
Lenk marked 5h10

7:50am Flueweid 1540m.Trutlisbergpass on the way up in the fields.

9:00am 2038m Trutlisbergpass.Noisy military aircraft keep turning around in the area.

9:50am 1570m Seitengraben intersection. Via Alpina markers appears since Trutlisbergpass.
Just entered Via Alpina green trail (stage C14 Lenk-Adelboden).
Left Via Alpina red trail in Lenk.

10:30-11am stopped for a sandwich at Walleg Stube. Nice waitress from Slovakia very friendly…Not very well welcome by owner  boss when he came afterward (very rude attitude)

12am leaving Lenk 1064m

12:20am 1244m Hahnenmoospass marked 2h30.Adelboden marked 4h30

1pm 1536m Brandegg.Hahnenmoospass marked 1h30.Adelboden marked 3h30

1:20pm 1661m Bulhberg.restaurant here.Hahnenmoospass marked 1h.Adelboden marked 3h

1:35pm 1830m Brengge. Hahnenmoospass marked 30mins.Adelboden marked 2h25

1:50pm 1956m Hahnenmoospass. Ski resort lots of ugly construction going on. Going down now
Adelboden marked 2h

2:40pm 1707m Geils.Restaurant here.Adelboden marked 1h35

3:05pm 1486m Berglager skiing cabin operating bringing up downhill bikers.

4pm 1353m entering Adelboden
Kandersteg marked 6h45.

5:30pm 1260m Campingplatz Albo in the lower part of Adelboden

18,1CHF for camping place + washing machine and drying + electricity + wifi.Shower cost 1CHF extra


Lauenen upper area. Hut spent last night in


Lauenen chalet


Lauenen chalet


Lauenen church


On the way up to Trutlisbergpass


Panoramic view from Trutlisbergpass


Lenk from the distance

Trutlisbergpass view


Cute baby goats


Lenk church


Panoramic view from Hahnenmoospass


Downhill bike


Adelboden church

Day 29 : Cabane du Prarochet – Lauenen 9th July 2013

Leaving 6:30am Cabane du Prarochet.Sun is up shining already.

Flat walk down in the hard snow to catch up Via Alpina 7:30am Col du Sanetsch ou Col de Senin 2244m.

Gsteig marked 2h30.Following Sarine water stream to Sanetschsee

8:30am Auberge du Sanetsch. Went in and almost been physically assaulted by the owner of this place (small, white bearded biker style angry man).

He got mad because i did not stay at his place last night and just came for coffee and the wifi…

Read a lot of bad things about here on the via alpina roadbook and it is worst than that.

Been told that he will get the dog out and put me down on one knee….pretty funny at the entrance there is a sign saying : “we welcome you with love” (must be ironic) 🙂

Going down steeply now

9:20am Rotengraben intersection 1478m. Gsteig marked down 45mins. Way up marking Burg 15mins, i think possible to avoid Gsteig and move on to Lauenen by this trail.

Gsteig have the 1st grocery store since Vernayaz, taking the detour for it.

9:50am arrived at the start of the Telecabine. There is a notice that says :”danger of avalanche, way to Sanetsch closed”

There is absolutely no snow/danger on this path (it is steep tho) but i think i know why they put/leave that sign…oh yeah the Telecabine right here and it is operating and it cost 13CHF one way…

Talked to the guy operating the Telecabine. He explained that it was communal decision to keep the trail close. I guess they also run the Telecabine…

Think i entered Bern county now…really bad feeling so far about the behaviors here. Let’s stay positive and see what’s next

10:15am 1250m entered Gsteig farming village.

Just talked to a nice & friendly (italian born) local woman….pffff good feeling & happy mood is back again

Went to the Tourist office to report about the owner of Auberge du Sanetsch behavior.

They know and got lots of complaints but they cannot do anything. They just stop recommanding Auberge du Sanetsch to visitors.

Auberge du Sanetsch at best you will leave lots of your money…at worst some of your blood…

12:15am leaving pleasant village of Gsteig.

“chemin pedestre” markers are now replaced by “wanderweg” markers

1:10pm after lunch break moving up. No real motivation to walk as i know anywhere i will go will be an expensive place to stay in…

Just passed by a day hiker. Said “bonjour”
She answered something like “Hej sa”

That it is it, gotta forget about French language and start learning some survival German…

2:05pm Chrine 1659m.Gstaad marked left 3h20.Lauenen down straight marked 1h

2:25pm as the last 2days, refreshing light rain came.

2:35pm passed by an open hut/shelter. Rain is pouring heavy now. Can stay here for the night if needed…

Distance covered : 22,5km
Walking time : 4h55
Resting time : 3h15
Altitude : 1458m
Date : tuesday 9th July 2013
Weather : sunny but cold in the morning then hot & warm until the rain came early afternoon

3:10pm rain stopped. Decide it does not worth moving few more km to pay for a roof. Staying in the hut where noone will come bother..can pitch the tent inside

4chairs and some grass inside (great comfy &warm mattress)

6:30am Cabane du Prarochet area panoramic view





Col du Sanetsch


Going down to Gsteig


Unsual black salamander


Incorrect information forcing people to use the Telecabine to go up to Sanetsch to be physically assaulted by auberge du sanetsch nut case owner 🙂


Gsteig farm


Gsteig chalet


Gsteig church


Gsteig Baren hotel/restaurant


Panorama from Chrine pass


On the way up to chrine pass



Day 28 : Pont de Nant – Cabane du Prarochet 8th July 2013

7am leaving Auberge communal Pont de Nant.

Derborence marked 5h10. La vare marked 1h40.Anzeindaz marked 3h25

8:10am La Vare 1756m. Anzeinde marked 1h25.Col des Essets marked 1h.Derborence marked 3h

9:05am Col des Essets 2029m.Anzeindaz marked 20min.Pas de Cheville marked 1h10.Derborence marked 2h

9:35am 1857m reached alpage Anzeindaz. Le Godet marked 2h25

Going up smoothly to Pas de la Cheville in the alpage by the sound of cow bells with the Diablerets Massif on the left side.

10:10am 2038m Pas de la Cheville.Derborence marked 50min

Leaving Vaud to enter Valais now

11am 1513m Derborence lake in sight…expected something nicer…
Col du Sanetsch marked 4h40

Near Derborence lake, there is one authorized camping spot (see map below).
The GPX file downloaded in June 2013 is following the road (longer).The trail white-red-white take a sharp right turn near the lake and through forest (way nicer)

11:45am 1370m Le Godey.Col du Sanetsch marked 4h05

12:40am Leaving Le godey. It goes up in a valley towards massive rocks.Via alpina here will get very steep then a little climbing vertical is needed.Ropes & a ladder make it safe & helpful.Effort is short

2:15pm 1960m Poteu des Etales.Great panoramic view on Derborence lake,glacier des Diablerets.
Tsanfleuron marked 1h35.Col du Sanetsch marked 2h05.Prarochet cabane 2h

2:40pm Mie decide to go off Via Alpina and do a little detour by Cabane Prarochet.

4pm 2533m reached Cabane du Prarochet. It is open there are people inside…Lots of snow up here. Great day..black clouds all over now.

Distance covered : 25,7km
Walking time : 6h55
Resting time : 2h10
Date : monday 8th July 2013
Altitude : 2555m
Weather : hot & sunny until 3pm when light rain and black clouds showed up

Bed is 29CHF
Been asked 9CHF for 1.5L of water


Vallon de la Vare


Les diablerets massif from Col des Essets


Anzeinde alpage


Near Derborence lake


Authorized Camping place near Derborence & le godey map


Chalet near Le godey. Les diablerets glacier behind

Going up steeply to Scex rouge/col de Sanestch


Going up vertical now


On the way up to cabane du Prarochet



Cabane du Prarochet 2533m

Day 27 : Cabane Scex Carro – Pont de Nant 7th July 2013

Left Cabane Scex Carro 8:30am.Very welcome there by Fabrice.

8:45am Scex Carro great panoramic view on Martigny,Mont Blanc, Sion vallee and Dents du midi all together.

9:30am Portail de Fully 2267m. Great panoramic view. Col du Demecre marked 55mins

10:10am Le Diabley.
highest point 2444m awesome 360 panoramic view. Dent de Morcles in sight. Leman lake in sight.Lacs de Fully also in sight.

10:35am Col du Demecre et Cabane 2361m.Rionda marked 1h50.La Tourche marked 2h15

11am Le Dzeman 2058m.Rionda marked 1h20.La Tourche marked 1h45 up right.Down left L’Au d’Arbignon 55mins.

Refuge de Demecre recommended me to go lower and avoid the potentially dangerous neves on the upper trail to Rionda.

11:25am Chalet neuf 1858m. Nice & talkative owner with his wife. Told me it was ok now to pass by the upper part (no more danger). Dorenaz ski club also own this place only 12CHF for a bed.

12am L’alpage de L’Au d’Arbignon low point 1649m.Selling local cheese called Serac here (10CHF/kg)

Young sheeperd are taking care of this alpage.Jeremy and girlfriend Marion in their early 20s are learning the sheeperd job for there first year from Jean Henri 35 years old.

Videotaped a lot here. The 3 of them explained a lot about the alpage work here in Valais. The Serac and Tomme cheese making. They are making the cheese on site in the alpage.

Jeremy & Marion are young & enthusiastic. Willing to learn and keep the sheeperd tradition here in Valais.

Jean Henri is a kind of mentor for the 2 youngs. He’s been sheeperd for 10years now.He was working for the Swiss post office before.

But as he told me : “Now having less revenu but a stress free life”

Really greatful i took a detour at l’alpage de l’au d’Arbignon. Very interesting encounter.
They sale cheese and also offer accomodation (15CHF for a bed – 10 are available).

Really worth a detour to stay overnight at Alpage L’Au de l’Arbignon if looking for off the beaten track experience on the via alpina.

The alpage here in Valais are own by the town or village who lend it to the sheeperd.

2:05pm leaving l’alpage de l’Au d’Arbignon

3:05pm 2156m Rionda old Swiss army barracks.La Tourche marked 20mins.Pont de Nant marked 3h30

3:25pm 2181m La Tourche.Nice location for this cabane but quite big and ugly (modern style)

Few neves left on both side of Col des Perris Blancs

4:25pm 2514m Col des Perris Blancs.Entering protected area “Reserve naturelle du Vallon de Nant”.

Amazing view from here on the “Tete Noire” peak & Dent Favre

Hiking trail around is Tour des Muverans

Leaving Valais to enter Vaud county.

5:10pm Les Martinets 2087m.Pont de Nant marked 1h45

Sliding down on the snow was fun. After crossing river stream,via alpina goes down smoothly on a wide path.

6:10pm Nant 1500m.Few black cows around in the alpage.Think the sheeperd not here because spot a group of 10 unscared Chamois including a very young one. They came down just right where the cows are.

Pont de Nant marked 45mins

Heard thunder on the way down by the water stream and through forest.
The hot shower I am dreaming of might turned out to be a cold one. Nevermind the soap is ready.

6:50pm few drops of refreshing rain

Got to Pont de Nant alpine botanical garden…nice open air roof there (perfect to pitch a tent) 🙂

Checked the botanical garden huts.One is open and there is electricity & water available

Saw 2 girls outside a nearby chalet.

The 2 girls father is the alpine botanical garden gardener.13years of work for this piece of art

Visiting the alpine garden..just found water. The gardener leaving too close..will probably get mad if pitching..may be will be ok if ask for permission…

Going to ask nearby Auberge communal about price. 25CHF for dorm bed,hot shower,electricity,soap and sattelite wifi…can’t say no to that much comfort 🙂

7:10pm in for a long hot shower at Pont de Nant Auberge communal. One unusual thing here is that there is an open air jaccuzzi available for guests…

Distance walked : 23,8km
Walking time : 6h10
Resting time : 4h35
Altitude : 1288m
Date : sunday 7th july 2013
Weather : hot and sunny most of the day


Fabrice part time refuge keeper at Cabane Scex Carro


Martigny view from Scex Carro


View from Le Diabley


Dents de Morcles from col du demecre


Leman lake just ahead



Valais Serac cheese & Mont blanc view


Jeremy & Jean Henri sheeperd at Swiss Valais l’Au de l’Arbignon alpage


On the way up to les Tourches


Col des perris blancs


Tete noire peak


Vallon de Nant



Nant alpage 1500m


Pont de Nant alpine botanical garden sample