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Via Alpina 2013 video

Monaco – Trieste par la Via Alpina en 16minutes

sous titres en Français, captions in English

Cette vidéo pour donner un petit aperçu des rencontres que l’on peut faire sur la Via Alpina si l’on ouvre un peu les écoutilles 🙂

la Via Alpina est un itinéraire de Grande Randonnée accessible a tous. N’ayez pas peur et lancez vous dans cette belle aventure. Ajuster la durée en fonction de votre condition physique.

Merci au secrétariat de la Via Alpina d’avoir mis a disposition des informations précises et gratuites.

Hard to make a selection, full video is 40mins and might be released later on

This short video is showing a personal tiny piece of important moment or moment liked the most during the 76days journey across the Alps.

Grab your backpack and enjoy meeting the locals in the Alps…

Day 40 – Sargans – Gafadura-Hutte 20th July 2013

Bought a croissant and got the charged up electronics back 6:40am

On the way to Liechtenstein 7:15am

7:20am 540m Schloss Sargans.Sevelen marked 3h35

8:40am 497m Azmoos.Sevelen marked 2h

10am leaving Azmoos

10:30am 602m Gretschins.Sevelen marked 1h.Buchs marked 2h20

11:10am 470m Sevelen dorf.Vaduz marked 1h10

11:45am leaving Schweiz and entering Liechtenstein by crossing Rhein river by “Rheinbrucke Vaduz-Sevelen” wood bridge.

1:15pm leaving touristic Vaduz.Heading for Gafadurahutte where a 20CHF bunk bed has been reserved for me by the Vaduz tourist office.

There are 2 ways to reach Gafadura-Hutte.the hard but really worth it one up by Furstenteig or in the valley down by the Furstenweg and Planken.

Highest point in the Liechtenstein principality is 2599m.Lowest 430m.

Lots of informations about the principality are displayed on the castle way (schlossweg)

Current prince Hans Adam 2 is the 13th reigning prince of Liechtenstein.

1:30pm 576m Schloss Vaduz.Gaflei marked 2h45

2:20pm 847m Ruine Wildschloss

3:35pm 1483m Gaflei.Sucka marked 1h.Planken marked 4h30

4:30pm 1856m Gafleisattel

5:15pm 2070m Rover Schaan cross

5:35pm 2105m Garsellakopf.Nice ridge hike up here..one more cross to go

6:05pm 2052m Drei Schwestern. View on Frastanz Austria

On the very steep way down from Drei Schwestern,there are 2 ladders and a safety line to help.there is a way around this spot to avoid the ladders

6:45pm 1630m Prafazei.Gafadura-Hutte marked 30mins.Feldkirch marked 3h

7:10pm 1428m Gafadura-Hutte

Supposed to be a transition day..turned out to be a hard one but good one on a narrow trail in the rocks from Furstensteig

Distance covered : 35,5km
Walking time : 8h35
Resting time : 3h15
Altitude : 1428m
Date : saturday 20th july 2013
Weather : sunny & hot,cloudy late afternoon

9:30pm 2swiss girls (selma & serena hiking for the week end) speaking french help me out to translated and videotaped Hans 75years old man telling stories. Hans is taking care of the veals in the nearby alpage

This Via Alpina day was on stage C2 and R56 from Furstenteig


Sargans castle


Sargans view


Vaduz castle


On the way up to Furstensteig






Gadafura-Hutte Liechtenstein 1428m


Sunset at Gadafura-Hutte


Hans 75 drinking local cider & telling stories


Liechtenstein Vaduz-Feldkrich map

Day 39 : Elm – Sargans 19th July 2013

On the way up to Foopass at 6:05am

7:30am 1897m Raminer Matt.Bought last year Glarner alpkase from the farm.5CHF

8am 2223m Foopass.Can see Elm from Foopass.Foo stofeli marked 45mins.Sargans marked 5h15

9am 1882m Alp Foo.Vorsiez marked 2h20.Weisstannen marked 3h25

The friendly farmer at Alp Foo have some instant coffee,sugar and hot water tank offering to passing  travellers.
There is also a natural small pool nearby at Alp Foo

10:40am 1176m Vorsiez.Weisstannen marked 1h10

11:30am 1003m Weisstannen.Sargans marked 4h

1pm leaving Weisstannen after lunch break.28CHF for an average meal + drinks..

Out of Weisstannen.3possibilities to go down Sargans.GPX file goes by the left, via alpina markers goes by the right or follow the road.

1:35pm 906m Schwendi.GPX & trail markers back together on the road.Sargans marked 3h

2:50pm 914m Guetli.after long flat,up & down walk. First view of Sargans,Rhine river and Liechtenstein on the way.Sargans marked 1h35

4pm 497m passed by a cherry tree in Mels.Just picked up dessert for tonight dinner.Sargans marked 40mins

4:20pm entered Sargans

6pm light rain started.Pitched the tent on a hill surrounded by small trees nearby Sargans castle.Left my bacpack in,going down in town to charge the electronics…

Distance covered : 36,2km
Walking time : 7h45
Resting time : 4h05
Altitude : 555m
Date : friday 19th July 2013
Weather : hot & sunny until 5:30pm when the light rain came

The friendly bakery owner down the hill accepted to keep & charge the electronics overnight…


Waterfall on the way up to Foopass


Foopass panorama


Another Foopass panorama


On the way down to Weisstannen


Weisstannen house


Mels,Sargan, Rhine river & Liechtenstein first view


Chapel in Mels


Day 38 : Linthal – Elm 18th July 2013

On the way to richetlipass at 6:30am

Bought alpkase in a convenient self service fridge on the way.
Glarner alpkase aus rohmilch mit grunen pfeffer….delicious cheese

8:20am 1970m the open sheeperd hut/shelter expected yesterday is here. Asked 2 hikers coming down yesterday is there was an opened hut near the pass and they did not know/gave me the information….

This open hut have a fire place and wood.Might be occupied by sheeperd sometimes. Richetlipass is less than 700m away from this hut/shelter

8:50am 2261m Richetlipass.100m before spotted 5 alpensteinbock (Bouquetins) with huge horns.Elm marked 3h45

10:45am 1710m Obererbs.Elm marked 2h

11:35am 1640m passed by cool unoccupied hut/shelter with fireplace (great location).Seems easy to open (not locked,only few stones block door access). 200m next another hut/shelter with beds inside but locked…

11:50am 1610m more huts/shelters.some are opened and habitable.no one seems to live here (except one or two houses)

There is more than one way going to Elm.Via alpina is not the shortest.

12:50am 996m Elm. Looking for food and a washing machine…

Beautiful 16th,17th century old traditional wood houses around in Elm.14th century church…

1:30pm been served local dish called “Zigerhornli” (pasta with local Ziger cheese,cream and onions) at Gasthaus Sonne

30CHF for the local dish + beer + laundry cleaning and drying.

Friendly gasthaus owner agreed to do The emergency laundry needed…
A hot shower is programmed later on at the campingplatz on the way to Foopass… Thanks to Heidi at Elm TurismusBuro for all information & recommandation. Just find out that was out Berner oberland for quite some time already.Here it is Glanerland : Glarus county

4pm leaving Elm with clean & dry clothes,dried tent,food…black clouds and thunderstorm noise..looks like it is gonna rain soon…

Still one thing to do : Shower…will it be a hot or cold one?

4:35pm reached Elm campingplatz. Fireplace in the woods, waschraum & toilets but no shower here..no electricity too. They charge 5CHF + tax..

4:45pm 1039m Talstation Nideren.Foopass marked 3h15.Sargans marked 8h45

5:15pm 1280m Stafeliegg.Just found an open warm hut/shelter with fireplace, chainsaw, table, bench,even a mattress inside. Located by the road but should be good to stay in for the night. Foopass is 6,5km away

Distance covered : 27,3km
Walking time : 6h20
Resting time : 4h30
Altitude : 1280m
Weather : hot & sunny most day, thunderstorm clouds late afternoon
Date : thursday 18th July 2013

About 6pm a car came by, looked by the window and saw Tessa walking…invited her in the shack. She laughed out loud when she saw me at the hut window calling her name… 🙂

After a while she went pitch her tent and sleep outside..good luck girl

7pm start the rain


Hut/shelter spent last night in


Glarner alpkase + cider self service on the way to richetlipass


Opened sheeperd house near richetlipass (great location)


Alpensteinbock at richetlipass


Panorama at richetlipass


Richetlipass area


On the way down to Elm


View on the way down to Elm


Cool open hut/shelter near Elm

Elm old house


Another Elm old house

One more cute house in Elm Glarner county


Elm church (14th century? Really?)


Local dish : Zigerhornli

Day 37 : Unterschachen – Linthal 17th July 2013

On the way to Klausenpass at 6:25am.Following Schachen water stream

7:05am 1234m Asch.Klausenpass marked 2h15 via Balmwand and 3h20 other way.
Took steep and straithforward way and catched up the via alpina trail 8:05am

8:40am 1948m Klausenpass.Chapel is locked.Urnerboden marked 1h50

10:25am 1350m Urnerboden.Flat walk alongside water stream

11:30am 1300m.Taking shortcut to Linthal (called Historisher weg : historical way). Via Alpina goes up by Braunwald

1pm 723m after very steep way down.following road by Linth water stream to Linthal.

1:10pm 662m entered Linthal

Stopped for lunch at Pizzeria 16CHF for a good value for money pizza + glass of sugar (cola)

3:05pm 666m Schiesserhaus.Leaving Linthal.Richetlipass marked 5h15

4pm light rain starts. Forecasted bad weather on time.

4:10pm 1121m found an open hut/shelter. Barbwire and cement bags inside.solid roof…looks like a storage hut..fine

Better stay here and wait tommorrow morning to go up Richetlipass…

Distance covered : (unknown accurately) 22-30km
Walking time : 7h
Resting time : 2h40
Date : wednesday 17th july 2013
Weather : hot, light rain late afternoon


Sunrise on Klausenpass


They love stacking logs around here


Waterfall at Asch hamlet (off via alpina trail)


Klausenpass (not much to see up there)


Near urnerboden


Panorama urnerboden


Unerboden area




Linthal church

Day 36 : Engelberg – Unterschachen 16th July 2013

Leaving morning campfire place 7:15am

8am 1258m Alpenrosli.Surenenpass marked 3h25.Attinghausen marked 7h

8:25am 1393m Stafeli.Touristenlager here : Berggasthaus (nice location).
Surenenpass marked 3h. Got some delicious alpkase from Stafeli.

9am 1630m Stauber.Nice waterfall here.Surenenpass marked 2h

9:30am about 1760m Blackenalp area. Small Chapel is open (bivouac not allowed in the area), occuppied farm nearby.

10:30am Schutzhutte is open and great donativo place to stay overnight (some food left inside).Only 200m away of Surenenpass

10:35am 2291m Surenenpass.Attinghausen marked 3h35

Sliding down on the snow for 30-45mins.Following down water stream.Via alpina goes down different way.

1:10pm 1385m Bachhutte nearby Waldnacter Seeli.BBQ spot on one side, another open chapel 100m away + couple of houses/farms.
Attinghausen marked 1h50

1:30pm 1436m Hochiberg.Catched up with via alpina coming from the left. Attinghausen marked 1h35

2:30pm 597m Brusti Mittelstation.Attinghausen marked 15mins

2:40pm 486m Attinghausen.Burglen marked 1h & 1h15

2:45pm 460m low point crossing highway and water stream on bridge.entering Altdorf.

Via alpina & via Gottardo hiking trails meets in Altdorf.
Crossing a field following the wanderweg. A nice old lady working in there gathering the freshly cut grass came towards me and started talking. No schweisser deutsch for me, no french or english for her. She pointed the mountain right ahead. Moved my head up & down,smiled and waved byebye at her

Tessa English girl started from Montreux going to Verone on E5 catched up on me.

4pm 548m Burglen. Spiringen marked 2h

5pm 702m Sigmanig.Spiringen marked 1h30

6pm 938m Spiringen.Unterschachen marked 1h50.Klausenpass marked 5h30

Out of the via alpina and staying on the road, expected a campingplatz that was mentionned on the Swiss map…nothing

Moving on sidewalk to Unterschachen and will catch up other trail by Asch to Klausenpass.

7pm 1000m entering UnterSchachen.

8:10pm stopped somewhere on the way to Asch.will set camp here by the schachen water stream.

Distance covered : 38,3km
Walking time : 9h
Resting time : 3h50
Altitude : 1061m
Weather : hot & sunny
Date : tuesday 16th July 2013


Engelberg church


On the way to surenenpass (blackenalp area)


Schutzhutte nearby surenenpass


Stafeli alpkase at surenenpass


Surenenpass panorama


On the way down to Altdorf


Attinghausen, altdorf and burglen


Working in the field,Luzern lake in the background


Burglen church




Panorama in Unterschafen

Day 35 : Meiringen – Engelberg 15th July 2013

5:50am leaving campingplatz alpencamping and the stubborn Polish donkey and her hairdryer behind.

First and last guest i am willing to have on board.no more babysitting on the via alpina…

6:20am 625m Meiringen.Jochpass marked 7h10 and 6h30 ?? 2 different way to get there..will follow via alpina through planplatten

6:40am 800m Schrandli.Planplatten marked 4h40

7:10am 1052m Reuti Post.Planplatte marked 4h

8:40am 1660m Gummen Renen.Planplatte marked 1h40

9h45 2245m Planplatten
Great panoramic view. Brienzersee,Jura, glacier Triftgletscher,etc…
Engstlenalp marked 3h15

Just out of the skiers cable car that brings up the tourists at Planplatten today.The trail is marked as closed (with no explanation why).Went to check and passed through. No danger at all. Only 20m of neves to cross… Safety first here in Switzerland.

10:40am 2255m Balmeregghorn.Jochpass marked 3h30.Engstlenalp marked 2h

11:40am Tannensee lake

11:55am 1977m Tannenalp.Jochpass marked 1h50.Engelberg marked 4h50

12:50am 1834m Engstlenalp.Nice alpage with traditionnal chalet.Jochpass marked 1h15.Engelberg marked 4h15

1:40pm 2207m Jochpass.Engelberg marked 3h

3:10pm 1796m Trubsee.Engelberg marked 1h45

4pm 1257m Vorder Stafel.Engelberg marked 35mins

4:20pm 1005m Banklialp Kohlbrucke.water stream to cross (low point).Surenenpass marked 5h30 on the right.Via Alpina goes left in Engelberg zentrum

4:40pm 1000m Engelberg station.Surenenpass marked 5h20

7pm leaving Endelberg.

7:25pm 1030m Holz Kapelle.Surenenpass marked 5h. Moving in the valley in search for a place to camp. There is an expansive campingplatz in Engelberg.

Lots of unoccupied chalet on the flat “wanderweg”

7:55pm 1070m Wasserfall.Surenenpass marked 4h30

8:15pm 1084m Herren Rutiboden.Surenenpass marked 4h. Cool BBQ area, fire still alive. Here an axe,saw and dry wood to burn is available and free to use. Good bivouac spot by the river stream for the night.

Distance covered : 42,2km
Walking time : 9h35
Resting time : 5h
Date : monday 15th July 2013
Weather : sunny, wind over 2000m.
Altitude : 1124m


Meiringen church


Chalet on the way to Planplatten


Meiringen and Brienzersee view


Panorama planplatten

Other panorama from planplatten




Hiking noons going for a prayer at Tannenalp chapel


Engstlenalp right ahead


Engstlenalp alpage panorama


Engstlenalp chalet




Panorama at Jochpass


Engelberg from Trubsee


House in Engelberg

Day 34 : Grindelwald – Meiringen 14th July 2013

8am going up to Grindelwald zentrum

8:30am 1040m Joderlicka. Grosse Scheidegg marked 3h10.Glecksteinhutte marked 4h30

9h40 1228n Hotel Wetterhorn.Grosse Scheidegg marked 2h20

Nice view on the Eiger peak and Grindelwald

12:35am 1962m Grosse Scheideg.Meiringen marked 3h45

3pm 1428m Broch.Meiringen marked 2h25

From Rosanlui restaurant,via alpina trail goes alongside water stream & in forest.

4:50pm 980m Zwirgi.Meiringen marked 1h.

5:10pm 840m Reichenbachfall. Waterfall and nice view on Meiringen

5:45pm 607m entered Meiringen.

7pm arrived alpigen camping. 33CHF for 2PAX.

Distance covered : 28,3km
Walking time : 7h25
Resting time : 4h
Date : sunday 14th July 2014
Weather : hot & sunny
Altitude : 615m


Grindelwald church



Eiger peak panorama on Grindelwald


Eiger peak view on the way to Grosse Scheidegg

Alpkase on the way down to Meiringen







Day 33 : Lauterbrunnen – Grindelwald 13th July 2013

7:50am leaving Lauterbrunnen campingplatz

8am Im Stocki 800m.Wengen marked 1h20.Wengernalp marked 3h15

8:40am 1130m Ryscher.Wengen marked 25mins.Kleine Scheidegg marked 3h

9am 1256m Wengen.
10:25am leaving touristic Wengen

10:45am 1410m In Gassen.Kleine Scheidegg 2h15.

12am 1874m Wengernalp.Kleine Scheidegg marked 50mins

12:50am 2061m Kleine Scheidegg.Lots of Tourists coming up here with the Jungfraubahn to go and checkout famous Glacier.
Eiger peak on sight.Great panorama & photographic spot.
Grindelwald marked 2h40

3:30pm alpage.Berner Alpkase is made here.Stopped and got welcomed and offered coffee in the barn.

Kurt & Barbara are making Berner Alpkase cheese

Tadek from Poland & other guy from Bulgaria comes here to milk cows and help Kurt & Barbara. (videotaped a lot in the stable)

Every cows in the stable have a name marked on a piece of paper.

Very friendly & interesting encounter. They see lots of tourists here in the alpkase (going down or up to Kleine Scheidegg)

6:05pm 950m low point Grindelwald campingplatz (private) by Schwarze Lutshine water stream. Talked to Roland and got authorization to pitch tent for free in the private camping place. Hot shower & electricity available. Price 0CHF

Distance covered : 20,5km
Walking time : 5h50
Resting time : 4h20
Altitude : 950m
Date : saturday 13th July 2013
Weather : sunny



Wengen church


Alpine roses


On the way to Kleine Scheidegg


Eiger peak on left


Eiger 3970m, Monch 4107m & Jungfrau 4158m panorama view from Kleine Scheidegg


Grindelwald from the distance


Kurt taking care of the morning Nur Berner Alpkase before the 4pm milking time


Kurt in milking action


Grindelwald Chalet style

Grindelwald Bivouac

Day 32 : Oeschinensee – Lauterbrunnen 12th July 2013

Ending Day 31 first

Hans first told me that there was no accomodation in Ober Bergli. The Blumlisalphutte is marked 2h15 from Ober Bergli.
First asked him to stayed in the open hut. He says no but told me to follow him and he open an other hut (which is an unoccupied stable), showed me upstairs and thats where i will end up yet another great day on the via alpina…a warm stable 🙂

Hans & Patrick will go done to there Chalet where i saw Hans wife earlier on. Hans told me that the Berner Alpkase did not have the AOC stamp because there production was small and he did not really want to bother getting it.




Hans & Patrick – Ober Bergli Oeschinensee


Hut/stable spent the night in…AWESOME 🙂

Day 32 starts here

Leaving Hans’s warm hut/stable 6am. Glacier in sight, going up 7-800m to the highest point on the Via Alpina since Monaco

7:45am 2778m Hohturli. Final approach on hard snow (crampons on).Blumlisalphutte up 10min up.Obere Bundalp marked down 1h30.Griesalp marked 2h30.

9:00am about 2000m after steep way down, arrive intersection. Griesalp marked 1h20 down left. Sefinenfurgge marked 3h15.

No need to go down Griesalp to hike up on the other side of the valley. Taking the shorcut i was looking for. Direction Sefinenfurgge…

9:15am a sign says that the way to Sefinenfurgge is closed….Going down to Griesalp

9:40am crossing water stream on bridge.low point 1640m

10am 1617m Burgli intersection. Sefinenfurgge marked 3h10.Murren marked 6h10

11:50am 2612m Sefinenfurgge. Great & intense climb up here.Murren marked 3h

12:40am going down from Sefinenfurgge

Nice soft snow for 10mins.

1:40pm 2039m Rostock Hutte.Murren marked 1h50

2pm 2051m Oberlager.Great view on the Glaciers on the other side.Murren marked 1h30

2:40pm 1793m Spielbodenalp. Murren marked 40mins

View of the North east Gspaltenhorn face 3436m.One of the most difficult climb in the Alps.

3:20pm 1638m.entered touristic Murren
Lauterbrunnen marked 2h10.

5pm Leaving Murren with a new passenger onboard the express via alpina train to Trieste…

Miss K 31 from Poland has joined me as a guest and will be walking for a day, a week, a month…

6:50pm 807m Lauterbrunnen. Just in time before the grocery store closing time (7pm)

7:30am Lauterbrunnen campingplatz.Lots of people here. Tried to pay and register.Been told it was full. Waited 9:30pm to pitch the tent (there is extra space available).
Free accomodation again tonight. Hot shower here cost half a CHF.laundry machine & dryer available too.

Distance covered : 34km
Walking time : 9h10
Resting time : 4h30
Date : friday 12th july 2013
Weather : sunny
Altitude : 807m


Glacier on the way to Blumlisalphutte


Final approach to Blumlisalphutte


Panorama at Blumlisalphutte




On the way to Sefinenfurgge

On the way to down to Murren



Panaroma at Sefinenfrugge



Murren chalet




Lauterbrunnen church


Lauterbrunnen waterfall