Day 27 : Cabane Scex Carro – Pont de Nant 7th July 2013

Left Cabane Scex Carro 8:30am.Very welcome there by Fabrice.

8:45am Scex Carro great panoramic view on Martigny,Mont Blanc, Sion vallee and Dents du midi all together.

9:30am Portail de Fully 2267m. Great panoramic view. Col du Demecre marked 55mins

10:10am Le Diabley.
highest point 2444m awesome 360 panoramic view. Dent de Morcles in sight. Leman lake in sight.Lacs de Fully also in sight.

10:35am Col du Demecre et Cabane 2361m.Rionda marked 1h50.La Tourche marked 2h15

11am Le Dzeman 2058m.Rionda marked 1h20.La Tourche marked 1h45 up right.Down left L’Au d’Arbignon 55mins.

Refuge de Demecre recommended me to go lower and avoid the potentially dangerous neves on the upper trail to Rionda.

11:25am Chalet neuf 1858m. Nice & talkative owner with his wife. Told me it was ok now to pass by the upper part (no more danger). Dorenaz ski club also own this place only 12CHF for a bed.

12am L’alpage de L’Au d’Arbignon low point 1649m.Selling local cheese called Serac here (10CHF/kg)

Young sheeperd are taking care of this alpage.Jeremy and girlfriend Marion in their early 20s are learning the sheeperd job for there first year from Jean Henri 35 years old.

Videotaped a lot here. The 3 of them explained a lot about the alpage work here in Valais. The Serac and Tomme cheese making. They are making the cheese on site in the alpage.

Jeremy & Marion are young & enthusiastic. Willing to learn and keep the sheeperd tradition here in Valais.

Jean Henri is a kind of mentor for the 2 youngs. He’s been sheeperd for 10years now.He was working for the Swiss post office before.

But as he told me : “Now having less revenu but a stress free life”

Really greatful i took a detour at l’alpage de l’au d’Arbignon. Very interesting encounter.
They sale cheese and also offer accomodation (15CHF for a bed – 10 are available).

Really worth a detour to stay overnight at Alpage L’Au de l’Arbignon if looking for off the beaten track experience on the via alpina.

The alpage here in Valais are own by the town or village who lend it to the sheeperd.

2:05pm leaving l’alpage de l’Au d’Arbignon

3:05pm 2156m Rionda old Swiss army barracks.La Tourche marked 20mins.Pont de Nant marked 3h30

3:25pm 2181m La Tourche.Nice location for this cabane but quite big and ugly (modern style)

Few neves left on both side of Col des Perris Blancs

4:25pm 2514m Col des Perris Blancs.Entering protected area “Reserve naturelle du Vallon de Nant”.

Amazing view from here on the “Tete Noire” peak & Dent Favre

Hiking trail around is Tour des Muverans

Leaving Valais to enter Vaud county.

5:10pm Les Martinets 2087m.Pont de Nant marked 1h45

Sliding down on the snow was fun. After crossing river stream,via alpina goes down smoothly on a wide path.

6:10pm Nant 1500m.Few black cows around in the alpage.Think the sheeperd not here because spot a group of 10 unscared Chamois including a very young one. They came down just right where the cows are.

Pont de Nant marked 45mins

Heard thunder on the way down by the water stream and through forest.
The hot shower I am dreaming of might turned out to be a cold one. Nevermind the soap is ready.

6:50pm few drops of refreshing rain

Got to Pont de Nant alpine botanical garden…nice open air roof there (perfect to pitch a tent) 🙂

Checked the botanical garden huts.One is open and there is electricity & water available

Saw 2 girls outside a nearby chalet.

The 2 girls father is the alpine botanical garden gardener.13years of work for this piece of art

Visiting the alpine garden..just found water. The gardener leaving too close..will probably get mad if pitching..may be will be ok if ask for permission…

Going to ask nearby Auberge communal about price. 25CHF for dorm bed,hot shower,electricity,soap and sattelite wifi…can’t say no to that much comfort 🙂

7:10pm in for a long hot shower at Pont de Nant Auberge communal. One unusual thing here is that there is an open air jaccuzzi available for guests…

Distance walked : 23,8km
Walking time : 6h10
Resting time : 4h35
Altitude : 1288m
Date : sunday 7th july 2013
Weather : hot and sunny most of the day


Fabrice part time refuge keeper at Cabane Scex Carro


Martigny view from Scex Carro


View from Le Diabley


Dents de Morcles from col du demecre


Leman lake just ahead



Valais Serac cheese & Mont blanc view


Jeremy & Jean Henri sheeperd at Swiss Valais l’Au de l’Arbignon alpage


On the way up to les Tourches


Col des perris blancs


Tete noire peak


Vallon de Nant



Nant alpage 1500m


Pont de Nant alpine botanical garden sample

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