Day 25 : Samoens – Lac de Salanfe 5th July 2013

Going up on the road 6:50am towards Col de Coux today

Bivouac last night nearby Pied du Cret.

3 possibilities from there to reach cabane Susanfe.

One is by Refuge du Folly, Col des chambres 2338m,refuge de la Vogealle and Tete des Ottans to reach cabane Susanfe CH Valais.
Second way following GRP by refuge Bostan. (via alpina GPX file following this way)

Will follow via alpina by Chavonnes, Col & refuge de la Golese and Col de Coux

Parking du Cret 7:15am 997m.Via Alpina goes by Col de la Golese (left by forest trail).Can follow road and GRP to reach refuge du Bostan

7:45am Chavonnes 1245m Col de la Golese marked 1h15

8:45am 1660m Col de la Golese alpage. Refuge de Bostan by GRP marked 40mins (up right). Col de Coux marked 2h20 (up left)

Little historical information posted by refuge de la Golese owner.

Col de la Golese is the passing way between Vallee d’Aulps (Morzine) & vallee du Giffre (Samoens).
Nearby Col de Coux to Swiss Valais. Thoses passes used to be main communications & exchange way in between thoses 3 vallees

9:10am 1525m BonneValette intersection. Refuge chardonniere marked 20mins.Morzine marked 2h30.Col de Coux marked 2h

9:30am 1420m Plan des Heures intersection. Morzine marked 2h20 dowm left. Straight up Col de Coux marked 1h40.Refuge des Barmes marked 3h

9:40am 1500m Torrent des chardonnieres.Fresh water available here.Col de Coux marked 1h25.Refuge de Barme 2h40

10:15am 1800m L’epingli.nice panoramic view Aulps vallee (morzine)

10:30am Col de Coux 1920m. Refuge de Barmes marked 1h50

Few mountain bikers at Col de Coux

10:45am leaving haute savoie & france to enter Swiss Valais. Champery marked 2h10

Great view on Dents Blanches massif. Going down by the sounds of singing birds and Swiss cow bells through light forest

12:05am Barmes/Barmaz 1472m

1:25pm leaving Barmes. Refuge Susanfe marked 3h20

Cantine de Barmaz lunch break 26CHF for big hiker salad + beer

Going up then down to Bonavau.Impressive view on the way. Reached Bonavau 2:40pm 1540m

It goes up very steeply the.little bit of rock climbing necessary (chains to help)

3:30pm Pas D’encel 1798m. Cabane de Susanfe marked 1h

4:40pm 2089m Cabane Susanfe. Fabienne refuge keeper, very nice & welcoming. Been here for 6 years.Gave me advice about after Col Susanfe to follow still winter trail on the right side.

There is a sherperd in this alpage taking care of sheeps. He is young and have his wife and kid up in the alpage. Did not have chance to talk to him (walking faster than me and busy working also)

6:05pm 2494m Col de Susanfe. View on the Salanfe lake.
Refuge de Salanfe marked 1h30

After about 45mins of going down steeply in the snow.cross and follow water stream on flat ground.

7:05pm catched up summer trail

7:30pm approaching refuge de Salanfe.A young girl working at the refuge is there contemplating the mountains. She told me that the chapel that we can see from the distance its open. Think i just find where i am going to end up yet another fantastic day on the via alpina.

Today is in the top 3 of my favorite day since Monaco. Feel like just entered another world here in Swiss Valais…

7:50pm Salanfe 1935m.Van d’en Haut marked 1h10

Distance covered : 33,3km
Walking time : 8h40
Resting time : 4h25
Weather : warm & sunny
Date : Friday 5th July 2013
Altitude : 1950m


Last night bivouac Chalet/warehouse


Alpage near col de le Golese


Panorama at Col de Coux Haute Savoie Vallee d’Aulps side


Panorama Valais side Col de Coux


Swiss Valais awesome panorama



Brames & Dents du Midi massif


Valais style chalet


Free goat




Near Pas D’encel



On the way to cabane de Susanfe


Col de Susanfe


Col de susanfe right in front


Panoramic view lac de salanfe




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