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Taiwan Yushan National Park Hiking trails

Here below you will find some detailed informations and maps  about the different hiking trails available in the Yushan National Park Taiwan 玉山國家公園 central mountain range. The central mountain range in Taiwan (中央山脈 台灣) have more than 180 peaks over 3000m.

Will detail hiking routes, walking time and informations about my personnal trip and exploration of the Yushan National Park (玉山國家公園) during winter 2013 (January, February, early March)

Yushan National Park hiking trails map (printable on 4x A4 pages)

Accessibility : from the West coast Chiayi 嘉義 (Tataka 塔塔加, Dongpu Hot Spring 東埔溫泉), from the East coast Taitung 台東 (Nan-An 南安, Siangyang 向陽)

NB : Southern Cross island highway 20 is closed from Meishan to Siangyang 向陽

I will cover below 4 main access to Yushan national Park, trying to detail about what can be done from each places (Tataka 塔塔加, Dongpu Hot spring 東埔溫泉, Nan-An 南安 and Siangyang 向陽 (also english written as Xiangyang)

Tataka 塔塔加 2610m (21km from Alishan 阿里山, about 100km up from Chiayi 嘉義 on highway 18): Jade mountain peaks hiking trail map, Batongguan Japanese occupation traversing trail map, Tataka recreation area map

From Tataka 塔塔加 you have several options.

A half day/day hike with the kids in the recreational area, a day/two hike to reach one of south east asia tallest peak (Main peak Jade mountain 玉山主峰 3952m), 4/5days hike to spend time over 3500m and do East, Main, North, South, Front and West peak of the Jade mountain 玉山.Last but not least, 7 to 10 days hike on one of the 3 traversing trails including the historical Batongguan Japanese era trail

Tataka recreation area map

Tataka recreation area map

The Tataka recreation area is accessible to anybody (great view from Mt Linjhih 2854m & also Dongpu San for sunrise/sunset).

After Tataka Anbu, access is restricted. One need to apply online for a Yushan National Park permit and mountain permit  (will be delivered easily by the police offfice Tataka squad if showing Yushan national park permit and passport)

Jade mountain peaks hiking trails map below


Dongpu Villa/Hostel (東埔山莊) – Tataka Anbu (trail entrance) : 45minutes concrete road (about 3km).

Tataka Anbu (2600m) – Paiyun lodge (排雲山莊) 3402m : 3hours 8.5km (nice, easy and exciting trail through Yushan Cane, stunning trees, etc…).

Paiyun lodge (排雲山莊) 3402m – Yuanfong Cabin (3640m) : 1h15 going up, trail is clear and easy. @ Paiyun lodge Yushan NP staff on duty will check on your park and mountain permit.

From Paiyun lodge (排雲山莊) it is said that it needs 2hours to reach the Main Peak on the steep remaining main trail.This way is just the shortest possible way to access the main peak and you should take it if your planning to just do a single day ascent-descent. it is steeper and harder on that part.In my opinion, the best way (best view, longer but not as steep) to access the main peak is the ridge that goes from Yuanfong pass (before going down to the Yuanfong cabin)

Yuanfong Cabin (3640m) – Jade Mountain Main Peak (玉山主峰) 3952m : Follow the ridge up from yuanfong pass and reach the main peak in 1h15. This ridge (which is not obviously marked) is i think, one of the best place to look for sunrise/sunset

Taiwan - Yushan national Park - Yuanfong Cabin area - 3600m - sunrise march 2013 6:00am

Taiwan – Yushan national Park – Yuanfong Cabin area – 3600m – sunrise march 2013 6:00am

Jade Mountain Main Peak (玉山主峰) 3952m –  Jade Mountain East Peak (玉山東峰) 3859m : about 2hours return trip from main peak, leave the bag and take minimum (water, snack & gloves), chains and ropes to access east peak

Jade Mountain Main Peak (玉山主峰) 3952m – Paiyun lodge (排雲山莊) 3402m : 50min going down steeply. water tank, wifi available there.

Jade Mountain Main Peak (玉山主峰) 3952m – North Peak (玉山北峰) weather station 3858m : 1hour to go, 1h15 back, steep way down/up from fengkou (this place can be very very windy). Nice ridge/forest trail on the way to the North Peak. View on the Dongpu valley. Free coffee/tea if the weather guy on duty 🙂

Paiyun lodge (排雲山莊) 3402m – Jade Mountain West Peak (玉山西峰) 3518m : 1h30 round trip up to the temple. Beautiful Yushan cane and trees..easy & beautiful trail. West peak summit is in the trees.

Yuanfong Cabin (3640m) – South Peak (玉山南峰) 3844m : 1hour one way

rock climbing & hands needed to reach south peak

South Peak (玉山南峰) 3844m – Dongsiaonan (east peak 3744m) : 1hour ridge hike going slightly down

Yuanfong Cabin (3640m) – Lu mountain (2981m) : it should take a full day to get down in the forest and back up to the cabin.did not try.

Taiwan Yushan National Park Jade Mountain peaks trails estimated hiking time
Taiwan Yushan National Park Jade Mountain peaks trails estimated hiking time
Jade mountain peaks hiking trail sample route (5 days over 3400m)
Day 1 – Dongpu Villa/Hostel – Tataka Anbu – Paiyun lodge – Yuanfong Cabin
Day 2 – Yuanfong cabin – Main Peak – East Peak – Paiyun lodge (water/wifi) – Yuanfong Cabin
Day 3 – Yuanfong cabin – Main Peak – North Peak – Paiyun lodge (water/wifi) – Yuanfong Cabin
Day 4 – Yuanfong cabin – South Peak – Lu Mountain or Dongsiaonan only – Yuanfong Cabin
Day 5 – Yuanfong cabin – Paiyun lodge – West Peak – Paiyun lodge – Front Peak – Tataka Anbu – Dongpu Villa/Hostel
There is a water source at paiyun lodge all year round, at Yuanfong cabin it need to go down east from the campground to reach a water source (need about 1hour down and up to reach that source)
1 or 2days ascent to Jade Mountain Main Peak (玉山主峰):
Day 1 : Dongpu Villa/Hostel – Tataka Anbu – Paiyun lodge – Main Peak or Yuanfong cabin
Day 2 : Yuanfong Cabin – Main Peak – Paiyun lodge – Tataka Anbu – Dongpu Villa/Hostel
single day ascent/descent is possible if you reach Paiyun lodge before 10am. if you get there after 10am Yushan NP staff won’t let you carry on for a single day ascent/descent. If you get there before 10am you can easily reach the main peak and start descending or reaching Yuanfong cabin to stay overnight at 3640m as you wish.
In my opinion, the best in Yushan national park jade mountain peaks trail  is the trail to the West peak (from Paiyun lodge) and the ridge that goes from Yuanfong cabin to the main peak (1h15).The hike to the west peak goes through Yushan cane and great Taiwanese trees…

Batongguan Japanese occupation traversing trail

Batongguan is in my opinion the most interesting trail in that park but unfortunately access to this trail is not easy for independant foreigners. Due to typhoons & landslides some part of this trail might not be open (check Yushan trails current status online). Batongguan historic trail is a 7 days traversing trail (can be done in 5 in my opinion)

Tataka 塔塔加 is the most popular/known access to the Yushan National Park 玉山國家公園.

Dongpu Villa/Hostel/lodge (english name translation for this place changes but location does not 東埔山莊 website) can be used as a base for the nights in and out. There are dormitories there, you can get a comfy/warm bunk bed for only 300NTD (8euros). No need booking (except holidays/very unlucky). Cooking equipment can be used on site, dried noodles and gas cartdridges are also available. Tataka visitor center also can provide food but the restaurant there is expansive (in my opinion). Hot & cold water is available at police station, visitor center & Dongpu Villa/Hostel  (東埔山莊)

Wifi is available near the bus stop shack on highway 18/21. Computer is available at the visitor center (closing early at 4:30pm). I have been told but did not checked it that wifi is also available at the Paiyun lodge (3402m how convenient is that?).

To get to Tataka from Alishan take the daily bus to Sun Moon Lake (2bus daily 1PM & 2PM 70NTD 30min), hitchiked or walked it (21km will do a good training..it is concrete road but there are few interesting things to see on the way).

About the permits : (Yushan National Park permitmountain permit)

Yushan National Park permit is said to be hard to get and it usually need to apply online for one 1 month ahead. Take a look at the Yushan Cabin & Campground draw results page to see how busy the bookings are. If you want to shortened that bureaucracy, try to contact the park by email directly and tell them you have flexible date, they will check availability around when you want to go and they might have availability for you (one  person alone will have more chances to fit in). 2 weeks before going in can be ok. Otherwise try to go winter time.

No need to speaks chinese to get the mountain permit to access the Yushan Jade mountain peaks trail. The police officers on duty at Tataka squad are used to deal with foreigners coming to climb Yushan Jade Mountain peaks trail. If needed, they will call a Yushan NP staff that speaks perfect english that will help you to proceed and interact smoothly with the officer and fill in the last paperwork you need to get in (mountain permit). You need to detail the hiking routes you will be following when going in, show your Yushan National park permit (must be applied online/plan ahead) and passport and that’s it.

Facts that you will read/find about Tataka Jade mountain Yushan peaks trail on the internet that are no longer TRUE :

– You DO NOT need to watch a video about safety before hiking the Yushan national park jade mountain peaks trail

-You DO NOT have to provide a proof (photo of yourself) that you have already climbed a mountain over 3000m

– The police officer DO NOT check your hiking gears when applying for the mountain permit hence a GPS is not mandatory/needed (the trails to the Yushan peaks are pretty obvious.it is almost impossible to get lost.)

Paiyun lodge IS NOT the only accomodation nor the best one (i personnally wish that this lodge should remains closed for the sake of a cleaner and quieter hiking environment. The capacity of this lodge is too big and i don’t think that mountain can handle 100 hikers on a daily baisis. At the time writting, It is still not opened to public/hikers due to legal issues between the constructing company and the Yushan Park but should open again soon because it looks renovated and finished (march 2013).

– You DO NOT need to start the hike at 3AM even for a single day ascent/descent. I personnally started at 5:30 at the Dongpu Villa and started 6:15AM at trail entrance and it was early, reached Yuanfong cabin before 10:30am..had lots of time to explore south peak, water source, etc…

Dongpu Hot Spring 東埔溫泉1100m (about 50km down from Tataka highway 21): Batongguan Japanese occupation traversing trail, Jade mountain peaks hiking trail, Mabolasih hiking trail, South Sec 2 traversing trail

3 traversing trails are starting/ending in Dongpu HS (including Batongguan Japanese occupation traversing trail). Thoses trails are not easily accessible for foreigners. You will need to hire a local aboriginal guide (said to cost about 1500NTD/day)  that speaks only chinese/japanese or join a group of Taiwanese hikers to be able to hike thoses and get the Yushan park permit and mountain permit required smoothly.

Dongpu Hot Spring used to be a main entrance to the Yushan National park. it was set up during Japanese occupation and believed me it was greatly achieved..the hike up from Dongpu HS is in a valley on a very smooth/regular path.

From Dongpu Hot Spring 1100m, estimated time provided by Yushan national Park suggest 6hours to go up and a weird 7hours to go down from Guanguaoping 2580m. It is actually 4h15 up to the Guangaopoing intersection from the Dongpu HS trail entrance and 3h30 down with a light bag. Distance is between 13 to 14km one way.

There are a lot of beautiful waterfalls & also landslides on the way but that way up is unfortunately not used as a main entrance nowadays (Tataka is closer to the main peak and most people just want to do the main peak) even if i think it remains a great approach for anyone going to the Jade mountain main peak.

There are lots of Hot Spring Hotel in the village. I ll suggest to cross the village and go up the steep road. At the end, there is either the cheapest option Youth Activity Center (no hot spring) or an hotel that have nice outdoor hot spring pools next to it (1000NTD/PAX including breaky). Camping is also possible in front of the Youth Activity Center.

Nan An 南安 500m (12km from Yuli town) : Walami trail, Batongguan Japanese occupation traversing trail

Walami trail is part of the Batongguan Japanese occupation traversing trail.

It is the easiest and most accessible part on the West side of Yushan national park. It is an easy trail in forest (low altitude, Walami cabin is at 1068m) but still worth going to spot wildlife. This trail is 13.6km long and could be done (return) in a day..but is possible to stay for free at the Walami cabin but one need a Yushan National Park permit and mountain permit.

Taiwan - Yushan National Park - Walami Trail map - February 2013

Taiwan – Yushan National Park – Walami Trail map – February 2013

Walami trail entrance (600m) – Walami cabin (1068m)

it is a cool 4h15 way up in a nice forest trail, crossing suspension bridges, waterfall and wildlife.

After Walami cabin, it can reach Baoyai cabin and then Dafen cabin following Batongguan Japanese era traversing trail (7days but must unfortunately hire local guide to hike it)

Nan-An area is one of the new home for the Bunun aboriginal tribe. The Bunun used to be a mountain living community, the Japanese wanted them to come down in the valley to control them during Japanese occupation (1895-1945). Nowadays some Bununs are mountain guides, park rangers/staff for Yushan National Park.

Antung Hot Spring (安通溫泉) can be used as a base in that area. New Life Resort Hotel: 700NTD with breakfast and nice hot spring included. On the trail it is allowed to camp at Jiasin (4.5km mark)

Siangyang (向陽) 2400m (55km up southern cross highway 20 from Chihshang, >100km from Taitung): Sinkang Mountain trail map, Jiaming Lake trail map, South Sec 2 traversing trail map

I will here only detail the hike to the Jiaming lake.

Good news is Yushan National Park permit is not necessary to hike Jiaming Lake trail (嘉明湖). Only the mountain permit (delivered by local police) is required but it is way harder to get than in Tataka (different county/different police officer)

When I cycled there.I did not touched down yet that already the guy responsible for the recreation area there welcomed me and told me straight that it needed to apply for a mountain permit 14 days in advance to get on the trail. oh yeah ? Bullshit…I went to the police office and manage to get a 2 day permit to get access to Siangyang cabin only with the help of a local Taiwanese hiker that was about to take on the trail with his familly.

Thanks to him otherwise I think I will have been turned down.

It is possible to get a mountain permit on site . In Yushan NP, hiking on your own is ok. In Siangyang they do not like it and will deliver a mountain permit only to Syangyang cabin and ask you to remain below 3000m (how frustrating is that?)

The police officer did ask to check my hiking equipment before providing the mountain permit

Taiwan - Jiaming Lake trail map

Taiwan – Jiaming Lake trail map

Siangyang trail entrance (2380m) – Siangyang Cabin (2850m)

this is 2h30 to hike up slowly in a beautiful forest trail, really nice. Siangyang cabin positionning make it a cold place and not good for sunrise/sunset. Water & toilets are available

Siangyang cabin (2850m) – Jiaming Shelter cabin (3347m)

it goes up steep from the Siangyang cabin and when you reach the world coolest tree all the remaining hike is almost, all the way to Jiaming lake (嘉明湖), on a beautiful ridge with view on the Yushan Jade mountain peaks to the west.

Jiaming shelter has a very good positionning for sunrise.

Jiaming Shelter cabin (3347m) – Jiaming lake (嘉明湖) 3310m

1h hike, great view and very nice ridge way up to Sancha Mountain (三叉山) 3496m, then down to Jiaming lake (嘉明湖)

This trail is the favorite i have been hiking so far in Taiwan.

After the Jiaming Lake it can continue up north by the South Sec 2 traversing trail or Sinkang Mountain (新康山) 3331m by the Sinkang Mountain trail. From Sinsian Mountain (新仙山) 3124m it is possible to reach and connect to the Batongguan trail near Baoyai (this connecting trail is very steep & appears on very few maps)

2 nights/3days on the Jiaming lake (嘉明湖) trail sample route :
Day 1 : Siangyang trail entrance – Siangyang cabin
Day 2 : Siangyang cabin – Jiaming lake shelter – Jiaming Lake – Siangyang Cabin/Jiaming lake shelter
Day 3 : Siangyang cabin/Jiaming lake shelter – Siangyang trail entrance

There is nothing in Siangyang (向陽) except a free camping ground and police office (mountain permit, hot&cold water). The visitor center is closed since the 2009 typhoon. Southern Cross island highway 20 is closed from there too. Lidao aboriginal village (1068m) on the way up is the last place you will find a cool off the beaten track bed&breakfast (500NTD) .

NB : On your way to Jiaming lake (嘉明湖) there is a natural wonder that you should not miss on the southern cross island highway 20 (@ 168.1km mark). Lisong wild Hot Spring. Easy to find, following the marked trail (need gloves) only 1 hour down steep and 1h15 up from the 3km english road sign. When it reach the river, cross & follow it upstream for 100m.


Yushan National Park Taiwan (玉山國家公園 台灣) is not just about a day climbing to one of south east asia highest peak (Jade Mountain main peak 玉山主峰 is 3952m)

When to go Yushan National Park Taiwan ? October, November, December, January, March, April are good, avoid summer (typhoons season & crowds). Cool fact : In February the Jade Mountain peaks trail area mountains have a rest and no one is allowed to enter in the Yushan NP. Jiaming Lake trail is therefore busy (especially chinese new year)

There is more to do and explore in that park and hope the information and detail provided will make you want check it out yourself.

Yushan National Park will be back in the spotlight soon. A well known writer named Robert Kelly with great influence has wrote a lot about Taiwan (lonely planet and recently an article about the rebirth of Paiyun lodge in a march 2013 article in Eva Air in flight magazine)

According to that article, Paiyun lodge (排雲山莊) is supposed to open again in 2013…


Maps below contains images and videos so you can virtually hike around (Roll the mouse on the maps to check videos or pictures)

Tataka Anbu/trail entrance 2600m Tataka Linjhih Mountain 2854m Great Precipice Paiyun lodge 3402m Jade Mountain Main Peak 3952m Yuanfong Cabin area 3640m Yushan Jade Mountain South Peak Guangao Intersection 2580m Guangao Cabin outside Guangao Cabin inside Yunlong waterfall Lele cabin Jade Mountain North Peak trail North Peak 3858m Batongguan Trail Dongpu Hot Spring side Batongguan traversing amazing trail near Yinyu waterfall Dongpu Hot Spring Village 1100m Fuci Tree Dongsiaonan 3744m Yuanfong Pass sunset Yuanfong Cabin 3640m sunrise Yuanfong-Main Peak ridge approach Jade Mountain East Peak trail Jade Mountain West Peak Trail Jade Mountain West Peak 3515m Jade Mountain East Peak 3859m Image Map

Walami Cabin 1068m Wild animal Walami trail Suspension Bridge Shanfong #1 Shanfong Waterfall Walami Kesipanan Monument Walami Huangma Bridge Image Map

Thanks to leave a comment. I have been working on this for few days now. Hope this helps you preparing your trip to Yushan National Park.

Thanks to the following persons that I came across during yet another great cycling (2393km) and hiking trip (covering Yushan National Park) in wonderful Taiwan during winter 2013. This trip has been part of my winter training to get fit and ready for the Via Alpina 2013 project : Meet the locals

Hsingyi Li 台北 (Taipei), Bella 高雄 (Kaoshiung), Mei Lu 多納 (Duona), Dora & cyclist friends 嘉義 (Chiayi), Eva (Liyu Lake), Rebecca-Masahe & 息子 san ‘Cho’ 台東 (Luye), Fiona 台南 (Tainan), Chilly chan 安東溫泉 (Antung HS),Rick 安東溫泉 (Antung HS), Daisy & Tyler CS 高雄 (Kaohsiung), Pande 花蓮 (Hualien), Hiking familly 向陽 (Siangyang),Dora’s familly 岐山 (Qishan),Amber 高雄 (Kaohsiung), Wen Ling 塔塔加 (Tataka), Mark 高雄 (Kaohsiung) and Sambar (Yuanfong Cabin)

Training : Taiwan Yushan National Park

I have been cycling in the southern Taiwan central range mountain area for about a month (1584km so far). This is my second trip here and this time I wanted to get as close as possible around the Yushan National Park and hike inside as much as possible. There are 4 main possible access to the park. Dongpu (about 1100m), Tatajia (about 2600m), Nan An (about 4-500m) and Siangyang (about 2400m).

I cycled to all those 4 entrance and hiked into the Yushan National Park or on its border 

Tatajia : Easy access to Mt Linhjin 2850m (1 to 2hours easy walk) and view from the west on the Jade mountain peaks

Dongpu : Hiked in a valley along river to Guangaoping cabin (about 2600m) in 4hours up and 3h30minutes down. Light bag for day hike. Guangaoping cabin looks bad and not taken care of. This side is supposely closed but easily accessible without big danger..a few ridges need to be crossed but no need any ropes if the weather is not rainy

Nan An : Is the home of Bunun aboriginal tribe and start of the Batonguan historical trail set up during Japanese occupation. From this side the trail is open to Walami cabin (1068m). The trail is easy and not steep, 13km and it takes about 4h15 to reach. 

Siangyang on the now still closed Southern cross island highway 20 (access from the east coast) is my favorite. it is the starts of national trail to Jiaming lake (angel tear). Starts at 2400m to reach 3595m Sancha peak in 6h30 on the way up. 2 Cabins are available, one at 2850m and another one 3hours away over 3000m (Jiaming lake shelter)

Nice view on the Jade mountain peaks and if very clear weather on both side : Taiwan strait to the west and pacific ocean to the east.

I will try to give more details about the 4 places in later posts with pictures and more details.

The main difference here in the Taiwanese Central mountain range and the French Alps i know is that when you get to 3000m you almost never get back down. The view from there is stunning and the best of it during winter there is no snow which is perfect to start again the hiking season and get ready for this summer for the Via Alpina.

French Alps crossing trails maps

Want to hike and cross the French Alps ?

Here below an overall map of 3 different trail that can be hiked to get a “compostella like” diploma using La Carte du Passeur de Cols

The overall trail maps below shows 3 of numerous trails (GTA-GR5, Via Alpina Red Trail, Via Alpina Blue) that can be followed to go from The Leman lake to the Mediteranean sea in either direction. This can help to decide a pre-itinerary for crossing the French Alps.

CartesAlpes-FR1 CartesAlpes-FR2

The start/end can be done either in Nice, Monaco or Menton. Nice has international airport, a major train station and a youth Hostel. Monaco, and Menton are easily reachable by train from Nice.
From Thonon les Bains & St Gindolph you can reach by boat Lausanne or Geneva by train (about 2hours from St Gingolph)

Premier choix itinéraire Initial Via Alpina 2013

Le choix de l’itinéraire avant départ est nécessaire même si il ne sera probablement pas strictement respecter mis a part le point de départ : MONACO et le point d’arrivée : TRIESTE

Sur le terrain, les informations qui seront recueilli auprès des locaux, autres randonneurs et aussi en fonction de la météo, des envies et rencontres feront que l’itinéraire initial sera forcément “ajusté”.

Cependant, voici l’itinéraire initial sur lequel je vais me baser pour commencer mes recherches de cartographies.

La Via Alpina propose plusieurs itinéraires : Le rouge, Le Violet, Le Jaune, Le Vert et Le Bleu

Cartes des différents itinéraires de la VIA ALPINA

L’itinéraire choisi ci dessous et une combinaison des différents itinéraires. La richesse des informations trouvés sur le site via-alpina.org permet de bien préparer l’itinéraire initial.

Etape temps Km Deni + Deni – dif
Monaco – Place du Palais » Peillon 03h15 13,6 767 443 1 R161 gr51b
Peillon » Sospel 05h40 19,1 1216 1241 R160
Sospel » Col de Turini 09h30 18,9 2054 781 2 D61 gr52A
Col de Turini » Belvédère 05h00 16 606 1405 D60 gr52A
Belvédère » St-Martin-Vésubie 05h00 16,1 894 719 D59 gr52A
St-Martin-Vésubie » St Sauveur-sur-Tinée 05h35 19 769 1276 D58 Gr52A-gr5
St Sauveur-sur-Tinée » Refuge de Longon 05h00 11,2 1449 50 D57 gr5
Refuge de Longon » Roya 07h00 17,8 999 1377 D56 gr5
Roya » St-Etienne-de-Tinée 03h40 13,1 733 1083 D55 gr5
St-Etienne-de-Tinée » Bousiéyas 06h30 16,4 1410 689 D54
Bousiéyas » Larche 06h40 19,4 1043 1241 D53 Gr5-56
Larche » Chiappera 05h15 11,5 1259 1315 D52 GRP
Chiappera » Maljasset 05h10 15,3 1090 798 2 R134
Maljasset » Ceillac 05h15 12,7 829 1088 r133 gr5
Ceillac » Refuge de Furfande 07h15 17,8 1723 1075 r132 gr58
Refuge de Furfande » Mont-Dauphin (Guillestre) 04h20 17,5 364 1615 r131 gr541
Mont-Dauphin (Guillestre) » Freissinières 07h20 22,1 1105 977 r130 gr50
Freissinières » Vallouise 09h40 21 1237 1255 r129 gr50
Vallouise » Le Monêtier-les-Bains 06h10 19,2 1352 1056 r128 gr54
Le Monêtier-les-Bains » Névache 03h50 12 1028 901 r127 gr57-gr50
Névache » Granges de la Vallée Etroite 03h25 10,1 655 480 r126 Gr5-57
Granges de la Vallée Etroite » Modane 06h00 19 706 1356 r125
Modane » Termignon-la-Vanoise 05h20 20,5 1062 869 r124
Termignon-la-Vanoise » Refuge de La Leisse 06h35 20 1618 447 r123 gr5-gr55
Refuge de La Leisse » Le Lac de Tignes 03h00 12,6 342 734 r122 gr55
Le Lac de Tignes » Le Monal 03h30 15,6 740 962 r121
Le Monal » Refuge de l’Archeboc 03h00 12,8 688 539 r120
Refuge de l’Archeboc » Valgrisenche 06h45 17,6 1477 1853 r119
Valgrisenche » Cérellaz 05h35 19 753 1165 r118
Cérellaz » Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard 11h00 26,9 2139 975 r117
Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard » Bourg-St-Pierre 03h40 12,5 211 1038 r116 PR
Bourg-St-Pierre » Champex 05h35 16,1 824 980 1 r115 PR
Champex » Trient 05h20 15,1 819 965 2 r114 PR
Trient » La Flégère 07h00 18,5 1704 1170 2 r113 GR TMB
La Flégère » Refuge de Moëde-Anterne 05h30 13,9 1228 1106 r112 gr5
Refuge de Moëde-Anterne » Salvagny 05h00 15,2 430 1663 r111 variante GR
Salvagny » Refuge Tornay-Bostan 05h25 15,3 1201 208 r110 gr5
Refuge Tornay-Bostan » Cabane de Susanfe 07h25 18,9 1638 1307 2 r109 gr5
Cabane de Susanfe » Vernayaz / Pissevache 05h40 15 527 2163 2 r108
Vernayaz / Pissevache » Col du Demècre 07h20 14,2 2174 276 2 r107 GR
Col du Demècre » Anzeindaz 10h00 25,3 2428 2897 2 r106 GR
Anzeindaz » Godey 02h30 8 260 774 1 r105 GR
Godey » Gsteig 07h00 19,7 1334 1519 3 r104 PR+GR
Gsteig » Lauenen 02h40 7,2 512 456 2 r103 PR
Lauenen » Lenk 05h00 13,9 913 1086 1 r102 GR+PR
Lenk » Adelboden 04h50 13,2 962 686 2 C14 PR
Adelboden » Kandersteg 07h00 15,6 1184 1358 2 c13
Kandersteg » Griesalp 07h30 14,5 1645 1402 2 c12
Griesalp » Lauterbrunnen 08h20 19,6 1407 2020 2 c11
Lauterbrunnen » Grindelwald 07h00 17,8 1413 1175 1 c10
Grindelwald » Meiringen 07h30 22 1039 1478 1 c09
Meiringen » Engelberg 12h30 29 2290 1887 2 c08
Engelberg » Altdorf 09h50 25,9 1375 1925 2 c07
Altdorf » Urnerboden 10h20 27,8 2068 1144 1 c06
Urnerboden » Linthal 05h00 14,4 404 1132 1 c05
Linthal » Elm 09h50 22,3 1988 1658 2 c04
Elm » Weisstannen 07h40 21,8 1515 1507 2 c03b
Weisstannen » Sargans 04h00 12,4 379 879 2 c03a PR
Sargans » Vaduz 04h50 17,7 507 530 1 c02 PR
Vaduz » Sücka 04h20 12,6 1441 524 2 c01
Sücka » Gafadurahütte 04h00 11,5 1276 1240 3 r057 variante plus facile 2
Gafadurahütte » Feldkirch 04h15 15,3 319 1303 2 r056
Feldkirch » St. Gerold 05h15 21 865 455 1 r055
St. Gerold » Buchboden 03h50 15,8 642 579 1 r054
Buchboden » Schröcken 06h25 22,5 1387 1043 2 r053
Schröcken » Mindelheimerhütte 05h25 18,7 1211 461 2 r052
Mindelheimerhütte » Oberstdorf 05h30 21,8 388 1575 2 r051
Oberstdorf » Kemptner Hütte 05h00 15,7 1142 128 2 b40 GR
Kemptner Hütte » Holzgau 02h40 9 224 964 2 b39 GR
Holzgau » Memminger Hütte 06h35 20 1566 431 2 b38 GR
Memminger Hütte » Zams am Inn 05h25 17,1 507 1977 2 b37 GR
Zams am Inn » Wenns 09h00 23,5 1801 1564 2 b36
Wenns » Braunschweiger Hütte 11h20 37 2456 709 2 b35
Braunschweiger Hütte » Zwieselstein 05h15 20 389 1676 2 b34
Zwieselstein » Vent 07h25 24,6 1571 1122 2 b33
Vent » Similaunhütte / Rifugio Similaun 04h40 14,9 1172 78 2 b32
Similaunhütte / Rifugio Similaun » Karthaus / Certosa 04h05 12,5 667 2342 2 b31
Karthaus / Certosa » Jausenstation Patleid 03h20 11 2397 2339 1 b30
Jausenstation Patleid » Hochganghaus / Rifugio del Valico 04h20 16 2490 2037 3 b29
Hochganghaus / Rifugio del Valico » Meraner Hütte / Rifugio Merano 02h15 19,6 3007 2886 3 b28
Meraner Hütte / Rifugio Merano » Bozen / Bolzano 05h50 27,5 1556 3250 1 b27
Bozen / Bolzano » Schlernhaus / Rifugio Bolzano 06h00 24,4 2727 543 1 b26
Schlernhaus / Rifugio Bolzano » Rifugio Antermoia 03h35 11,3 998 961 3 b25
Rifugio Antermoia » Fontanazzo 02h50 8,4 0 1073 2 b24
Fontanazzo » Rifugio Contrin 07h00 13,6 2275 1655 2 b23
Rifugio Contrin » Passo Pordoi 07h00 17,5 2091 1867 2 b22
Passo Pordoi » Pieve di Livinallongo 05h00 12,6 3356 4126 1 b21
Pieve di Livinallongo » Rif. Città di Fiume 08h30 22,2 1198 699 1 b20
Rif. Città di Fiume » Rifugio P. Galassi 06h20 17,3 2351 2250 2 b19
Rifugio P. Galassi » Rifugio Padova 07h15 21,3 1161 1892 1 b18
Rifugio Padova » Rifugio Pordenone 04h45 8 1127 1165 2 b17
Rifugio Pordenone » Forni di Sopra 06h30 14 1244 1599 2 b16
Forni di Sopra » Sauris di Sotto 07h30 23 1135 598 1 b15
Sauris di Sotto » Ovaro 06h45 22 678 1563 1 b14
Ovaro » Tolmezzo 14h00 38 1319 1541 1 b13
Tolmezzo » Rifugio Grauzaria 06h20 19,5 1571 476 2 b12
Rifugio Grauzaria » Resiutta 09h10 28,5 2440 3373 2 b11
Resiutta » Passo di Tanamea 12h30 48 2948 2385 2 b10
Passo di Tanamea » Montemaggiore 04h00 15 726 778 2 b09
Montemaggiore » Rif. G. Pelizzo 07h00 22,6 1607 1055 1 b08
Rif. G. Pelizzo » Rif. Casoni Solarie 05h30 16,5 561 923 1 b07
Rif. Casoni Solarie » Castelmonte / Stara Gora 05h30 19,5 540 867 1 b06
Castelmonte / Stara Gora » Gorizia 06h30 15,5 516 1048 1 b05
Gorizia » Sistiana / Sesljan 05h40 33,7 466 475 1 b04
Sistiana / Sesljan » Villa Opicina (Sella di Opicina) / Opčine 06h40 22,5 284 57 2 b03
Villa Opicina (Sella di Opicina) / Opčine » Rifugio Premuda 03h30 13 190 290 2 b02
Rifugio Premuda » Muggia (Trieste) 04h00 18 124 323 1 b01
636h40 1940,1 128593 128419

637heures théoriques soit pour moi 80jours (8h de marche/jour est ma dernière référence : GR10 : 31jours Banuyls/Hendaye 260heures)

80jours théoriques donc pour effectuer cet itinéraire initial sur la Via Alpina. Je rajoute 10jours de repos/divers ce qui fait que ce périple est envisageable dans un délai 3mois.

La traversée des Alpes en 80jours..ça sonne bien 🙂

Pour mieux interprété le tableau ci dessus..les informations viennent du site incontournable Via Alpina, le dénivelé positif cumulé total serait de 128000m, la distance de 1940km, le plus intéressant pour moi  dans ce tableau et de visualiser/repérer les parties les plus difficiles.

La partie jaune (dernière partie en Italie) semblent être la plus engagé mais c’est la partie qui m’a le plus attiré sur le papier. Après je sais déjà qu’en fonction de l’évolution des 2 premiers mois de périple (au niveau du Liechtenstein) si je sens que je peux faire plus et continuer sur la partie jaune, je la ferais sinon une solution alternative sur le parcours rouge ou violet pourra être envisagé. Les quelques jours de repos a ce moment du périple pourraient permettre de ré-ajuster l’itinéraire et de prendre la bonne décision…

NB : L’avant dernière colonne (r161, d60, c14, etc…) correspond au l’étape pré-défini sur le site de la Via Alpina qui fourni une multitude d’informations très détaillés sur les étapes (une mine d’or indispensable pour une bonne préparation)

Planning entrainements physiques Via Alpina 2013

Une randonnée au long court comme celle envisagé, ça se prépare. Voici ci dessous “l’entrainement” qui sera suivi cet hiver afin d’être au meilleur de ma forme pour l’été 2013.

– 3 a 4 séances de footing par semaine de minimum 1heure
– 1 séance de piscine par semaine, quelques sortis vélos si le temps le permet.

Ouverture et reprise de la randonnée (a domicile) fin mars, début avril 2013 sur le sentier des douaniers (GR34) ou sur le camino Del Norte + camino primitivo + camino Portugais jusqu’a Porto si la météo est trop pluvieuse en bretagne.

Tout dépendra de la météo et de la motivation. Il s’agira là d’une remise en service et de préparation pour l’objectif de la saison pour moi qui est la Via Alpina : Monaco – Trieste cet été 2013

Voila pour la préparation physique de cet hiver (rien d’extraordinaire), un peu de ski de rando/raquettes et de snowboard viendront diversifié la monotonie de la course a pied en Décembre et Janvier.

Une période de repos de 15jours sera observé entre la dernière rando de préparation et le jour du départ sur la Via Alpina.

Novembre 2012 – Préparations Via Alpina 2013

Début Novembre 2012, l’inscription a la 3ième édition des bourses du voyage de la Via Alpina est encore ouverte jusqu’au 15 Novembre 2012. Est ce un signe ?

Je crois que oui, je décide de commencer ce blog afin de répertorier l’avant, le pendant et l’après Via Alpina sur le tronçon Monaco-Trieste.