Meet The Locals : Via Alpina Project

Meet the locals on the Via Alpina 2013 project is about detailling an hiking adventure before, during and after it has been completed.

Interview of the locals that I will come across and that are living on the Via Alpina hiking trail will be reported here.

The settings will be The Via Alpina hiking trail from Monaco to Trieste starting on the Red Path (Monaco-Sospel), then the Blue path (Sospel-Chiappera), then the Red (Chiappera to Lenk), then green (Lenk to Sücka), then red again (Sücka to Oberstdorf) and to finish on the hard yellow (Oberstdorf to Trieste) to Trieste.

According to the first researches I have been carrying out, I am expecting around 3month to complete all in one single trip.

Check Here my first Via Apina Itinerary planning

The actors will be every human beings I will meet upon this trip and that will accept to be interviewed.

The scenario will be to interview the people meet on the Via Alpina way and asked them a set of questions, It will be either recorded on video, audio or on a notepad depending on the situation.

The goal will be to report stories of local people living in 6 out of 8 Alpine states on the Via Alpina hiking trail.

From shepherd, refuge keeper, daily hikers, other Via Alpina hikers/alpinists, accomodation owners, farmers, old lady leaving in a small village, etc… Every single piece of living things I will come across will have something to say and it will be reported on this blog.

Expect beautiful pictures, funny stories, once in a lifetime experience going toward to meet the people who live on the Via Alpina and a lot of fun reading this blog.

Interviewed will be carried out either in french (will be translated to English afterward) or english.

During the trail some post might be in French language.

If I get granted the 1000euros of the fellowship from the Via Alpina association, the money will be used to purchase a high definition video camera and a state of the art GPS equipment.

If my project does not get any attention/taken seriously most of the interview will be taken on notepad and very few videos will be taken.

I do not do this for money..such project requires a budget that will be around 1000euros/month. So I am expecting to spend 3000euros overall on that trip. Wish me luck.

I do this because I love hiking and always looking forward for the next adventure. I can’t wait to be in Monaco. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Meet The Locals : Via Alpina Project

  1. Nathalie Morelle

    Hi Lasplumas!

    Whatever the results of the fellowships’ selection, your enthusiasm is great and contagious! Congratulations and keep training!

    Nathalie (Via Alpina international co-ordinator)


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