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Top 10 Favorite Via Alpina stages

Top 10 favorite Via Alpina stages during Via Alpina 2013 : Meet the locals

Verpeil Hutte – Braunschweiger Hutte Day 48 Otzaler Alps (off Via Alpina)

Val di Laur – Passo della Forchia Day 62 Val Pesarina

Rifugio Padova – Val di Laur Day 61 Val Montanaia/Postegae/Meluzzo Parco Dolomiti Friulane

Malga Oltreviso – Bivacco Casera del Mestri Day 65 Wild Friuli Carnia/Monte Sernio

Casera Canin – Bivacco Constantini Day 68 Val Resia/Monte Kanin (off Via Alpina)

Val di Tires – Alpe di Tires Day 55 Catinaccio/Rosengarten

Val di Fassa – Passo Pordoi Day 57 Marmolada

Rifugio Fedare – San Vito di Cadore Day 59 Mondeval

Modane – Refuge de la Valette Day 15 Vanoise (off Via Alpina)

Samoens – Lac de Salanfe Day 25 Swiss Valais

Via Alpina Favorite stages map

Via Alpina Favorite stages map

Things that I did not do but recommend to do

Mercantour : follow red Via Alpina trail in Vallée des Merveilles area (too much snow in early June 2013) R135 to R161

Queyras : Should have followed GR5 from Ceillac and catch up Briançon going through Queyras regional park, Via Alpina goes down too much in the valley and just passing by Ecrins… (R132 R131)

Avoiding Oberstdorf by going directly from Mindelheimer hutte to Kemptner hutte (R51, B40)

Explore more gruppo di Tessa area, Via Alpina stays low in the valley. More interesting variante called : Franz Huber steig in between Hausgang haus and Unser frau (B30 B29)

Things off Via Alpina that were good options

Going to Briançon and following GR5C to Nevache

Going up to Col de Chaviere and Pralognan la Vanoise in Vanoise national park rather than taking Via Alpina through Termignon

Avoiding Wenns and bus ride to Mittelberg by going to Verpeil Hutte (E5 variante), Cottbuser Hohenweg and Aperes Madatschjoch 3030m (2days extra)

Left Meraner Hohenweg and explore Gruppo di Tessa (lakes upper Hausgang Haus) but not enough exploration (missed Franz Huber steig)

Avoiding Tolmezzo and cutting short in between Monte Sernio and Monte Arvenis

Taking half day to reach monte Kanin, Alta Val Resia

Crossing Italian border (Via Alpina yellow trail makes sure you stays on the Italian side), leaving forest and entering Slovenia near Matajur. End or start trip at Matajur or reach Trieste on the Slovenian side making your own trail.

Stay tuned for upcoming release of video to resume this Via Alpina journey meeting the locals