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Day 74 : Dobrovo – San Martino del Carso 23rd August 2013

Leaving Dobrovo 7:15am.Will try to find a way through Goriska Brda region vineyards to catch up via alpina

7:40am saw a beautiful fox in the vineyard

8:10am 180m Kozana

9am 230m Gorenje Cerovo

10:30am 240m Back in Italia and on the via alpina in Sovenza – San Floriano del Collio

11:45am 80m Crossing Fiume Isonzo on bridge, entering Gorizia town

2:45pm Out of ugly Gorizia town the worst possible way…going through industrial zone (now in the process of making cycling/walking path).Don’t know where the trails are if they are some…

3:15pm Savogna d’isonzo

3:30pm Rubbia.San Martino del Carso marked 2h on trail #73

Had to pass over a locked 1,5m high fence on this sentiero that goes around a vineyard.

4:20pm many trails intersection.Right/West trail smic010d

Staying right/west,leaving trail smic014z going left

Reached 250m

5pm San Martino del Carso. Lucia & Dorothea 3years old welcomed me in the house, via vicenza 9 as read in the via alpina roadbook.
Warm indoor couch available with clean sheets and pillow, hot shower and a great encounter with artist Lucia

Distance : 31,5km
Walking : 6h50
Resting : 2h45
Weather : hot & sunny
Date : Friday 23rd August 2013

Went to assist 7pm messa.One woman came talking to me while sitted..asked me if the messa was on because a sign said there was no messa today….

No mass today, the priest came and told me and the woman to go home…allright can still stay inside chilling

Lucia told me that the priest is 92years old and still drive a car in the neighborhood…


Sunset other Dobrovo – Slovenia


Goriska Brda countryside


Goriska Brda vineyards




Gorizia via alpina way marker




San Martino del Carso church