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Day 11 : Mont Dauphin – Refuge de Pousterle 21st June 2013

Left the gite Le glacier Bleu owned by Laure & Olivier (montagne guide) at 7:40am.

Woke up 6am. Laure got me a baguette for free for the day.

Felt i did not rested well enough and did not want to hike back up in the Queyras regional park.

I just followed the via alpina down the main noisy main road.

Mont Dauphin is a great place to start or end a trip (train station there) but today starts slowly…walking on roads….

The via alpina is not marked very well and i got lost a couple of times before i finally find the right path. It must follow road then path then road again and it has to get the eyes only on the map all time (not fun)

When i got up a little bit i stopped to eat something about 10:30am thinking it was gonna be a transition day before interesting Alpine action comes back..

The via alpina is there following GR50 in between Queyras regional park and Ecrins national park.

The via alpina is in the trees mostly which makes it a nice easy stroll…

Transition day…road,path PR, road, path following GR then forest and singing birds all morning until i got to Champcella

Champcella to Pallon follows GR541

Entering Vallee de Freissinieres 1:10pm

Starts to get interesting after monotony this morning

Freissinieres around 1:45pm 1200m

Got some food from closed Traiteur shop: Aux petits oignons

Just nice owner willing to help

It says the shop was closed but i saw people working so i came by

“Bonjour, excuse me i know you are closed but do you have any food for sale?”

The young girl owner came out and said :
“Are you very hungry ? I can make this and this”

“yes great i still have food i am ok but i am willing to take anything you have”

She brought me some Ratatouille stuff, half a camembert, some homemade terrine, bread, salami, a piece of melon, 3 compotes and 3 madeleines all for 10euros

Ate some of my just purchased lunch at the Auberge/bar in Freissineres.got a beer there. Old lady (taking care of the shop while her daughter : the owner was away) videotaped inside her old house

Starting hiking up 2:45pm

Reached col des lauzes 1837m at 4:10pm in the trees

Nice view through trees on L’argentiere la bessee down in the vallee and also Briancon in the background

Going down 1500m before up again to Col de Pousterle

Steep to reach plateau de Pousterle 1730m. Reached there at  6:40pm. Refuge is still closed (off season)
Beautiful view from here on Ecrins national park peak : Tete de Dormillouse

Bivouac and campfire for the night . Great way to end up a not so promising start

Distance walked : more than 31km
Altitude : 1730m
Walking time : more than 7h30
Resting time : more than 2h

NB: should have took the option following GR5 at Furfande and not coming down to Mont Dauphin..will have to come back for Tour du Queyras GR58


Fontaine petrifiante : Durance river natural wonder


Durance river





Refuge de Pousterle area view 1700m