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Day 70 : Montemaggiore – Staro Selo 19th August 2013

6:35am moving in the forest on trail #744, saw deer already (locally called Capriolo). Went up about 700m before going down.

7:40am 420m crossing rio Bianco

8am 400m road and border Slovenia-Italy

8:30am 550m Prossenicco.There is a restaurant that seems to offer accomodation too here (not mentionned in via alpina roadbook from june 2013)

9:50am reached 760m,going down again

10:35am 720m Montefosca.Finally got off after walking 14,5km in the least interesting part of the via alpina since Monaco.Dense and ugly forest,going up & down (sometimes steeply) a lot,no visibility during 4 long hours…hardcore zone alongside Slovenia-Italy border..there is 2 agriturismo bar/restaurant in Montefosca.

Stupizza marked 45mins on trail #735.View on Matajur from here

11:35am 220m crossing Fiume Natisone.

12am Only water in Stupizza…no food.Local woman told me to follow road for a km to find restaurant in Loch.Matajur marked 4h15 on trail #735

1pm Road side Pizzeria serving food only in the evening.Find a drive in Valentino’s truck to Slovenian border where there is a grocery store open (Mercator) non stop from 9am to 8pm.Super cheap and there is a restaurant just next to it.Mercator is about 4km from Stupizza but worth hitchiking to get supplies…

2pm Super meal was served here at Slovenian border.Tried Pelinkovec digestive…

Got local map and information, will go up 2km on the road to reach Robic town and take on Matajur from Svino

5:30pm leaving Slovenia-Italia border, following road to Robic (Natisone river swimming spot).Natisone is warm water,nice to swim in

7:45pm Staro Selo cimetary.Will pitch behind and outside the cimetary

Distance : 28,3km (hitchiked about 7-8km)
Walking : 6h45
Altitude : 245m
Weather : hot & sunny
Date : Monday 19th August 2013

Find out later that a possible great variante through Slovenia is possible from Matajur to Punta di Montemaggiore

From Matajur go down Livek/Svino/Kobarid walk flat to Staro Selo then go up to the ridge to Punta di montemaggiore

Also been told that the way up or down to Matajur is easier on the Slovenian side…



Prossenico church


Trail #744 – Montemaggiore – Montefosca area – Hardcore trail

Houses in Montefosca



Stupizza – Matajur area via alpina map

Via alpina variante from Matajur to Punta di Montemaggiore on ridge trail (avoiding long walk in forest with no view from Montefosca to Montemaggiore)

Other part of the possible great ridge trail variante in Slovenia from Matajur to Punta di Montemaggiore