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Day 75 : San Martino del Carso – Prosecco 24th August 2013

Leaving 7:45am friendly host Lucia and San Martino del Carso.
Jamiano marked 4h on trail #72

9:20am Lago di Doberdo

10:10am Jamiano.Restaurant and also B&B called villa al bosco by the main road

From Jamiano to Medeazza followed trail #3

11:10am Medeazza stopped for lunch to eat local ham called prosciutto crudo and local Teran  vino rosso.

12am leaving Medeazza on trail 3a.Sea 500m away

1:40pm Sea side trail near Duino

2:30pm Out of Sistiana..

After quick refreshing bath in the salty water reached Santa Croce 5pm 230m, now following last CAI sentiero #1

5:30pm 300m high point view on Trieste and Muggia

7:25pm just in time before the Prosecco town grocery store closing time.
Walking back to monasterio di san cipriano to look for accomodation…

Huge fence,no bell,impossible to get in…will go for a last pitch on the via alpina yellow trail in the nearby forest

Distance : 34,1km
Walking : 7h35
Resting : 4h20
Altitude : 260m
Weather : hot & sunny
Date : Saturday 24th August 2013


Lago di Doberdo


Prosciutto crudo


Sea view near Duino castle




Going vertical on Duino’s cliff


Trail #1 last or first via alpina yellow trail