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Day 40 – Sargans – Gafadura-Hutte 20th July 2013

Bought a croissant and got the charged up electronics back 6:40am

On the way to Liechtenstein 7:15am

7:20am 540m Schloss Sargans.Sevelen marked 3h35

8:40am 497m Azmoos.Sevelen marked 2h

10am leaving Azmoos

10:30am 602m Gretschins.Sevelen marked 1h.Buchs marked 2h20

11:10am 470m Sevelen dorf.Vaduz marked 1h10

11:45am leaving Schweiz and entering Liechtenstein by crossing Rhein river by “Rheinbrucke Vaduz-Sevelen” wood bridge.

1:15pm leaving touristic Vaduz.Heading for Gafadurahutte where a 20CHF bunk bed has been reserved for me by the Vaduz tourist office.

There are 2 ways to reach Gafadura-Hutte.the hard but really worth it one up by Furstenteig or in the valley down by the Furstenweg and Planken.

Highest point in the Liechtenstein principality is 2599m.Lowest 430m.

Lots of informations about the principality are displayed on the castle way (schlossweg)

Current prince Hans Adam 2 is the 13th reigning prince of Liechtenstein.

1:30pm 576m Schloss Vaduz.Gaflei marked 2h45

2:20pm 847m Ruine Wildschloss

3:35pm 1483m Gaflei.Sucka marked 1h.Planken marked 4h30

4:30pm 1856m Gafleisattel

5:15pm 2070m Rover Schaan cross

5:35pm 2105m Garsellakopf.Nice ridge hike up here..one more cross to go

6:05pm 2052m Drei Schwestern. View on Frastanz Austria

On the very steep way down from Drei Schwestern,there are 2 ladders and a safety line to help.there is a way around this spot to avoid the ladders

6:45pm 1630m Prafazei.Gafadura-Hutte marked 30mins.Feldkirch marked 3h

7:10pm 1428m Gafadura-Hutte

Supposed to be a transition day..turned out to be a hard one but good one on a narrow trail in the rocks from Furstensteig

Distance covered : 35,5km
Walking time : 8h35
Resting time : 3h15
Altitude : 1428m
Date : saturday 20th july 2013
Weather : sunny & hot,cloudy late afternoon

9:30pm 2swiss girls (selma & serena hiking for the week end) speaking french help me out to translated and videotaped Hans 75years old man telling stories. Hans is taking care of the veals in the nearby alpage

This Via Alpina day was on stage C2 and R56 from Furstenteig


Sargans castle


Sargans view


Vaduz castle


On the way up to Furstensteig






Gadafura-Hutte Liechtenstein 1428m


Sunset at Gadafura-Hutte


Hans 75 drinking local cider & telling stories


Liechtenstein Vaduz-Feldkrich map