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Day 49 : Braunschweiger Hutte – Vent 29th July 2013

6:05am leaving Braunschweiger hutte.
Reached Pitztaler Joch 6:40am 2990m.

Rettenbachtal-Solden marked 4h.

Going down 10mins on the soft snow to get to ski area.

7:10am 2690m the warm chapel is open.

8am 2160m Rettenbach-Alm.Gaislach alm marked 1h15.
Going down on a very wide path and through ski slopes.

9:05am 2040m Alpen Gasthof Gaislachalm.

10:15am 1545m Zwieselstein

11:15am leaving Zwieselstein, light rain starts

11:40am realize E5 and Via Alpina goes by different ways. Vent is in the other direction. Should not have went down from Gaislach alm.

Gaislach alm is where E5 and Via Alpina separates/connects…

12:30am back to Zwieselsten, rain starts pouring heavier now.will wait and see if it clears up later on

1:20pm leaving Zwieselstein for the 2nd time today

Around 3pm, sky starts to clear up.

5pm 1900m Vent after walking side trail and road for about 10km in the Otztaler ache valley.Missed Petznersee

Distance covered : 35,3km
Walking time : 8h
Resting time : 3h
Altitude : 1900m
Date : monday 29th july 2013
Weather : cloudy & windy in the morning, few showers in the afternoon

Similaun hutte marked 4h30 from Vent.Martin Busche Hutte marked 2h30

5:50pm Haus Eberhard.21euros for a bed in a 4 beds dorm, with clean sheets,towel,wifi,hot shower : 1euros for 3mins30s.

Vent seems to be the base camp for many climbing/hiking activity in the Otzaler alps.

Looking down on Braunschweiger hutte on the way up to Pitzaler Joch


Panorama at Pitzaler Joch


Going down to Rettenbach alm


View of Solden valley


View of the valley from Gaislach alm towards Vent (Otztaler ache)


Otzaler ache on the way to Vent


Panorama otzaler ache

Religious item in Vent

Day 48 : Verpeil Hutte – Braunschweiger Hutte 28th July 2013

Leaving Verpeil hutte 6am.Going up to the Madatschjoch and Kaunergrat hutte.

Kaunergrat hutte marked 4h30 by Verpeiljoch or 4h by Madatschjoch.

8:05am 3030m Aperes Madatschjoch (highest point since Monaco).

Kaunergrat hutte marked 1h.

Last +200m very steep on unstable ground and stones (lines on both right and left side but not all the way to the top).Going down steeply with line all the way then vertical ladder and steps in place to get down in between the rocks.

8:45am 2817m Kaunergrathutte

Nice view on the Watzespitze 3532m

Riffleseehutte uber marked 3h15.Cottbuser Hohenweg.

10:35am 2380m a line and stairs in place to go vertically down & up.View on Mittelberg from here

11:40am 2300m Sunnaalm.Nice ski area around here.Great slopes and surrondings (called Gletscherpark).would love to come back here winter time

1:30pm leaving sunnaalm

2:40pm 1763m Mittelberg.Gletscherstube marked 30mins.Pitzaler Jochl marked 4h30.Back on the E5 and via alpina yellow trail

3:15pm 1930m Braunschweiger hutte marked 2h30.
2 ways : left by uber Jagersteig or right by uber wasserfal

4:50pm 2759m Braunschweiger hutte.
Pitztaler Jochl marked 1h

Distance covered : 31,4km
Walking time : 7h45
Resting time : 3h15
Altitude : 2759m
Weather : sunny and windy
Date : sunday 28th july 2013

9,5euros for a bed at Braunschweiger hutte (170beds available).
1euros for a less than 60s hot shower.The inside of the hutte is new,comfortable and super clean.
Nice view on the Rifflsee from here.

Another great day, must be in the top5 favorite since Monaco. At least 3 different panoramas, most day over 2000m, alpine action going up & down vertically, one pass over 3000m, sunny and cool wind, sight of glacier, …


On the way up to Madatschjoch

Panorama at the foot of Madatschjoch


Panorama from Madatschjoch


Going down vertical from Madatschjoch


Watzespitze 3532m


Panorama from nearby kraunergrat hutte


Watzespitze view going down on Cottbuser hohenweg


Panorama Cottbuser hohenweg


Pitzal valley view from Cottbuser hohenweg

Mittelberg, Mittelberg glacier view from Cottbuser hohenweg




Rifflsee panorama


Verpeil hutte – Madatschjoch – Kaunergrat hutte – Rifflsee – Sunnaalm – Mittelberg map


Impressive water coming down Rifflsee


Going up to Braunschweiger hutte


Waterfall on the way to Braunschweiger hutte



Looking down to Mittelberg on the way to Braunschweiger hutte


Glacier near Braunschweiger hutte


Panorama at Braunschweiger hutte

Another panorama at Braunschweiger hutte

Sunset at Braunschweiger hutte

Day 47 : Galflun Hutte – Verpeil Hutte 27th July 2013

Leaving Galflun hutte and via alpina yellow trail 6:10am.
Going down to Piller.

Avoiding Wenns and what seems to be the “inevitable” 55mins bus ride to Mittelberg…

Well, following E5 fernwanderweg variante below to Mittelberg (2 days) without walking 30km nearby a road in the Wenns valley is a great option for anyone who do not wish to take any kind of transportation during a hiking trip…

6:55am 1353m Piller low point today.

Near Fuchmoos, Aifner Alm marked 2h45

8am 1680m Aifner Alm marked 1h on trail #3
Following trails and wide forestry roads in this Tyrolian forest

8:40am 1980m Aifner Alm.Nearby peak Aifner Spitze marked 1h45.Falkausalm marked 3h by Panoramaweg

Could not get any alpkase from this farm (cheese too young and cannot be sold)

Great view on panoramaweg on the valley on Prutz,Ladis town

10:25am 1968m Faulkausalm.Dr. Angerer Hohenweg marked 5h

Great view on the Fagge valley, Feichten town and glacier in the background.

11:30am leaving Faulkausalm after early lunch break. Same here, the cheese they are making in Faulkausalm won t be ready to sale before August 4th.

50min after Faulkausalm there is another bar/restaurant.

This nice trail is not flat anymore.It goes up & down few times in between 1900m and 2250m.

2:50pm 1825m Verpeilalm

3:20pm Verpeilhutte.Easy access from Verpeilalm.
Location is good. The Verpeil hutte is in between 2 water streams. Lots of chairs,tables,hamocs to relax in and enjoy the sunshine…

Distance covered : 27,4km
Walking time : 7h10
Resting time : 2h
Altitude : 2025m
Weather : hot & sunny, nice fresh breeze over 1900m
Date : saturday 27th july 2013

Irmi welcomed me at the Verpeilhutte.Very friendly staff. Bed is 11euros.Supper cost 15euros (good 3courses meal but not enough)

Nice and easy day today.Spent most of the day over 1900m.
The next hutte is 4h (been told so, did not see any markers yet)

Sunrise at Gaflun Hutte

Sunrise Galflunalm/Galflun hutte


House in Piller


View from the panoramaweg

Panorama from panoramaweg


Panorama on Dr Angerer hohenweg


View from Dr Angerer Hohenweg


Verpeil hutte


Chapel at Verpeil hutte

Panorama at Verpeil hutte


Another Panorama at Verpeil hutte




Piller-Aifneralm-Panoramaweg map


Panoramaweg-Falkausalm-Dr angerer hohenweg-Verpeil hutte map

Day 46 : Memminger Hutte – Galflun Hutte 26th July 2013

6:25am leaving Memminger hutte

7:15am 2594m Seescharte

8:40am 1556m Unterlochalpe meadow (food seems available here). Cows & horses…beautiful. Videotaped the horses hurdle running after the apple hanging out the backpack.

Haflinger horses : local Tyrol blond horses used before for wood work (pulling cutted trees). Very good in mountain area/steep trails, still used them where the machine cannot go

10:10am 767m Zams,west Tyrol.

12am leaving Zams.Found a great source of local informations at Zams tourist office.

Irmgard (old german name) got a local map and challenging trail to follow and avoid Wenns long valley walk to Mittelberg.

Once again it seems that taking the cable car up to Krahberg is today E5 shortcut.

Krahberg marked 4h30 on trail #1 and #2a

Out of Zams, via alpina yellow trail shares the way with via claudia augusta and jakobsweg also.

Going up steeply through forest & ski slopes.

2pm 1800m Skihutte Zammer Alm.Krahberg marked 1h30

3:25pm 2212m Venetbahn cabin lift.Krahberg.

Possible to stay low and avoid going up Glanderspitze & Wannejochl to reach Galflunalm hutte.

4:25pm 2512m Glanderspitze.Kreuzjoch marked 45mins.Galflunalm marked 1h15

4:40pm 2540m Wannejochl.Nice ridge walk with great view on both valley.

5:25pm 1960m Galflunalm hutte.

Distance covered : 31,6km
Walking time : 8h15
Resting time : 2h45
Date : friday 26th july 2013
Weather : hot & sunny
Altitude : 1960m

Friendly young couple owners at Galflunalm hutte. 18euros for the warm bed, 2euros extra for a hot shower,electricity not available all time.


One of the lake near Memminger hutte


Another lake near Memminger hutte


View at Seescharte towards Zams valley


Down to Zams

Cute Haflinger horses



Town near Zams


Skislope on the way to Krahberg


Zams town from nearby Krahberg


View from Krahberg


Panorama from Krahberg

View down Wenns valley near Galflunalm



Day 45 : Kemptner Hutte – Memminger Hutte 25th July 2013

6:10am leaving Kemptner Hutte.

6:30am leaving Germany, entering Austria and going down Holzgau

8am 1100m Holzgau.Beautiful paintings on many houses in this cute Austrian, Tyrol village

9:30am leaving Holzgau

Following E5 trail called fernwanderweg.
Flat walk on bicycle path alongside Leth water stream to Bach.

10:45am nearby Bach.Via alpina goes up following nearby Alperschonbach.

Shortly after a steep start,the small road to follow goes up gently.
There is a possibility to follow a scenic trail (called and marked as Hohenweg) on the other flank of this valley to Madau or stay on the road.

Stupidely followed the map and E5 marked on road.

Taking a taxi ride from Holzgau to Madau seems to be the common things for E5 hikers.Few mini vans loaded with hikers passed me…

12:25am 1300m Madau Berggafthaus.Lunch break.Memminger Hutte marked 3h

2:10pm about 1400m.End of the gentle wide path/road. Turned off an offering to put my backpack in a loading lift up to Memminger hutte. Now it starts to go up steeply.
Memminger hutte marked 2h30 from there.

4pm Memminger Hutte.Great location (horses + lakes)
10euros for the bed and electricity at memminger hutte, also shower (cold water but still great)

Distance covered : 33,7km
Walking time : 7h20
Resting time : 2h30
Altitude : 2242m
Date : thursday 25th july 2013
Weather : hot & sunny


Kemptner Hutte morning


Waterfall on the way down to Holzgau



Simms waterfall


Holzgau church


Holzgau gasthof


One beautiful house in Holzgau


Nearby Holzgau


On the way to memminger hutte


Memminger hutte panorama


Another Memminger hutte panorama


Horses near Memminger hutte

Sunset at Memminger hutte


Day 44 : Oberstdorf – Kemptner Hutte 24th July 2013

6am taking off the campingplatz.No one here to take my money…

Danke Oberstdorf, just saved 8-10euros.

Will follow Via alpina yellow trail from now on.

11:30am leaving Oberstdorf.Impossible to find a working computer (checked 6 different places).Going to Kemptner hutte without the GPX files.Have numeric maps from Kemptner hutte to Italian border/Similaun hutte.

Following Tettach river.Christlessee marked 1h30

12:35am 925m Christlessee.Kemptner Hutte marked 3h

1pm Spielmannsau,stopping for lunch.

3:30pm 1844m Kemptner Hutte.Holzgau marked 3h

Nice walk up to the Kemptner hutte.4:30pm the clouds/fog is going but will stay in this massive hutte

Distance covered : 16km
Walking time : 3h15
Resting time : 40mins
Altitude : 1844m
Weather : sunny in the morning, cloudy afternoon then foggy over 1500m

Staying in this huge capacity kemptner hutte (297beds according to waitress Theresa + an extra 60 possible in the restaurant & stable).Tonight it is half full (high season week day)

Most hikers do the E5 trail.Been told that from Oberstdorf big groups are starting the E5 trail on saturdays,sundays and mondays.

3:50pm and 10euros later got a bed assigned and a beer served in the warm hutte….German efficancy at its best.

Got the half price discount with FFRP card

4:20pm heavy rain




On the way to Kemptner Hutte


Panorama near Kemptner Hutte

Panaroma at Kemptner Hutte