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Day 73 : Varth – Dobrovo 22nd August 2013

Leaving the hunters house 6:45am

7:25am 700m Locked chapel.Castelmonte marked 2h35 on trail #747

8:15am 660m near locked Chiesa di San Nicolo. Another opened hunters house.fireplace,table,chairs and couches but untaken care of…Door was opened wide and lots of garbages inside.

9:50am 618m Sanctuario di Madonna di Monte/Castelmonte

No short pant or t shirt inside the sanctuario, needed to put the rain gear on to get it 🙂

10am mass in progress.Beautiful sanctuario.
In the crypt many drawings/paintings representing car accidents…people who escaped accidents pay tribute to madonna di monte

10:50am leaving Castelmonte on trail #748.Via alpina roadbook says 15km to Gorizia while GPS and hikers comments suggests 48km (straight..probably more following via alpina trail)

Finally getting out forest,vineyards appears..

1:30pm 135m The grapes in the vineyard near Albana are ready to be eaten.Stopping by for a quick grape feast

1:50pm leaving Albana, entering provincia di Gorizia

2pm decide to get off the via alpina yellow trail and get on the slovenian side for the night…should also be shorter to reach Gorizia…feeling that it goes backward or often in the wrong direction when following via alpina trail #748 since Castelmonte.

Get in Slovenia around 4pm…moving along the vineyards and cute villages on top of the hills.

Crashed in Dobrovo town..arrived there around 6pm…will pitch in the nearby small forest tonight

Today was a hard day…finally got off the forest and getting some visibility..the via alpina roadbook information for this stage (gorizia-castelmonte) is incorrect and approximative..

Luckily the expected bad weather is delayed to sunday..was predicted for tomorrow…should be Trieste then

Distance : 36,7km
Walking : 8h30
Resting : 3h20
Altitude : 140m
Date : Thursday 22nd August 2013
Weather : very hot & sunny




Hunters house near San nicolo


Young goat keepers


Castelmonte first view


Inside Sanctuario madonna di monte


Virgin with kid


Grapes & vineyards in Albana


Slovenian religious statue


Slovenian vineyard – Goriska Brda region


Slovenian – Goriska Brda tasty peaches


Dobrovo – Goriska Brda