Day 76 : Prosecco – Muggia/Trieste 25th August 2013

Started this via alpina last day 7:20am.Rain came shortly after setting off last bivouac in the forest. Deer came close last night and saw 3 huge wild boars this morning.

Started the day with a quick laundry by the water spot

9:30am End of the napoleon road, entering Villa Opicina.Rifugio premuda marked 6h. Camping Obelisco right on the via alpina.CAI trail #1

10am 460m Monte Belvedere.Panorama over Trieste and Muggia

11:50am entered Bazzoni wood.

12:35am taking shortcut by steep way down on trail #49a.Via Alpina goes around Val Rosandra, feeling too tired to do extra kms today

1:20pm Rifugio Premuda

3:10pm leaving rifugio Mario Premuda, last rifugio on the via alpina…

5:20pm Muggia centro historico.Via alpina end up here but the adventure never stops…

Distance ; 30,5km

Walking : 6h45

Resting : 3h20

Weather : little rain in the morning, cloudy then sunny

Date ; Sunday 25th August 2013


Panorama on Trieste



Another Trieste panorama





Val Rosandra

Muggia Church

Muggia Church

2 thoughts on “Day 76 : Prosecco – Muggia/Trieste 25th August 2013

  1. Michele Straube

    Congratulations! Have been following your journey every day and enjoying every bit of it with you. Hope you are proud of yourself, taking time to relax (with your feet up and a beer in hand).

    1. lasplumas66 Post author

      thanks Michele..will do relax and rest a little more in the Trieste/Udine area. Cheers

      The adventure never stops..see you next year for Via alpina : Meet the locals Episode 2


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