Day 72 : Rifugio Pelizzo – Varth 21st August 2013

Leaving the comfort of rifugio Pelizzo 7:50am

Going down trail #736 towards Cepletischis

9:05am 910m Opened hut, stone walls and roof

9:45am 558m Cepletischis.Mobile alimentari/grocery truck only on wednesday (probably only morning)

10am 500m Torrente Rieca low point on trail #745 towards Topolo

10:30am 810m.Bivacco Zanuso marked 2h50.Rifugio Solarie marked 3h35

10:50am 590m Topolo.Meet and talked to few locals from France & Belgium.Told me the Dalai Lama came to Povala (village near Cepletischis at slovenian border) last year.Saw a house with Tibetan prayer flags.Via alpina passing right next to this holy buddhist place.Few lamas are staying there.Surely worth stopping by and definitely a possible accommodation…

11:25am 650m Opened hut called Gostilna Seuje.Roof and stone walls

12am 760m Lase hamlet out of the woods.Little bit of fresh air and view here

12:45am 1145m after steep trail up.Via alpina connects with road.View on Matajur,Topolo and flat land.

1pm 1100m Bivacco Zanuso.Lots of people and cars (road just nearby),seems open,nice view.

Sentiero della Pace is taking the nearby ridge on the border linr between Slovenia and Italy

1:25pm 956m Rifugio Casoni Solarie.

2:15pm leaving rifugio Casoni Solari after lunch break.Local via alpina sign tells Castelmonte 5h15.Via alpina roadbook says 5h30.Castelmonte might be reachable today…

2:30pm 800m Clabuzzaro.According to GPS device there is a restaurant in Clabuzzaro

Just saw time marker saying Castelmonte 6h50…not helping boosting moral but probably incorrect.Monte Cum marked 1h45 on trail #747

3pm San Volfango WW1 cemetary.Natisone valley great war action where 500 italians died here during the conflict.

3:50pm 890m In the forest.Opened rustic hunter shack with fireplace.

4pm 912m Monte Cum high point in the forest with no visibility.Not mentionned in via alpina roadbook.

4:25pm 640m Passing nearby San Giovanni

4:40pm 605m Gridovizza hamlet.Via alpina still on the Alpe Adria trail.

5pm 570m Passing nearby Clunaz

5:10pm 610m Big hut nearby via alpina,big outside roof,tables and benches..oh yeah it is open… Naked girls and wild boars posters, pictures of men smilling by the side of dead wild animals…yep that is right…local hunters shack without the hunters 🙂

Too tempting to carry on…cooking gear,fireplace,little food and drinks on the house (Squadra Cacciatori Stregna)…wouhouuuu

5:30pm Found the gas tank…hot coffee scheduled for tomorrow morning

Distance : 33,6km
Walking : 7h50
Resting : 2h
Weather : sunny
Altitude : 610m
Date : Wednesday 21st August 2013

Spent most day again in forest with again almost no visibility…

Could have been harder on a rainy day,lots of ups and downs.Been mostly in the forest since almost a week now…no more real mountain (except off via alpina half day to Monte Kanin on day 68) on the via alpina that almost follows the border line with Slovenia since a long time (without crossing it)

Great view from nearby hunter shack hill on Slovenian mountains

7pm Funny, deer approached about 100m away from the hunters shack…

7:30pm Found some corn and a hunting map…Hunters here uses corn has a bait..the map in the shack shows the corn dropping/killing spots.

Took some corn and throw it 50m away from the shack and within 30mins…2 Capriolos came in for the picture 🙂

View of rifugio Pelizzo and the flat land


Panorama Matajur and rifugio Pelizzo


Matajur view on the way to bivacco Zanuso


Via alpina forest trail

San Volfango WW1 & WW2 memorial


Varth hunters house


Capriolo’s coming for dinner

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