Day 71 : Staro Selo – Rifugio Pelizzo 20th August 2013

6:30am packing stuff to find a roof.Rain and strong wind blowed during the night.Roughest night so far and the worst is that it looks like the weather gonna stay like this all day…

7am Svino area, stopped by the 1st founded roof. Started falling asleep while seated…lied down and took a morning nap

8:45am moving up to Monte Matajur from Svino in the woods until 1200m

12:10am 1500m flat land view and whaaaaat? Reallllyyyy!!! Sea view…wouhouuuu…

12:30am 1641m Monte Matajur Chapel.Open there and glad it is because the strong wind and rain make it hard to stay outside.

1:30pm moving down to rifugio Dom Matajur.Great view from there.

Someone there it is open and warm inside.Christina cutted some cheese and salami then cooked me a pasta shoot…wouhou..electricity here and lots of food available.

Went for a siesta and slept few hours.
Around 5:40pm been told that had to go to rifugio Pelizzo.Christina was going down and locking the rifugio Dom Matajur…late surprise..been told that the Dom Matajur rifugio opened week ends and only if booked ahead…

Walked down rifugio Pelizzo at got there before 7pm 1300m

Great sea view and the flat land.Spotted Muggia bay with the rifugio binoculars… Seaweed smell? Not yet

No one there tonight..only me for this 40 beds capacity refuge.12euros for the bed.Expensive Hot shower at 5euros.
The pasta and food are all made on site. 6euros for a huge breakfast

Distance : 14km
Walking : 4h25
Weather : cloudy and light rain most day, cold and very windy at Monte Matajur
Date : Tuesday 20th August 2013


On the way up Matajur from Slovenia…Dense forest from 400m up to 1200m


1200m on the way to Matajur

Chapel at Monte Matajur

Panorama at rifugio Dom Matajur


Fresh pasta made at rifugio Pelizzo

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