Day 69 : Bivacco Constantini – Montemaggiore 18th August 2013

Leaving super quiet Bivacco Constantini (ex manzano) 5:40am

6:15am 1720m Monte Guarda.Via alpina comes flirting with the Slovenian border. Bovec in sight.Can go down and catch up via alpina red trail R14 in Trenta from there

7:25am 1360m trail intersection.Possible here to get to Stolvizza by trail #738 and bypass the superb ridge trail to Monte Guarda,bivacco constantini,malga coot and casera canin.

7:35am 1370m Casera Chile.Sella Carniza marked 2h30

8:20am 1454m Monte Nische

After 3nights in Val Resia and going around almost all of it, Leaving Val Resia and going down Val Uccea now

9am 1100m Carnizza. 2 Bar/restaurants here.One of restaurant owner,surprisingly refused to give me water (bought an expansive 2euros – 25cl orange drink from him…probably not enough)..pretexting he did not have any fresh one (only caldo one).Went talking to another house and they let me filled up my water bottle with fresh water coming from the mountain…

9:25am 1100m Santa Anna di Carnizza.GPX file downloaded in via alpina in August 2013 ends up here (via alpina stage Passo di Tanamea-Resiutta).Passo di Tanamea marked 2h50

10:25am 1610m High point not mentionned in the via alpina roadbook from june 2013.Going down to Passo di Tanamea now, spotted few deers in the forest.

11:30am 890m Passo di Tanamea road, low point.Punta di Montemaggiore marked 3h30 on trail #711.Rifugio Monte Aperta marked 1h30

1:30pm 1475m an Oasis on the via alpina? Almost, reached rifugio aperta which is not mentionned in the roadbook nor in the via alpina hikers comments..why?

Opened all year,water,fire & cooking place with gas tank,8 beds,toilet…Found & picked up tonight dinner..will eat Mexican..Chili con carne + tuna 🙂

This refugio is an old military barracks not a CAI rifugio. There is a donativo box to leave something for the service

3pm 1613m Punta di Montemaggiore.Nice ridge walk and view,Kanin,Montemaggiore and the flat land.That is it game over, no more mountain on the via alpina…

3:20pm 1510m Trail intersection.Passo di Tanamea marked left 2h on trail #712.Right, Montemaggiore marked 1h40

This could explain why noone mentionned about rifugio Aperta before…everyone just bypassed Punta di Montemaggiore…there is no markers here mentionning rifugio Aperta

4:20pm 840m Montemaggiore.Montefosca marked 5h15 on trail #744.Pizzeria here seems to be opened…B&B offered at 25euros then down to 20euros after 30mins… Had a nice Frico for 8euros.Hot weather,low altitude..all good to camp out one more night.

The old man running the Pizzeria/bar at Montemaggiore is really nice.Had to pay 13,5euros.he took my 20 and few remaining coins and gave me back 10…Told me here only 9 inhabitants during winter…

6pm leaving Montemaggiore, going down.

6:25pm 650m hit low point at rio Lemagna.Cannot go up anymore today…pitched nearby old bridge

Distance : 33,1km
Walking : 8h30
Resting : 4h15
Altitude : 650m
Weather : hot & sunny
Date : Sunday 18th August 2013


Sunrise Monte Guarda


Super ridge via alpina trail on the way down to Carnizza


Santa di Carnizza view

Val Resia – Monte Kanin view at unmentionned peak in between Santa di Carnizza and Passo di Tanamea


Rifugio ANA monte Aperta near punta di montemaggiore


Rifugio Aperta motto

View at Punta di montemaggiore


Santa di Carnizza – Passo di Tanamea via alpina map

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