Day 68 : Casera Canin – Bivacco Constantini 17th August 2013

6:30am Going up Monte Kanin with Federico & Marco.

9:45am 2587m Kanin.Italian-Slovenian border.Great panorama here.View on Triglav, Udine and flat land.Kanin ascent is very steep but easy with light bag.

12:20am 1444m Back on the via alpina at Casera Canin.Malga Coot marked 50mins

1:30pm Malga Coot.15mins off the via alpina.B&B at 26euros.

5pm Leaving Malga Coot after party time with Federico & Marco, also charged up the electronics.

5:15pm 1250m Back on the via alpina.Bivacco Constantini (ex manzano) marked 1h15

6:10pm 1679m Bivacco Franco Costantini (ex Manzano).Great location and view on the Resia valley

Distance : 13,7km
Walking ; 5h30
Altitude : 1679m
Date : saturday 17th August 2013
Weather : hot & sunny

7:45pm Chamois are coming nearby the Bivacco…

Sunset at Casera Canin

On the way up Monte Canin

Monte Kanin inhabitants


Panorama monte Kanin

Another panorama at Monte Kanin


Bivacco Franco Constantini (ex manzano)

Bivacco Franco Constantini neighbour


Monte Kanin – Casera Canin map

Find out later that from Monte Kanin it can connect to the Via Alpina red trail..staying up in the mountain to catch up via alpina red trail R14 at Dom v Tamarju or going down to Bovec from Baba Grande (near Bivacco Constantini) then in the valley to reach Trenta. This would have been definitely a better option because from there the via alpina yellow trail is no more a mountain trail for the remaining 8days (only Matajur and Punta di Montemaggiore ridge)

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