Day 67 : Mucile – Casera Canin 16th August 2013

Leaving Mucile hamlet (2 houses) 6:40am, trail #631.

7:15am 840m trail intersections.Going Stavoli-Rut direction,trail #631

7:50am 800m trail intersection.Prato di Resia marked 1h on trail #638.Pusti Gost marked 2h30 on trail #631.None of thoses are in the via alpina roadbook

9:45am 1190m Acqua potable spot (there is a sign for it).Very important water spot in this wild area.Should be mentionned in Via alpina roadbook.Everybody in the neibourghood seems to come and get water here.

10:45am leaving the source of life.Feel regenerated.

11am 1175m assist Santa Barbara religious outdoor ceremony.
Priest Don Gianluca explained story about Santa Barbara.

11:50am Outdoor mass over.Going down to Stolvizza now. Can see Ricovero Igor Crasso from here but no need to get there.

Been invited to eat a little bit…will be delayed 🙂

Fiorella from Belgium,living in Udinese for 34 years explains and translated in French what Don Gianluca said about Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara chapel has been erected here to protect people from lightning. Since the chapel here,no one has been stroke by lightning in the area.

Will target Bivacco Constantini (ex Manzano) for the night.Been told that there is water there and Stolvizza grocery store is own by bar owner,can be opened anytime on request.

Friuli – canale del ferro is the area here

Pasta por tutti and vino rosso on the house…Grazie Santa Barbara for this free meal…

1250m is the highest point reached

2:05pm 610m Stolvizza

2:50pm 520m Hit low point, crossing torrente Resia on bridge.

3:40pm 620m crossing both rio secco & torrente Resia on bridges

5:35pm 1444m Casera Canin.Opened mountain shelter.Via Alpina way marker here but was not mentionned (was mentionned in comments) in Via Alpina roadbook downloaded in June 2013 on via alpina website. Rain water only available (need filtering and boiling)

Distance : 24,4km
Walking : 6h30
Resting : 4h35
Altitude : 1444m
Date : Friday 16th August 2013
Weather : hot & sunny

Great view on the Val Resia at Casera Canin.Great location for sunset.

Today was a hard day,goes up & down then steeply down, up & down again and a steep way up.Most day spent in dense forest with no/few visibility.Glad to find some Grappa left over at Casera Canin 🙂 …

7:30pm 2guys then a couple came in.The 2 guys come in to do the Kanin peak climb

Will go with Federico & Marco tomorrow to take on Monte Kanin 2587m

All town here have Russian name due to Val Resia mining past…

There is a webcam feed & weather station at casera canin


Val Resia


Acqua potable spot in between Resiutta and Ricovero Igor Crasso


Don Gianluca celebrating Santa Barbara


Everbody who assisted Santa Barbara celebration mass – Val Resia


Going down Stolvizza


Val Resia on the way to Coritis from Stolvizza


Casera Canin area panorama


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