Day 66 : Bivacco Casera del Mestri – Mucile 15th August 2013

Leaving Bivacco Casera del Mestri 6am,on the way up Forcella Nuviernulis

6:45 1720m Forcella Nuviernulis.View on the flat land from here…going back down towards civilisation…

About 8:30am 420m low point crossing water stream in beautiful gorges.Start going up on the other side.

9:15am 560m Moggessa Di La hamlet

9:35am 510m Moggessa di Qua (water here).2 persons in for the week end explains to me that nobody leaves here anymore…too wild.

10:05am 680m Going down now

10:45am 400m Moggio Udinese Alto.

Missed the Abbazia di san Gallo in alto Moggio…

1:45pm 340m Crossing on bridge Fiume Fella

3pm 752m Stivane.Sflincis marked 15mins. Nothing to see here,went up for nothing,should have followed river Resua
Povici di Resiutta marked 40mins

4pm back down to 370m Povici di sotto

4:10pm while getting water supply at a fountain, loud music on,people friendly invited by Giovanni for a glass of beer…

Everybody seems to be enjoying the fresh torrente Resia.

5pm after a refreshing bath and laundry, following SP42road to catch up via alpina trail.

Went up 790m before going down again.Trail is wide

830m and going down…

7:15pm 740m Unoccupied house,flat ground and cutted grass, no “proprieta privata” sign…good enough

Distance : 44,9km (GPS device added at least 5-6km for unknown reason)
Walking : 8h50
Resting : 4h15
Altitude : 740m
Weather : sunny
Date : Thursday 15th August 2013

Pitched 200m away from the 2 houses (better view and off property)


Sunrise on Monte Sernio

View at Forcella Nuvierlunis – Flat land right ahead

Looking back on monte Sernio


Near Moggessa di La hamlet


Not much left in Moggessa di Qua hamlet


Moggio Udinese in sight


Forcella Nuviernulis local map area – Think it is possible to take easier trail #418 & #444 to avoid Forcella Nuviernulis.Via Alpina goes the hard way 🙂


Moggessa area – trail #419 via alpina

Moggio Udinese via alpina map


Resiutta area local map via alpina

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