Day 65 : Malga Oltreviso – Bivacco Casera del Mestri 14th August 2013

The night rain finally stopped this morning, on the way to catched up via alpina yellow trail 7:20am.

7:45am 1030m passing nearby Malga Oltreviso

8:15am 920m crossing rio blanc, back on the via alpina yellow trail coming from Illegio & Tolmezzo.Rifugio Monte Sernio marked 2h30 on trail #455

9:35am 1110m Ricovero Forestale.Opened but not habitable

10am 1250m Trail intersection.Trail #416 is the one the approximative GPX file downloaded in August 2013 on via alpina website is showing.Trail markers on site are taking different trail #455

10:30am 1419m Rifugio Monte Sernio.Super cool refuge with water.Fire & cooking place,dry wood ready to burn,axe + saw,cooking gears,tables and benches on the low floor.4 army beds on the 1st floor.

12am leaving rifugio monte sernio after lunch and tent drying.This refuge is just what all mountain refuge should be.

12:50am 1790m highest point

1:15pm 1512m Bivacco Casera del mestri opened.Nice inside,fire & cooking place,7 beds.

Distance : 12,9km (+7,7km to rifugio Grauzaria)
Walking : 3h45 (+1h30)
Resting : 2h25
Altitude : 1512m
Date : Wednesday 14th August 2013
Weather : cloudy with few showers

No water at Bivacco Casera del mestri, went down to rifugio Grauzaria to get some (1h30 return trip)

Refuge keepers are at rifugio Grauzaria can make food,forget my purse so just brought back water. It is not necessary to go down rifugio Grauzaria (1250m) unless you need the food/water. Bivacco casera del mestri is on the via alpina and better located at the foot of Monte Sernio.

Best free accomodation since Monaco at Bivacco Casera del Mestri.

Lorenzo told me 2 days ago that the area now was wild…totally agree…told the rifugio Grauzaria keeper that he was the first man seen today… Bivacco Casera del mestri is a great place to stay overnight…will be back there for a quiet & relaxing vacation sometime…


On the way to rifugio monte Sernio


Moving cloud on the way to rifugio monte sernio


Abandoned Ricoverro Forestale – trail #455 on the way to rifugio monte sernio

Unguarded – Rifugio monte sernio

Inside rifugio monte sernio – nice and clean


View down valley from nearby highest point 1790m


Bivacco Casera del mestri

Goats at rifugio Grauzaria


Rifugio monte sernio area 1:25000 map

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