Day 64 : Ovaro – Malga Oltreviso 13th August 2013

Leaving Ovaro campeggio Spin 5:50am.On the way up the road to Arvenis, final destination today unknown…

6am out of Lenzone, club alpino italiano markers indicates :
Fielis 5h45.Monte Arvenis 3h15.Malga Dauda 4h40.All on trail #157

6:30am just spotted a Fox in the woods

7:35am 1380m A roof with no walls by the road.

8:15am 1560m Malga Arvenis.Captive deers here.View of passo della Forchia.From the malga the via alpina goes up steeply East,not obvious,not marked trail #157 here.

9am 1800m High point in between Monte Arvenis and Monte Tamai.Going down, Casera Dauda marked 1h30.Arta Terme marked 3h30

9:30am 1620m Malga Agereit di sopra

9:40am 1550m passing over Malga Meliet

10:20am 1380m Malga Dauda. Sylvano 54 making cheese for 8years now

videotaped him in the process of making lopo cheese..very small production at Malga Dauda

Got more than half kilo of this precious alpine delicacy for 5euros

12am 820am Fielis

Leaving Via Alpina yellow trail to go down and check out Arta Terme.

1:20pm 450m Arta Terme.Impossible to try thermal water..must book in advance.20mins bath cost 15euros at Arta terme .
There is a camping place (campo sportivo) just before the thermal center

4:15pm 400m Cadunea.Going off the via alpina to Arta Terme is not a good option (had to walk alongside busy road for a while)

6:20pm 900m After passing many locked and unoccupied hunters huts, stopped by one.Still off the via alpina here.Bypassed Tolmezzo and San Pietro in Carnia today

Distance : 31,9km
Walking : 8h
Resting : 4h30
Altitude : 900m
Weather : sunny
Date : Tuesday 13th August 2013

Transition day on the via alpina, just entered wild Friuli Carnia area now


hut/shelter on the way to Malga Arvenis


Captive deer at malga Arvenis


in between Monte Arvenis & Monte Tamai view on Passo della Forchia


Monte Arvenis


View near malga Meliet


Meet Sylvano 54 at Malga Dauda


Sylvano’s cheese

Old man hanging out in Fielis


Arta terme


Jungle ? No Friulu Carnia off the via alpina – moving up towards Monte Sernio


Ovaro – Malga Arvenis 1:25000 map


Monte Arvenis – Malga Dauda 1:25000 map


Fielis – Arta Terme – Cedarchis 1:25000 map


Imponzo 1:25000 map


Malga Oltrevisio 1:25000 map

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