Day 63 : Passo della Forchia – Ovaro 12th August 2013

On the way down to Mione and Ovaro 6:40am on a steep road

8am 750m Mione.Not easy to get down to Ovaro from Mione.Followed Via Mione and went around a lot on a road.At Torrente Miozza went down trail left.

9am 580m Pieve Santa Maria di Gorto.

9:30am 520m in between Cella & Ovaro, low point crossing torrente Degano on small bridge

10am Ovaro.Called Giovanni

Giovanni took me to his house by car to nearby Colza (about 10km from Ovaro)

His son Laurenzo 39 introduces me the parrots and helped to make the communication easier.

They are good at successfully breeding some amazonian parrots.Had about 6 new borned parrots.

Had the chance to have the hot shower at disposal and laundry has been nicely done. Cherry on top of the cake, invited for lunch to eat some locally smoked (Sauris di sotto) Udinese AOC/DOC San Daniele delicious ham,fresh vegetables from the garden and local mozarella…

Been told a lot about local culture here in the Friuli – Carnia area

Here below facts that been told by locals living in Colza town

Sauris town also known as Zahre (austrian name)

Udinese ham is smoked in Sauris

Friulano local dialect similar St Moritz, Switzerland dialect

Laurenzo can unterstand St Moritz dialect

Slovenian – Italiano – Friulano – German are the languages spoken here

Prosecco : local white sparklint wine (tried it in Ovaro, taste like Champagne, expensive 2,5euros for a glass in Ovaro bar)

Tokaj : white local wine drank during meal or aperitivo
now called Friulano because European Union banned the use of “Tokaj” name because it is also a wine in Hungary.

Montasio : local cheese made here

Friuli – Carnia : north west part

There has been a huge fire in the region since more than 3 weeks : 55ha of burned forest.Biggest fire in Italy since ages

Giovanni, Lorenzo and Giovanni’s wife (cannot write her name correctly..Estianna)
had been wonderful guest and also told me that the bear (Orso) in the area was not a problem

Slovenian bears moves around and sometimes kill a sheep or 2 to eat the sheep guts but Friuli – Carnia inhabitants can live with that…In other touristic region, bear is not welcome

Giovanni and son Laurenzo are both regional skiing champions.Super G specialists.
They train and practice winter in Ovaro, Zoncolan skiing area or Varmost Forni di Sopra skiing area.

From Ovaro to Zoncolan it is supposably the steepest cycling road in europe (23%).One of the cycling Giro tour favorite places. For next year Giro are planned to go up to Passo della Forchia according to locals information/wish… and believe me it is a real wall..cannot believe “normal” cyclist will go up that wall on Giro 2014 (the road has been newly asphalted and could not understand why this morning…now I know)

Next year National skiing Super G competition will be held in Forni di Sopra.

7:30pm Camping Spin.7euros after a quick price negociation (normal price should be 11euros)

Took a good look at local 1:25000 maps at Giovanni’s house and saw that lots of asphalted road will need to be walked on the via alpina yellow trail to reach Tolmezzo. Will skip Tolmezzo and avoid unnecessary asphalt walking and also distance by cutting through around Fielis – Zuglio – Cedarchis – Imponzo – Monte Oltreviso – Rifugio Sernio

Distance : about 10clicks
Walking : About 3h10 …
Resting : a lot
Weather : sunny
Date : monday 12th August 2013
Altitude: 590m

Giovanni drived me back to Ovaro before 3pm but by the time the homework got done (updating this blog).7pm was already there

Did not walk much (shortest distance walked since Monaco) but learned a lot about alpine culture here in the Friuli – Carnia area


Sunrise Passo della Forchia


Pieve di Gorto


Ovaro town from Pieve di Gorto


Giovanni & Lorenzo new born Afrikans parrot


San Daniele AOC/DOC Udinese smoked ham


Lorenzo, Giovanni and wife Friuli – Carnia – Colza town

Sunset on Ovaro church

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