Day 62 : Val di Laur – Passo della Forchia 11th August 2013

On the way up trail #209 to nearby Val di Laur meadow 7:20am

7:30am 1598m Casera Aip.Also opened refuge.Fireplace inside,table & bench.Cleaner and nicer than the Val di Laur one.

8:05am 1720m Casera Tragonia meadow.Nice location and view.

8:40am 1950m Risumiela.

9:10am 1729m Trail intersection.Sauris marked 2h30 and Casera Mediana marked 15mins on trail #209.Casera Razzo marked 1h on trail #210.

Local farmer in car, stopped by and started to tell that his cows coming from France.Friendly man but difficult to communicate…

Offered me to take a coffee at his Casera Mediana shack.Cannot say no to such invitation…

Giovanni 73 years old hunter had 160 “Limousine” cows and his famously known in the area for having an unsual wild visitor here at Casera Mediana meadow.

Giovanni is feeding a female fox (volpe) named Peggy that only come to his shelter.

Giovanni lives in Colza, a town 4-5km off Ovaro (via alpina) and invited me to stay at his house.

Gelindo 79 years old joined in,walking up his way with the hunting gun. Both friendly men wanted me to stay for lunch but left with Giovanni phone number and will try to meet tomorrow in Ovaro.

Both friends use to live and work in St Gallen area, Switzerland.

Gelindo lost his wife in an accident involving a car and 2 motorbikes.

11am bumped into local man displaying and explaining to passing tourists about a piece of WW1 weapon he found in the area.

Bypassed Casera Razzo (where all the sunday walkers seems to come from).

Following up road SP33 to catch up the trail #206 on Giovanni’s drawed map.

Approximative GPX file download in June 2013 on the via alpina website also taking this shortcut (bypassing Casera Razzo)

11:30am 1800m Sella di Rioda.Local man picking up Arnica flower.Explained to me that he put the freshly picked up arnica flower with alcohol for 15-20days (away from the sun/light) and get his own arnica cream and use for sore muscles as i do.

12am 1950m trail intersections.Via alpina stays on one flank on trail #206.There is also a possibility on the other flank on trail #205.

Val Pesarina,val Tagliamento,parco delle dolomiti Friulane absolutely fantastic trail #205 & #206.
Light forests,meadows and Dolomites peaks

12:30am 1790m Casera Rioda

1:05pm 1830m.Over Sauris di Sopra town. Catched up via alpina & trail #206.Monte Pieltinis marked 1h.

1:20pm 1870m.Via alpina yellow trail stays up.Great view down (-500-600m) on Sauris di Sotto and Lago di Sauris from here

2:40pm 2020m Via delle Malghe Carniche – Karnisher Almweg.One of the best panorama on the all via alpina so far.Just here,breathtakingly beautiful…

3:30pm 1739m Casera Pieltinis.Grabbed 500g of local cheese + bread for 5,5euros

5:10pm 1765m Casera Losa.Rifugio still not opened.Looked finished from the outside.

5:50pm 1750m Casera Forge.

6:05pm 1830m Highest point Passo della Forchia before going down to Mione and Ovaro. View on Villa Santina

Distance : 30,2km
Walking : 7h25
Resting : 3h20
Altitude : 1830m
Weather : sunny
Date : Sunday 11th August 2013

8pm 2 sheeperd came to bring back the sheep near the casera for the night

Super scenic panorama today on the via alpina,one day to enter top 10 favorite since Monaco


Opened Casera Aip – Great bivouac place Val di Laur – Forni di Sopra area


Val di Laur near Casera Tragonia


Going down casera Mediana


Meet Giovanni 73 & Gelando 79 – Casera Mediana


Meet fox “Peggy” that Giovanni feed at Casera Mediana


Casera Mediana fox “Peggy” – winter 2012


WW1 leftover


Beautiful Val Paserina


Sauris di Sotto – Lago di sauris


Panorama Passo della Forchia


Sunset Passo della Forchia

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