Day 60 : San Vito di Cadore – Rifugio Padova 9th August 2013

Walking on the San Vito ski slope to catch up via alpina yellow trail 6:20am

7:05am 1580m Rifugio Scotter Palatini.A 2 seaters skiers lift brings up the tourists there.Rifugio San Marco marked 30mins

7:35am 1823m Rifugio San Marco

8:05am MT 1877m intersection.Possible to bypass Rifugio San Marco by trail #229

8:45am Forcella Piccola 2120m.Passed today highest point before the upcoming rain.Black clouds around

9am just after passing rifugio P Galassi.5mins of heavy rain

9:50am second episode of light rain (20mins)

10am 1400m Cascata de pille (5mins off the via alpina)

10:20am 1386m Rifugio Capanna Degli Alpini

From Capanna Degli Alpini the via alpina yellow trail follows down smoothly a wide path made of small stones.Now Val d’oten area

11:25am 1044m Praciadelan.There is a restaurant named alla pineta opened all year round here (not mentionned on the via alpina roadbook downloaded June 2013)

11:50am 900m following down road since praciadelan.2 big roof (no walls) with BBQ fireplace.Water stream just nearby (a trail is going on the other side,should be there)

Escaped a third episode of light rain during lunch break under the big roof.Sunshine is back now

At a road intersection. Left is Rizzios (via alpina).Right is Calalzo di Cadore.Going off via alpina to get supplies in what seems to be the biggest town.

possible variante in between rifugio Galassi and Alla Pineta restaurant (see map ending of post below)

3:30pm leaving Calalzo di Cadore.Thunderstorm & lightnings back.rain 4th episode.Found roof by the closed church La Molina

4pm Thunderstorm is gone, on the way to rifugio Padova

4:25pm 730m low point.Crossing on bridge Lago di centro cadore

5:35pm 1075m following small road up now.50m off left is rifugio Cercena.

Pieve di Cadore water stream still on the right inside

5:50pm 1101m Rifugio Padova marked in 2 directions.Keep following small road or trail…

6:35pm 1280m Rifugio Padova.
12euros for a warm bed wouhou…electricity probably and hot shower on…
3euros for a hot shower but still good value for someone who did not had one since 1,2,3…8days… 🙂

Nice, clean and comfortable rifugio Padova, wifi available

Distance : 35,4km
Walking : 8h20
Resting : 3h55
Date : friday 9th August 2013
Altitude : 1280m
Weather : cloudy & rainy in the morning,sunshine,rain again,sunshine again

Transition day today on the via alpina yellow trail but still a good day.Just end up where wanted (last rifugio before the last of the 40 places over 2000m since Oberstdorf to take on nice, easy and early tomorrow)

panorama from last night bivouac

mini scorpion in san vito di cadore vincinity ski slope


on the way to rifugio San Marco

cute old style rifugio San Marco


San vito di cadore view on the way to Forcella Piccola


on the way to Forcella Piccola


view at Forcella Piccola


Going down Val d’oten


via alpina stage map


Cascata de Pille


Wooden piece of art

local map with possible via alpina variante by the “lake” and joining at Alla Pineta to spice up this stage


House in calalzo di cadore


Calalzo di cadore – Val d’otent


Chapel La Molina – Calalzo di cadore



Lago di centro cadore


One of the many piece of woodcraft at rifugio Padova

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