Day 59 : Rifugio Fedare – San Vito di Cadore 8th August 2013

6:30am leaving bivouac place on the way down to rifugio Fedare

6:40am 2000m rifugio Fedare.Going up on SP638 road for about 2km to reach Passo Giau

To avoid going down to rifugio Fedare there is a trail #452 that goes to rifugio Averau and stays up.

7:35am 2236m Passo Giau/Colle S. Lucia.Chapel is open here.

8am 2239m Forcella Col Piombin 2239m.Following trail #436

8:30am 2360m Forcella Giau.Going gorgeous Mondeval sito archeoligico area.

9:30am 2277m Forcella Ambrizola.View on Cortina d’ampezzo. Trail #434 goes down Cortina.Up right trail #436 to stay on via alpina

10am 2148m Malga Prendera.Rifugio Citta di Fume marked on trail #467 now.Possible to take shortcut directly to San Vito di cadore here

10:25am 1999m Forcella Roan.Another possibilty to bypass rifugio citta di Fiume and go directly to San Vito di cadore here

10:50am 1917m Rifugio Citta di Fiume.Touristic here but great view on a massive and impressive piece of rocky mountain

Forcella Forada marked trail #480

11:20am 1977m Forcella Forada

12:05am 1376m Intra les aghes.San Vito di cadore marked on trail #470

After long laundry/coffee break & a quick nap, reached Tiera 1236m 1:40pm

Just before Serdes, there is a big roof (no walls) with table & bench + BBQ fireplace

2:10pm Serdes 1000m

2:25pm 948m low point Ponte de Serdes,crossing torrente Boite on bridge towards San Vito di cadore

5:15pm leaving San vito di cadore & going up in search of a place to stay

5:40pm 1270m Still on the road up, first opened hut/shelter but quite dirty inside & too visible from the road..let see what is next…

5:45pm Capitello di Tambres marked off the via alpina.The trail upper looks very steep from upcoming rifugio scotter

6:15pm Ending up pitching on a flat area in the forest nearby one of San Vito ski slopes

Distance : 30,2km
Walking : 7h05
Resting : 4h45
Altitude : 1380m
Weather : sunny
Date : thursday 8th august 2013


Sunrise rifugio Fedare area



Local map Passo Giau – Forcella Ambrizola – col piombin – forcella giau – mondeval area



Local map rifugio Citta di Fiume

Panorama at Passo giau


In between Col Piombin and Forcella Giau


View at Forcella Giau


Gorgeous Mondeval area

Awesome Mondeval

Malga prendera meadow


View at rifigio citta di Fiume


Via alpina stage map


Forcella forada

Torrente Boite – Serdes – San vito di cadore


Chalets in San Vito di Cadore


leaving San vito di cadore

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