Day 58 : Passo Pordoi – Rifugio Fedare 7th August 2013

Following trail #680 6:50am.

Went off the via alpina, ending up at 2440m 8:20am Rifugio Luigi Gorza.Nice view on the Marmolada glacier and lago di Fedeia.

Going down on soft ski slopes, following trail #699 passo padon direction.

2230m saw Via alpina marker

9am 2210m Passo Padon straight.Via alpina goes down left according to approximative GPX file.

Via alpina roadbook description downloaded in June 2013 for this area is not matching the approximative GPX file…

Went down through forest after ski slopes.

10:50m 1490m Hamlet called Roncat.Just realised now that be on the wrong side in this Fodom valley. Pieve di Livinallongo is on the other side…

11:20am 1250m crossing torrente cordevole at Molinat di Foppa.There is a Via alpina marker might be on the right trail finally? via alpina roadbook as approximative as the GPX file today…this low point not mentionned…

Pieve is marked up right trail #634.Left is marked variante Ornela

12am 1550m Pieve di Livinallongo

Did not see in the roadbook if via alpina was passing nearby or not the 14-18 WW1 galleria (up Ornella).

Same for leaving Pieve to Castillo.No or few informations or markers.GPX file really approximative, roadbook also,on site too.Following small road up main road SS48 (col di lana direction)

Left pieve around 2pm

2:45pm 1690m Pala.Via alpina marker here.Col di Lana goes up left.Ceriol Ladin (sentiero storico) goes straight as via alpina yellow trail.

2:55pm 1750m Daghe Agai (last hamlet)
A trail is going up left (no markers)

Think this is right way…finally one marker pointing castello

1780m leaving col di lana direction.Castello di Andraz marked going in the woods.

Did not expected it but went up til 1910m.4pm trail intersection.Castello marked down.Col di Lana up

4:30pm 1750m Castello di Andraz.Castle ruin is the hamlet main attraction

Crossing SS48 road and going up trail Forcella Nuvolau

6:45pm 2150m meadow somewhere near rifugio Fedare, last 2 huts.The biggest is closed.The small one have a dirt bike next to it.Looks like the sheeperd with the sheep now.will eat and wait if he or they come back later on.

7:30pm sheep and 2 shepperd are back to the tiny hut.Ciao exchanged and that is it.Really feel too tired to engage any conversation that will just make me more tired…
Left and find a place to pitch on the other side near rifugio Fedare.Beautiful here

It is possible to reach rifugio Averau (better option than going down to road side rifugio Fedare, staying up and not much more km (probably easier)

Distance : 32,1km
Walking : 8h
Resting : 3h
Altitude : 2150m
Date : wednesday 7th August 2013
Weather : mostly sunny

Sunrise Passo Pordoi

Last night “baracca chronometri arrivo” passo pordoi accomodation



Arabba town nearby ski area


Marmolada & lago Fedaia view from rifugio Luigi Gorza


Pieve di livinallongo view from roncat hamlet


Via alpina map for the stage in Pieve


Pieve on the way to Col di Lana


Daghe Agai hamlet

Cool shack in the forest on the way to Castello di andraz


Castello di andraz


Panorama before going down to rifugio Fedare

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