Day 57 : Val di Fassa – Passo Pordoi 6th August 2013

Moving up from the Campiac ski area,Val di Fassa little hut 6am.

6:35am 2509m Forcia Neigra.Passo San Nicolo marked 1h.Rifugio Contrin marked 1h40 on trail #613

7:25am 2340m Rifugio Passo San Nicolo.No one seems to have stayed there last night.Difficult to communicate with refuge keeper.24 beds available and a 2,6euros piece of chocolate later..out and carrying one the beautiful scenic area walk, Rifugio Contrin marked 45mins

Around 8:30am 2040m stopped at Contrin alm to buy cheese and more…

Few teenagers are working at Contrin alm.Videotaped 2 young teenager taking out the cows in the Contrin meadow

Konrado 73 years old, initially from South Tyrol, making cheese at Contrin alm since 30years. During 2hours, videotaped Konrado in the full process of  making the cheese at Contrin alm.

9am the 300Liters of milk will rest for a while. Coffee time for Konrado. One of the teenager made coffee for the Contrin alm cheese master…

Konrado told me that in June he gets 400L of milk out of his 30 cows. In september only 100L.

One of the teenager 15years old, here to learn to take care of the cow first. He is already on his 5th year being in the alpage/alm/meadow. In september will go back to farm school.

100L of milk makes 12kgs of cheese.
This morning,Konrado made 5 cheeses

10:20am leaving Contrin alm with an important part of alpine culture videotaped here at Contrin alm.

10:40am Rifugio Contrin.120 beds here.45euros for halfboard.20euros dorm bed only.

12am Leaving rifugio Contrin

1:15pm 1550m Penia

From Penia possible to get directly to rifugio Viel del Pan and skip Lago di Fedeia.

On the way up to rifugio castiglioni,lots of bivouac places in the forest with BBQ fireplace.

2:30pm 1820m after Albergo viletta maria.Opened chapel.

3:05pm 2080m Lago di Fedeia. Great view on the lake and glacier Marmolada.

5pm 2432m Rifugio Viel del Pan.Great location.View on Fedaia lake and Marmolada glacier

5:20pm 2400m near rifugio Fredaroia.From here can see Rifugio San Nicolo and last night hut place.Looking so close but already walked 26km on yet another brilliant day on the via alpina

On the way down to Passo Pordoi, few small huts and a chapel are in sight.

5:50pm 2240m Passo Pordoi

7:20pm leaving Passo Pordoi.entering provincia di Belluno

7:45pm left bag at the 3rd locked hut and went up to check the 4th one…key is on…it is open…warm..wide windows…some nets (nice coach) & chairs inside.enough room to stay

8pm 2200m in the “baracca chronometri arrivo” that will be tonight shelter.home sweet home

Distance : 31km
Walking : 7h30
Resting : 6h30
Altitude : 2200m
Date : tuesday 6th August 2013
Weather : hot & sunny

Last night hut – Campiac val di Fassa


Sunrise – Forcia Neigra


View at Forcia Neigra


Passo San Nicolo right ahead



Panorama Val San nicolo area


Val Contrin – going down Contrin alm

Contrin alm/alpage/meadow

Meet Konrado 73, Contrin alm

Konrado 73 at work, making cheese at Contrin alm


View at Contrin alm

Konrado, Contrin alm cheese

Going down Penia


House in Penia


On the way up to Lago Fedaia


Lago di Fedaia


Marmolada glacier


Lago Fedaia & Marmolada


Panorama on Marmolada glacier on the way to rifugio Viel del Pan


Panorama at rifugio Fredarola



Another awesome via alpina panorama

Arabba valley down there



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