Day 55 : Val di Tires – Alpe di Tires 4th August 2013

On the way up Val di Tires 7:10am

8:30am 1020m Tires/Tiers town.Catched up the via alpina yellow trail.

Nice view on the Dolomites Rosengarten/Catinaccio

From Tires on trail #4, Tschafon hutte marked 2h20

9:40am 1230m nice chapel with table,great bivouac place.

10:50am 1670m Tschafon hutte.

From Tschafon hutte there are 2 possible ways.Stay low and follow trail #4 & #7 (via alpina) or take trail #9 (hammerwand direction) which goes on a ridge according to local map grabbed at Tschafon hutte.

12:20am 2000m Hammerwand peak 2128m marked 10mins on the left.

12:30am 2070m trail #9.Great view, can see Bolzano behind

12:35am 2080m Great view on the Dolomites

1:40pm 1950m trails intersection. Sesselschwaige (via alpina) near on the left.Rifugio Bolzano marked 1h20 on trail #2.

2:30pm 2240m.100m off trail #2 and just below Rifugio Bolzano, there is a nice little opened St Cassian 17th century chapel with an awesome Dolomites view.

3pm 2450m Rifugio Bolzano.Tierser Alp marked 1h50 on trail #4.
Awesome view and panorama on the Dolomites Rosengarten/Catinaccio from Schlernhaus/rifugio Bolzano. Dolomites : Unesco world heritage.

4:40pm 2550m trails intersection.Right, via alpina Tierser Alp marked 50mins on trail #4.Left and up Maximilian Steig (via ferrata)

5pm Tierser Alp rifugio on sight. Awesome view here, feel so close to the Dolomites now…Impressive, Magnetic…

5:30pm 2440m Rifugio Alpe di Tires

6pm 2490m Rosanzhscharte/Denti di Terrarossa. Breathtaking view around here.Great day today on the via alpina.One of my Top 5 favorite since Monaco. Lots of great photos to be done, took a lot of them.

Distance : 26,4km
Walking : 7h10
Resting : 3h45
Weather : sunny
Date : sunday 4th August 2013
Altitude : 2440m

Been allowed to pitch nearby the rifugio Alpe di Tires helicopter is full house at rifugio Alpe di Tires tonight.

10:40pm while deeply asleep, violent & sudden thunderstorm starts. Left the tent and went to nearby Rifugio alpe di Tires to wait for it to go away…

11:30pm thunderstorm & lightnings gone, back to sleep


Chapel just after Tires


Lamas at Tschafon hutte


Awesome wooden piece of art at Tschafon hutte


Trail #9 hammerwand direction


View on trail #9


Trail #9


Trail #9 on the way to rifugio Bolzano

Panorama at St Cassian chapel near rifugio Bolzano


View at rifugio Bolzano


View from Schlernhaus/rifugio Bolzano

Going up rifugio Bolzano


Local map – trail #9 from Tschafon hutte a really great option – via alpina goes lower


On the way to rifugio Alpe di Tires


View at Rosanzhscharte


View from Alpe di Tires

Sunset Alpe di Tires

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