Day 54 : Moltner meadow – Val di Tires 3rd August 2013

6:35am leaving south tyrol, Molten meadow by the sounds of cow bells. Going down to Bolzano.

9:05am 1150m Jenesien San Genesio.Bolzano in sight and marked 1h30.

Tiny market (2 stalls) in front of Jenesien church.Grabbed some local cheese.

Going down to Bolzano on trail #1 (all on steep small road),also possible on trail #2

Apples & vineyards on the Bolzano hills

10:35am 360m Touched down one of Bolzano 2 main water stream : Talvera.

An old lady started talking to me in German.Told me the sun was very hot in Bolzano.

Saturday is market day in Bolzano town.Have not seen that much people since a while…

By the station, on the way out of Bolzano, bumped into a good old “taxiphone” shop where you are allowed to really do what you need/want with a computer.

Downloaded roadbooks and GPX files allright for the rest of the via alpina journey (been looking to do that since Oberstdorf)

Leaving Bolzano 5pm,following the other water stream called : Eisack/Isarco. There is a walking/cycling road alongside the Isarco.

The Bolzano camping platz is located way off town and not in the via alpina direction.

After 8-10km on a cycling road in between Isarco, a highway and a busy/noisy road…7pm reached town named Blumau…last customer before the grocery store closes

Following up small road named alte Tieser strasse.

From there it starts going up to Tiers/Tires to catched up Via alpina (val di Tires)

8pm 450m Finally find an acceptable camp site off the road…10m up in the forest, steep place but no choice in this canyon/gorge like.

Distance : 35,6km
Walking : 7h20
Resting : 6h
Weather : very hot & sunny
Altitude : 450m
Date : saturday 3rd August 2013


Sunrise at Moltner meadow



Langfenn church & barn


Langfenn church


Jenesien San Genesio view on the way down to Bolzano


Jesus escaped ???


Bolzano town

Painting outside Bolzano parrochia


Bolzano walther platz


Paintings on some Bolzano houses


Alongside Isarco


Going up Val di Tires


Bolzano town map


Merano – Molten – Bolzano – Val di Tires overall map

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