Day 53 : Merano – Moltner meadow 2nd August 2013

8:15am leaving Merano campingplatz

Merano 2000 cable car station is 5km from the campingplatz.
9:40am starting going up on trail #55 (30m down the cable car entrance on the right,not clearly marked but it is there)

Trail #55 is called Katzenleiter. Most of trail #55 & #50 in the woods.

11am 1350m.Falzeben marked on trail #50.

11:20am 1520m.Falzeben marked 20mins on trail #14

11:40am 1575m Falzeben.Meraner hutte marked 1h40 on trail #14

Possible way to go down from Meraner hutte to Meran by trail #18 seems to be a great option…probably ending in Schenna.

Going up by trail #55,#50 and #14 or #3 from Schenna also a possible way up or down to avoid the Meran cable car.

Plenty of Hutte around.Meraner hutte not the only possibility around.All yellow houses on the maps below offers accomodation.

Merano 2000 cable car station – Falzeben local trail maps

Falzeben – Meraner hutte local trails and accomodations map

1:50pm 1960m Meraner hutte.Catched up with E5 and via alpina.

On the way up Kreuzjochl, nice view on the Dolomites

3pm Kreuzjoch high point 2020m

4pm 1725m Moltner Kaser.

5pm leaving quiet Moltner Kaser.Schermoos & Langfenn marked on trail #4 in the woods.

5:40pm somewhere in the meadow,out of the trail.Just find the perfect place to pitch tonight.View on the Dolomites Catinaccio/Rosengarten…

Few locked small huts/warehouses in the meadow.One of them has an opened side…will pitch inside waiting for sunset over the Dolomites

Distance : 28,1km
Walking : 6h45
Resting : 2h50
Weather : hot and sunny, nice cool wind over 1800m
Date : friday 2nd August 2013
Altitude : 1700m

Religious item by the road nearby Meraner 2000 cable car station


On the way to Meraner hutte


Cute horses near Meraner hutte


Panorama near Meraner Hutte


Meadow near Kreuzjoch 2000m


Panaroma near Kreuzjoch meadow


Dolomites in the background


Highland cows at Moltner kaser alm


Moltner meadow bivouac place


Sunset on the Dolomites from Moltner meadow


Extra roof for the night at Moltner meadow

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