Day 52 : Hausgang Haus – Merano 1st August 2013

Beautiful sunrise over the Dolomites Catinaccio/Rosengarten this morning.

Going off the via alpina to check out few lakes.Taking direction up trail #7 towards Hochgangscharte at 6:15am

7:30am 2420m Milchseen.Rothl marked 50mins on trail #5

8:20am 2600m Rotelspitze great panorama on the Dolomites and Merano valley

Went back and cut short to catch up trail #22

9:30am 2131m Oberkaser alm.Trail #6 Bocker hutte marked 50mins. Trail #22 & #25 to Hochmut marked 2h.

No more phone, the electronics is failing.Cannot take more pictures.Need to go down to city now.

Going down trail #22, nice panorama then down steeply on trail #23.Tyrol Kreuzer direction.

Like yesterday,very busy trails around here,came across like 50pax since Oberkaser alm.Thanks to the telecabin that brings the tourists up here…

11:45am 1230m Gasthof Talbauer.Got a working AC charger for the phone from the nice & friendly waitress. Had lunch and can miraculously post this update…

2pm leaving Gasthaus Talbauer

2:40pm going down steeply in woods on trail #23b.Apfelweg (apple way) down to Dorf Tirol town. Apples small now but taste allright…

Vineyards, lots of them on the hill down to Meran (starting below 700m) … Need to try local Meran wine

3:45pm 420m Merano

5:20pm pitched in one of the 2 Merano camping platz. 14,5euros expensive (swimming pool)
Can leave some stuff and go enjoy the Merano thermal baths.

One of the cheapest indoor accomodation could be Merano youth hostel that offers B&B for 25euros (was full)

Distance : 22,5km
Walking : 6h20
Resting : 4h10
Weather : very hot & sunny
Altitude : 400m
Date : thursday 1st August 2013

Asked Merano tourist office about how long it takes to reach Meraner Hutte…The girl told me about the cabin lift straight away..told her that was walking every bit.

Gave me a free map, after reflexion and consulting her colleague.. 8hours for the +1500m from the cabin lift to Meraner hutte…

Betting on 4hours max (1hour for +500m + extra time for coffee 🙂 )…will see tommorrow…no way for taking any kind of unwalked shortcut to make it easier…will just do a shorter hurry

Meran thermal bathing cost 12,5euros for 2hours.Radon supposed to be good to calm and relax muscles.


Sunrise on the Dolomites Catinaccio/Rosengarten from Hausgang Haus




Panorama at Milchseen


Panorama at Rotelspitze 2600m


View on the Naturns valley from 2600m

Another panorama at high point 2600m


Last picture before running out of batteries


Going down to Merano from Gasthaus Talbauer


Working in the Dorf Tyrol vineyard


Tourist going up from Merano to Tyrol town




Merano Cathedral St Nicholas

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