Day 49 : Braunschweiger Hutte – Vent 29th July 2013

6:05am leaving Braunschweiger hutte.
Reached Pitztaler Joch 6:40am 2990m.

Rettenbachtal-Solden marked 4h.

Going down 10mins on the soft snow to get to ski area.

7:10am 2690m the warm chapel is open.

8am 2160m Rettenbach-Alm.Gaislach alm marked 1h15.
Going down on a very wide path and through ski slopes.

9:05am 2040m Alpen Gasthof Gaislachalm.

10:15am 1545m Zwieselstein

11:15am leaving Zwieselstein, light rain starts

11:40am realize E5 and Via Alpina goes by different ways. Vent is in the other direction. Should not have went down from Gaislach alm.

Gaislach alm is where E5 and Via Alpina separates/connects…

12:30am back to Zwieselsten, rain starts pouring heavier now.will wait and see if it clears up later on

1:20pm leaving Zwieselstein for the 2nd time today

Around 3pm, sky starts to clear up.

5pm 1900m Vent after walking side trail and road for about 10km in the Otztaler ache valley.Missed Petznersee

Distance covered : 35,3km
Walking time : 8h
Resting time : 3h
Altitude : 1900m
Date : monday 29th july 2013
Weather : cloudy & windy in the morning, few showers in the afternoon

Similaun hutte marked 4h30 from Vent.Martin Busche Hutte marked 2h30

5:50pm Haus Eberhard.21euros for a bed in a 4 beds dorm, with clean sheets,towel,wifi,hot shower : 1euros for 3mins30s.

Vent seems to be the base camp for many climbing/hiking activity in the Otzaler alps.

Looking down on Braunschweiger hutte on the way up to Pitzaler Joch


Panorama at Pitzaler Joch


Going down to Rettenbach alm


View of Solden valley


View of the valley from Gaislach alm towards Vent (Otztaler ache)


Otzaler ache on the way to Vent


Panorama otzaler ache

Religious item in Vent

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