Day 46 : Memminger Hutte – Galflun Hutte 26th July 2013

6:25am leaving Memminger hutte

7:15am 2594m Seescharte

8:40am 1556m Unterlochalpe meadow (food seems available here). Cows & horses…beautiful. Videotaped the horses hurdle running after the apple hanging out the backpack.

Haflinger horses : local Tyrol blond horses used before for wood work (pulling cutted trees). Very good in mountain area/steep trails, still used them where the machine cannot go

10:10am 767m Zams,west Tyrol.

12am leaving Zams.Found a great source of local informations at Zams tourist office.

Irmgard (old german name) got a local map and challenging trail to follow and avoid Wenns long valley walk to Mittelberg.

Once again it seems that taking the cable car up to Krahberg is today E5 shortcut.

Krahberg marked 4h30 on trail #1 and #2a

Out of Zams, via alpina yellow trail shares the way with via claudia augusta and jakobsweg also.

Going up steeply through forest & ski slopes.

2pm 1800m Skihutte Zammer Alm.Krahberg marked 1h30

3:25pm 2212m Venetbahn cabin lift.Krahberg.

Possible to stay low and avoid going up Glanderspitze & Wannejochl to reach Galflunalm hutte.

4:25pm 2512m Glanderspitze.Kreuzjoch marked 45mins.Galflunalm marked 1h15

4:40pm 2540m Wannejochl.Nice ridge walk with great view on both valley.

5:25pm 1960m Galflunalm hutte.

Distance covered : 31,6km
Walking time : 8h15
Resting time : 2h45
Date : friday 26th july 2013
Weather : hot & sunny
Altitude : 1960m

Friendly young couple owners at Galflunalm hutte. 18euros for the warm bed, 2euros extra for a hot shower,electricity not available all time.


One of the lake near Memminger hutte


Another lake near Memminger hutte


View at Seescharte towards Zams valley


Down to Zams

Cute Haflinger horses



Town near Zams


Skislope on the way to Krahberg


Zams town from nearby Krahberg


View from Krahberg


Panorama from Krahberg

View down Wenns valley near Galflunalm



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