Day 45 : Kemptner Hutte – Memminger Hutte 25th July 2013

6:10am leaving Kemptner Hutte.

6:30am leaving Germany, entering Austria and going down Holzgau

8am 1100m Holzgau.Beautiful paintings on many houses in this cute Austrian, Tyrol village

9:30am leaving Holzgau

Following E5 trail called fernwanderweg.
Flat walk on bicycle path alongside Leth water stream to Bach.

10:45am nearby Bach.Via alpina goes up following nearby Alperschonbach.

Shortly after a steep start,the small road to follow goes up gently.
There is a possibility to follow a scenic trail (called and marked as Hohenweg) on the other flank of this valley to Madau or stay on the road.

Stupidely followed the map and E5 marked on road.

Taking a taxi ride from Holzgau to Madau seems to be the common things for E5 hikers.Few mini vans loaded with hikers passed me…

12:25am 1300m Madau Berggafthaus.Lunch break.Memminger Hutte marked 3h

2:10pm about 1400m.End of the gentle wide path/road. Turned off an offering to put my backpack in a loading lift up to Memminger hutte. Now it starts to go up steeply.
Memminger hutte marked 2h30 from there.

4pm Memminger Hutte.Great location (horses + lakes)
10euros for the bed and electricity at memminger hutte, also shower (cold water but still great)

Distance covered : 33,7km
Walking time : 7h20
Resting time : 2h30
Altitude : 2242m
Date : thursday 25th july 2013
Weather : hot & sunny


Kemptner Hutte morning


Waterfall on the way down to Holzgau



Simms waterfall


Holzgau church


Holzgau gasthof


One beautiful house in Holzgau


Nearby Holzgau


On the way to memminger hutte


Memminger hutte panorama


Another Memminger hutte panorama


Horses near Memminger hutte

Sunset at Memminger hutte


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