Day 44 : Oberstdorf – Kemptner Hutte 24th July 2013

6am taking off the campingplatz.No one here to take my money…

Danke Oberstdorf, just saved 8-10euros.

Will follow Via alpina yellow trail from now on.

11:30am leaving Oberstdorf.Impossible to find a working computer (checked 6 different places).Going to Kemptner hutte without the GPX files.Have numeric maps from Kemptner hutte to Italian border/Similaun hutte.

Following Tettach river.Christlessee marked 1h30

12:35am 925m Christlessee.Kemptner Hutte marked 3h

1pm Spielmannsau,stopping for lunch.

3:30pm 1844m Kemptner Hutte.Holzgau marked 3h

Nice walk up to the Kemptner hutte.4:30pm the clouds/fog is going but will stay in this massive hutte

Distance covered : 16km
Walking time : 3h15
Resting time : 40mins
Altitude : 1844m
Weather : sunny in the morning, cloudy afternoon then foggy over 1500m

Staying in this huge capacity kemptner hutte (297beds according to waitress Theresa + an extra 60 possible in the restaurant & stable).Tonight it is half full (high season week day)

Most hikers do the E5 trail.Been told that from Oberstdorf big groups are starting the E5 trail on saturdays,sundays and mondays.

3:50pm and 10euros later got a bed assigned and a beer served in the warm hutte….German efficancy at its best.

Got the half price discount with FFRP card

4:20pm heavy rain




On the way to Kemptner Hutte


Panorama near Kemptner Hutte

Panaroma at Kemptner Hutte


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