Day 43 : Korbalpe Kapelle St Jakobus – Oberstdorf 23rd July 2013

On the way up to Widderstein Hutte 6:15am

6:20am 1670m Hochkrumbach.Widderstein hutte marked 1h.Mindelheimer hutte marked 4h30

7:45am 2009m Widderstein hutte.Not much water in the area.Had to buy mineral water.2,5euros for 0,5L.Mindelheimer hutte marked 3h30.Koblat pass marked 1h45

8:55an 1975m Koblatpass.Mindelheimer hutte marked 2h.

Nice and flat walk over 1900m until Koblatpass.From there it can stay up and go to Ruppensee hutte and avoid going down to Oberstdorf.

9:20am 2123m intersection. Greisshorn marked 40mins up left.Via alpina stays low but still nice hike around here.

10am 2058m Mindelheimer Hutte.
170beds available here.10euros for Alpine club members.20euros if not.Friendly staff introduces different trails around

From here there is a challenging climbing trail called Mindelheimer Klettersteig.Via alpina goes by the lower smooth trail.

Leaving Mindelheimer Hutte,Germany 10:40am

1:15pm 1000m near Birgsau.Oberstdorf marked 2h30

1:30pm walking on road for 8-9km.The GPX file downloaded on the via alpina website in june 2013 indicates a trail on the other side but it must go over barbwire and no markers.
There is a bus service from Birgsau or probably easy to hitchiked here but don’t mind walking road…a km or less after birgsau, a bridge make it probably possible to catch up via alpina trail in the forest…

2:15pm stopped by for a quick bath in the fresh Stillach water stream

3:30pm another episode of a short light rain shower

3:35pm Oberstdorf 824m Allgau area.

Starting or ending point of via alpina purple and yellow trail.Via alpina red trail also passes by Oberstdorf, Bavaria Germany

Lots of tourists eating ice cream in Oberstdorf village.

After wandering a lot in Oberstdorf streets.Got some laundry done for 8euros but impossible to find the computer needed to upload new via alpina GPX files, roadbooks and maps…

Went to the campingplatz after 7:30pm.The registration office closed at 6pm and opens 7-8am.
A note is written in German, too tired to try to decipher it…going for the hot shower wouhhhhou

A small kitchen with cooking equipments is available for campers.

Rained a little bit in the evening.the kitchen could make a warm place for the night…

Pitched the tent outside

Distance covered : 37km (at least 4-6km in the streets of Oberstdorf)
Walking time : 8h50
Resting time : 4h
Altitude : 800m
Weather : very hot and sunny, light showers in the late afternoon
Date : tuesday 23rd July 2013

For indoor accomodation in Oberstdorf.There is a youth hostel (4km away from the village) that have B&B for 25euros

Few Gasthaus at 20euros but at least 6km away from Oberstdorf.
37euros is the cheapest price founded in the village.


Kapelle St Jakobus – Korbalpe


On the way to Mindelheimer hutte





Going down to Oberstdorf

Right on time for the picture : Bavarian style lady is out in front of her Oberstdorf house


Oberstdorf house

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