Day 42 : Blons – Korbalpe Kapelle St Jakobus 22nd July 2013

Leaving Blons school playground 6am

6:10am 760m Hinteregg.Garsella marked 1h15.Sonntag marked 2h30

7:30am 735m Garsella.Sonntag Walserweg marked 1h15.Buchboden marked 2h45

9:05am 810m Buchboden Walserweg.Biberacher Hutte marked 4h30

It really starts going up steeply from Buchboden

10:30am 1570m Obere Uberlutalpe.Biberacher Hutte marked 2h15

Little bit later bumped into Frank and his 2 kids.Frank was curing one of his 53 cows foot.Videotaped him in the process of putting the bandage on the cow foot. Very friendly and willing to explain in english. Vorarlberg and Austria really interesting so far.

11:30am caring on to Biberacher hutte

12:10am 1800m Pregimel.Biberacher hutte marked 1h15

Easy to take wrong trail around here.

1:45pm 1852m Biberacher Hutte.Great location to stay overnight,leaving 2:05pm.Schroken marked 2h30

3pm 1100m low point,crossing water stream on bridge.Going up Schroken now.

3:30pm took a dip in the refreshing water stream before reaching Unterboden 1140m

4pm 1250m Schroken

4:50pm leaving Schroken

5:20pm 1560m Batzenalpe.Hochtannbergpass marked 1h30
Alpenmusuem here

6:20pm 1670m Korbalpe

Distance covered : 39,8km
Walking time : 9h15
Resting time : 4h15
Altitude : 1700m
Date : monday 22nd july 2013
Weather : very hot & sunny

While eating dinner and checking the map for a possible camp site for the night. A Kapelle St Jakobus appeared in the vincinity…now know where i am gonna end up the first day in beautiful Austrian mountain area on the via alpina.

7:30pm 1700m Kapelle St Jakobus is open but humid inside…will pitch the tent outside


Blons area


On the way to Buchboden



Frank curing cow foot near Obere Uberlutalpe

On the way to Birberacher hutte

Panorama Birberacher hutte



Schroken church

On the way to Korbersee





Panorama at Korbalpe : Kapelle St Jakobus

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