Day 39 : Elm – Sargans 19th July 2013

On the way up to Foopass at 6:05am

7:30am 1897m Raminer Matt.Bought last year Glarner alpkase from the farm.5CHF

8am 2223m Foopass.Can see Elm from Foopass.Foo stofeli marked 45mins.Sargans marked 5h15

9am 1882m Alp Foo.Vorsiez marked 2h20.Weisstannen marked 3h25

The friendly farmer at Alp Foo have some instant coffee,sugar and hot water tank offering to passing  travellers.
There is also a natural small pool nearby at Alp Foo

10:40am 1176m Vorsiez.Weisstannen marked 1h10

11:30am 1003m Weisstannen.Sargans marked 4h

1pm leaving Weisstannen after lunch break.28CHF for an average meal + drinks..

Out of Weisstannen.3possibilities to go down Sargans.GPX file goes by the left, via alpina markers goes by the right or follow the road.

1:35pm 906m Schwendi.GPX & trail markers back together on the road.Sargans marked 3h

2:50pm 914m Guetli.after long flat,up & down walk. First view of Sargans,Rhine river and Liechtenstein on the way.Sargans marked 1h35

4pm 497m passed by a cherry tree in Mels.Just picked up dessert for tonight dinner.Sargans marked 40mins

4:20pm entered Sargans

6pm light rain started.Pitched the tent on a hill surrounded by small trees nearby Sargans castle.Left my bacpack in,going down in town to charge the electronics…

Distance covered : 36,2km
Walking time : 7h45
Resting time : 4h05
Altitude : 555m
Date : friday 19th July 2013
Weather : hot & sunny until 5:30pm when the light rain came

The friendly bakery owner down the hill accepted to keep & charge the electronics overnight…


Waterfall on the way up to Foopass


Foopass panorama


Another Foopass panorama


On the way down to Weisstannen


Weisstannen house


Mels,Sargan, Rhine river & Liechtenstein first view


Chapel in Mels


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