Day 38 : Linthal – Elm 18th July 2013

On the way to richetlipass at 6:30am

Bought alpkase in a convenient self service fridge on the way.
Glarner alpkase aus rohmilch mit grunen pfeffer….delicious cheese

8:20am 1970m the open sheeperd hut/shelter expected yesterday is here. Asked 2 hikers coming down yesterday is there was an opened hut near the pass and they did not know/gave me the information….

This open hut have a fire place and wood.Might be occupied by sheeperd sometimes. Richetlipass is less than 700m away from this hut/shelter

8:50am 2261m Richetlipass.100m before spotted 5 alpensteinbock (Bouquetins) with huge horns.Elm marked 3h45

10:45am 1710m Obererbs.Elm marked 2h

11:35am 1640m passed by cool unoccupied hut/shelter with fireplace (great location).Seems easy to open (not locked,only few stones block door access). 200m next another hut/shelter with beds inside but locked…

11:50am 1610m more huts/shelters.some are opened and one seems to live here (except one or two houses)

There is more than one way going to Elm.Via alpina is not the shortest.

12:50am 996m Elm. Looking for food and a washing machine…

Beautiful 16th,17th century old traditional wood houses around in Elm.14th century church…

1:30pm been served local dish called “Zigerhornli” (pasta with local Ziger cheese,cream and onions) at Gasthaus Sonne

30CHF for the local dish + beer + laundry cleaning and drying.

Friendly gasthaus owner agreed to do The emergency laundry needed…
A hot shower is programmed later on at the campingplatz on the way to Foopass… Thanks to Heidi at Elm TurismusBuro for all information & recommandation. Just find out that was out Berner oberland for quite some time already.Here it is Glanerland : Glarus county

4pm leaving Elm with clean & dry clothes,dried tent,food…black clouds and thunderstorm noise..looks like it is gonna rain soon…

Still one thing to do : Shower…will it be a hot or cold one?

4:35pm reached Elm campingplatz. Fireplace in the woods, waschraum & toilets but no shower electricity too. They charge 5CHF + tax..

4:45pm 1039m Talstation Nideren.Foopass marked 3h15.Sargans marked 8h45

5:15pm 1280m Stafeliegg.Just found an open warm hut/shelter with fireplace, chainsaw, table, bench,even a mattress inside. Located by the road but should be good to stay in for the night. Foopass is 6,5km away

Distance covered : 27,3km
Walking time : 6h20
Resting time : 4h30
Altitude : 1280m
Weather : hot & sunny most day, thunderstorm clouds late afternoon
Date : thursday 18th July 2013

About 6pm a car came by, looked by the window and saw Tessa walking…invited her in the shack. She laughed out loud when she saw me at the hut window calling her name… 🙂

After a while she went pitch her tent and sleep outside..good luck girl

7pm start the rain


Hut/shelter spent last night in


Glarner alpkase + cider self service on the way to richetlipass


Opened sheeperd house near richetlipass (great location)


Alpensteinbock at richetlipass


Panorama at richetlipass


Richetlipass area


On the way down to Elm


View on the way down to Elm


Cool open hut/shelter near Elm

Elm old house


Another Elm old house

One more cute house in Elm Glarner county


Elm church (14th century? Really?)


Local dish : Zigerhornli

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