Day 37 : Unterschachen – Linthal 17th July 2013

On the way to Klausenpass at 6:25am.Following Schachen water stream

7:05am 1234m Asch.Klausenpass marked 2h15 via Balmwand and 3h20 other way.
Took steep and straithforward way and catched up the via alpina trail 8:05am

8:40am 1948m Klausenpass.Chapel is locked.Urnerboden marked 1h50

10:25am 1350m Urnerboden.Flat walk alongside water stream

11:30am 1300m.Taking shortcut to Linthal (called Historisher weg : historical way). Via Alpina goes up by Braunwald

1pm 723m after very steep way down.following road by Linth water stream to Linthal.

1:10pm 662m entered Linthal

Stopped for lunch at Pizzeria 16CHF for a good value for money pizza + glass of sugar (cola)

3:05pm 666m Schiesserhaus.Leaving Linthal.Richetlipass marked 5h15

4pm light rain starts. Forecasted bad weather on time.

4:10pm 1121m found an open hut/shelter. Barbwire and cement bags inside.solid roof…looks like a storage hut..fine

Better stay here and wait tommorrow morning to go up Richetlipass…

Distance covered : (unknown accurately) 22-30km
Walking time : 7h
Resting time : 2h40
Date : wednesday 17th july 2013
Weather : hot, light rain late afternoon


Sunrise on Klausenpass


They love stacking logs around here


Waterfall at Asch hamlet (off via alpina trail)


Klausenpass (not much to see up there)


Near urnerboden


Panorama urnerboden


Unerboden area




Linthal church

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