Day 36 : Engelberg – Unterschachen 16th July 2013

Leaving morning campfire place 7:15am

8am 1258m Alpenrosli.Surenenpass marked 3h25.Attinghausen marked 7h

8:25am 1393m Stafeli.Touristenlager here : Berggasthaus (nice location).
Surenenpass marked 3h. Got some delicious alpkase from Stafeli.

9am 1630m Stauber.Nice waterfall here.Surenenpass marked 2h

9:30am about 1760m Blackenalp area. Small Chapel is open (bivouac not allowed in the area), occuppied farm nearby.

10:30am Schutzhutte is open and great donativo place to stay overnight (some food left inside).Only 200m away of Surenenpass

10:35am 2291m Surenenpass.Attinghausen marked 3h35

Sliding down on the snow for 30-45mins.Following down water stream.Via alpina goes down different way.

1:10pm 1385m Bachhutte nearby Waldnacter Seeli.BBQ spot on one side, another open chapel 100m away + couple of houses/farms.
Attinghausen marked 1h50

1:30pm 1436m Hochiberg.Catched up with via alpina coming from the left. Attinghausen marked 1h35

2:30pm 597m Brusti Mittelstation.Attinghausen marked 15mins

2:40pm 486m Attinghausen.Burglen marked 1h & 1h15

2:45pm 460m low point crossing highway and water stream on bridge.entering Altdorf.

Via alpina & via Gottardo hiking trails meets in Altdorf.
Crossing a field following the wanderweg. A nice old lady working in there gathering the freshly cut grass came towards me and started talking. No schweisser deutsch for me, no french or english for her. She pointed the mountain right ahead. Moved my head up & down,smiled and waved byebye at her

Tessa English girl started from Montreux going to Verone on E5 catched up on me.

4pm 548m Burglen. Spiringen marked 2h

5pm 702m Sigmanig.Spiringen marked 1h30

6pm 938m Spiringen.Unterschachen marked 1h50.Klausenpass marked 5h30

Out of the via alpina and staying on the road, expected a campingplatz that was mentionned on the Swiss map…nothing

Moving on sidewalk to Unterschachen and will catch up other trail by Asch to Klausenpass.

7pm 1000m entering UnterSchachen.

8:10pm stopped somewhere on the way to Asch.will set camp here by the schachen water stream.

Distance covered : 38,3km
Walking time : 9h
Resting time : 3h50
Altitude : 1061m
Weather : hot & sunny
Date : tuesday 16th July 2013


Engelberg church


On the way to surenenpass (blackenalp area)


Schutzhutte nearby surenenpass


Stafeli alpkase at surenenpass


Surenenpass panorama


On the way down to Altdorf


Attinghausen, altdorf and burglen


Working in the field,Luzern lake in the background


Burglen church




Panorama in Unterschafen

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