Day 35 : Meiringen – Engelberg 15th July 2013

5:50am leaving campingplatz alpencamping and the stubborn Polish donkey and her hairdryer behind.

First and last guest i am willing to have on more babysitting on the via alpina…

6:20am 625m Meiringen.Jochpass marked 7h10 and 6h30 ?? 2 different way to get there..will follow via alpina through planplatten

6:40am 800m Schrandli.Planplatten marked 4h40

7:10am 1052m Reuti Post.Planplatte marked 4h

8:40am 1660m Gummen Renen.Planplatte marked 1h40

9h45 2245m Planplatten
Great panoramic view. Brienzersee,Jura, glacier Triftgletscher,etc…
Engstlenalp marked 3h15

Just out of the skiers cable car that brings up the tourists at Planplatten today.The trail is marked as closed (with no explanation why).Went to check and passed through. No danger at all. Only 20m of neves to cross… Safety first here in Switzerland.

10:40am 2255m Balmeregghorn.Jochpass marked 3h30.Engstlenalp marked 2h

11:40am Tannensee lake

11:55am 1977m Tannenalp.Jochpass marked 1h50.Engelberg marked 4h50

12:50am 1834m Engstlenalp.Nice alpage with traditionnal chalet.Jochpass marked 1h15.Engelberg marked 4h15

1:40pm 2207m Jochpass.Engelberg marked 3h

3:10pm 1796m Trubsee.Engelberg marked 1h45

4pm 1257m Vorder Stafel.Engelberg marked 35mins

4:20pm 1005m Banklialp Kohlbrucke.water stream to cross (low point).Surenenpass marked 5h30 on the right.Via Alpina goes left in Engelberg zentrum

4:40pm 1000m Engelberg station.Surenenpass marked 5h20

7pm leaving Endelberg.

7:25pm 1030m Holz Kapelle.Surenenpass marked 5h. Moving in the valley in search for a place to camp. There is an expansive campingplatz in Engelberg.

Lots of unoccupied chalet on the flat “wanderweg”

7:55pm 1070m Wasserfall.Surenenpass marked 4h30

8:15pm 1084m Herren Rutiboden.Surenenpass marked 4h. Cool BBQ area, fire still alive. Here an axe,saw and dry wood to burn is available and free to use. Good bivouac spot by the river stream for the night.

Distance covered : 42,2km
Walking time : 9h35
Resting time : 5h
Date : monday 15th July 2013
Weather : sunny, wind over 2000m.
Altitude : 1124m


Meiringen church


Chalet on the way to Planplatten


Meiringen and Brienzersee view


Panorama planplatten

Other panorama from planplatten




Hiking noons going for a prayer at Tannenalp chapel


Engstlenalp right ahead


Engstlenalp alpage panorama


Engstlenalp chalet




Panorama at Jochpass


Engelberg from Trubsee


House in Engelberg

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