Day 31 : Adelboden – Oeschinensee 11th July 2013

Leaving Adelboden 7:20am

Stayed and slept on the floor in the common room last night of the Albo campingplatz.The woman living upstairs and owning the building came down last night and woke me up around 9:30pm.

I told her that i radther sleep inside than in the tent because it was warmer indoor. Also told her that I did not feel very welcome since i came in Bern county but if she wanted it i could move outside and pitch the tent.

She listened to a piece of my story.Asked me to remove the chairs i putted in front of door (safety reflex) so anyone could come in the common room if they wanted too… I did what she asked for

She let me go back to sleep indoor and later brought back a banana, an apple and a peach and wished me goodnight…and so did I

7:40am 1310m Eggetli.BunderAlp marked 1h35.Bunderchrinde marked 3h15.Kandersteg marked 5h30

8:05an 1480m Bunderweiden.Kandersteg marked 5h40

8:40am 1755m Bunderalp. Nice location for this alpkase : Berghaus bunderalp (restaurant and accomodation)
45CHF only for halfboard…

I came across an Alpine farm.Saw a man outside the house. When i turned back. A young girl was bringing back half a dozen of white goats. Started videotaping and here is what happened next…

The man outside was willing to talk and communicate. He is name Stephan junior. He is a shepperd here with wife, daughters, father and mother.

After introducing to me the cows in the stables…

I got explanation and videotaped about how they make the Berner Alpkase cheese here in the Bunderalp alpage

Mutchli cheese also made here (made during spring,summer and autumn)

7am is morning cow milking time.

Mutchli & Berner Alpkase made on site in the alpage.

Stephan junior & wife have 2 daughters.

One of the young girl was bringing the goats back to the Alpine farm (started videotaped that)

Stephan senior 72 makes the Berner Alpkase with wife Heidi.
Had the honour to videotaped them doing part of the making process of Berner Alpkase cheese (steering the milk with special tool)

Berner Alpkase AOC cheese is kept 80days in the storage room.

They come up to the alpage 11weeks on summer time.

Winter time Stephan senior 72 years old is a carpenter.

Stephan senior speaks french. Stephan junior wife understand French.

They have few chickens and 2 pigs up here. I got to see and videotaped everywhere..what a great day

The goats milk is used to feed the veals (videotaped Stephan junior milking the goats)

Stephan senior gave me a taste of 4 years old Berner Alpkase cheese.
Please meet the Sarbach familly. Stephan junior & wife going down to Adelboden during the day to cut grass for the winter.
Bought 7CHF of Berner alpkase cheese.

They opened their house to me and gave more than an egg, sausage and Berner Alpkase cheese before i left.

What an awesome encounter on the Via Alpina yet again…

10:30am 2120m Bunderchumi.2ways here

Left passing by Bunderspitz peak.Kandersteg marked 4h10 that way.
Right (via alpina way) passing by Bunderchrinde marked 45mins.Kandersteg marked 3h40

11:05am 2385m Bunderchrinde.Great view on Adelboden. Clouds coming up on the Kandetsteg side (no view)

11:35am 2094m Alpchelen.Kandersteg marked 1h50

The alpage surrounding mountains here is really great…

1:25pm 1548m Aeusser Ueschinen alpage.Kandersteg marked 1h15

2pm 1185m Pladfinder Zentrum.Kandersteg International scout center.

2:20pm 1176m Kandersteg.Oeschinensee marked 1h35.Griesalp marked 7h30

Kandersteg is Unesco world heritage and worth visiting

4pm leaving Kandersteg.
Kandersteg have a campingplatz.
Going up to Oeschinensee.Following steep road.

5:10pm 1593m Oeschinensee. 2 hotels/restaurants.Turned down B&B offers of 50CHF for one, 45CHF for the other

5:40pm 1590m Chuematti. Ober Bergli marked 1h20

6:30pm 1973m Ober Bergli.Blumlisalphutte marked 2h15.Griesalp marked 4h45

Distance covered : about 22km (according to via alpina roadbook)
Walking time : 6h50
Resting time : 4h45
Altitude : 1973m
Weather : sunny
Date : thursday 11th July 2013

Went up too much. Ober Bergli have no accomodation. One chalet in the alpage is open. A man and a kid are up here.

Meet Hans & Patrick. Hans is marking the field for when they will bring up the cows later this summer. He first came to this alpage at age 7.

(To be continued) ending of the day 31 posted with day 32

Adelboden view


On the way up to Bunderchrine

Adelboden view on the way to Bunderchrine


Stephan junior giving me a taste of Berner Alpkase cheese


Stephan senior steering the freshly pumped milk to make Berner Alpkase cheese


Stephan senior and wife Heidi making Berner Alpkase cheese : Bunderalp alpage – Adelboden area – Bern county – Switzerland


Stephan senior 72 with the freshly made Berner Alpkase cheese (hard one) & Mutchli cheese (soft one)

Smoked cheese made out “Petit lait”

Stephan senior serving 4 years old Berner Alpkase cheese


Panorama Bunderchrine pass


Bunderchrine – Kandersteg side view



Lunch time in the office




Kandersteg church


Kandersteg restaurant

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