Day 30 – Lauenen – Adelboden 10th July 2013

6:15am left the hut i stayed 14hours inside.Going down to Lauenen.

6:35am Lauenen 1255m.
The warm & beautiful church seems open 24/7.water & electricity available there.
Lenk marked 5h10

7:50am Flueweid 1540m.Trutlisbergpass on the way up in the fields.

9:00am 2038m Trutlisbergpass.Noisy military aircraft keep turning around in the area.

9:50am 1570m Seitengraben intersection. Via Alpina markers appears since Trutlisbergpass.
Just entered Via Alpina green trail (stage C14 Lenk-Adelboden).
Left Via Alpina red trail in Lenk.

10:30-11am stopped for a sandwich at Walleg Stube. Nice waitress from Slovakia very friendly…Not very well welcome by owner  boss when he came afterward (very rude attitude)

12am leaving Lenk 1064m

12:20am 1244m Hahnenmoospass marked 2h30.Adelboden marked 4h30

1pm 1536m Brandegg.Hahnenmoospass marked 1h30.Adelboden marked 3h30

1:20pm 1661m here.Hahnenmoospass marked 1h.Adelboden marked 3h

1:35pm 1830m Brengge. Hahnenmoospass marked 30mins.Adelboden marked 2h25

1:50pm 1956m Hahnenmoospass. Ski resort lots of ugly construction going on. Going down now
Adelboden marked 2h

2:40pm 1707m Geils.Restaurant here.Adelboden marked 1h35

3:05pm 1486m Berglager skiing cabin operating bringing up downhill bikers.

4pm 1353m entering Adelboden
Kandersteg marked 6h45.

5:30pm 1260m Campingplatz Albo in the lower part of Adelboden

18,1CHF for camping place + washing machine and drying + electricity + wifi.Shower cost 1CHF extra


Lauenen upper area. Hut spent last night in


Lauenen chalet


Lauenen chalet


Lauenen church


On the way up to Trutlisbergpass


Panoramic view from Trutlisbergpass


Lenk from the distance

Trutlisbergpass view


Cute baby goats


Lenk church


Panoramic view from Hahnenmoospass


Downhill bike


Adelboden church

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