Day 29 : Cabane du Prarochet – Lauenen 9th July 2013

Leaving 6:30am Cabane du Prarochet.Sun is up shining already.

Flat walk down in the hard snow to catch up Via Alpina 7:30am Col du Sanetsch ou Col de Senin 2244m.

Gsteig marked 2h30.Following Sarine water stream to Sanetschsee

8:30am Auberge du Sanetsch. Went in and almost been physically assaulted by the owner of this place (small, white bearded biker style angry man).

He got mad because i did not stay at his place last night and just came for coffee and the wifi…

Read a lot of bad things about here on the via alpina roadbook and it is worst than that.

Been told that he will get the dog out and put me down on one knee….pretty funny at the entrance there is a sign saying : “we welcome you with love” (must be ironic) 🙂

Going down steeply now

9:20am Rotengraben intersection 1478m. Gsteig marked down 45mins. Way up marking Burg 15mins, i think possible to avoid Gsteig and move on to Lauenen by this trail.

Gsteig have the 1st grocery store since Vernayaz, taking the detour for it.

9:50am arrived at the start of the Telecabine. There is a notice that says :”danger of avalanche, way to Sanetsch closed”

There is absolutely no snow/danger on this path (it is steep tho) but i think i know why they put/leave that sign…oh yeah the Telecabine right here and it is operating and it cost 13CHF one way…

Talked to the guy operating the Telecabine. He explained that it was communal decision to keep the trail close. I guess they also run the Telecabine…

Think i entered Bern county now…really bad feeling so far about the behaviors here. Let’s stay positive and see what’s next

10:15am 1250m entered Gsteig farming village.

Just talked to a nice & friendly (italian born) local woman….pffff good feeling & happy mood is back again

Went to the Tourist office to report about the owner of Auberge du Sanetsch behavior.

They know and got lots of complaints but they cannot do anything. They just stop recommanding Auberge du Sanetsch to visitors.

Auberge du Sanetsch at best you will leave lots of your money…at worst some of your blood…

12:15am leaving pleasant village of Gsteig.

“chemin pedestre” markers are now replaced by “wanderweg” markers

1:10pm after lunch break moving up. No real motivation to walk as i know anywhere i will go will be an expensive place to stay in…

Just passed by a day hiker. Said “bonjour”
She answered something like “Hej sa”

That it is it, gotta forget about French language and start learning some survival German…

2:05pm Chrine 1659m.Gstaad marked left 3h20.Lauenen down straight marked 1h

2:25pm as the last 2days, refreshing light rain came.

2:35pm passed by an open hut/shelter. Rain is pouring heavy now. Can stay here for the night if needed…

Distance covered : 22,5km
Walking time : 4h55
Resting time : 3h15
Altitude : 1458m
Date : tuesday 9th July 2013
Weather : sunny but cold in the morning then hot & warm until the rain came early afternoon

3:10pm rain stopped. Decide it does not worth moving few more km to pay for a roof. Staying in the hut where noone will come bother..can pitch the tent inside

4chairs and some grass inside (great comfy &warm mattress)

6:30am Cabane du Prarochet area panoramic view





Col du Sanetsch


Going down to Gsteig


Unsual black salamander


Incorrect information forcing people to use the Telecabine to go up to Sanetsch to be physically assaulted by auberge du sanetsch nut case owner 🙂


Gsteig farm


Gsteig chalet


Gsteig church


Gsteig Baren hotel/restaurant


Panorama from Chrine pass


On the way up to chrine pass



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