Day 28 : Pont de Nant – Cabane du Prarochet 8th July 2013

7am leaving Auberge communal Pont de Nant.

Derborence marked 5h10. La vare marked 1h40.Anzeindaz marked 3h25

8:10am La Vare 1756m. Anzeinde marked 1h25.Col des Essets marked 1h.Derborence marked 3h

9:05am Col des Essets 2029m.Anzeindaz marked 20min.Pas de Cheville marked 1h10.Derborence marked 2h

9:35am 1857m reached alpage Anzeindaz. Le Godet marked 2h25

Going up smoothly to Pas de la Cheville in the alpage by the sound of cow bells with the Diablerets Massif on the left side.

10:10am 2038m Pas de la Cheville.Derborence marked 50min

Leaving Vaud to enter Valais now

11am 1513m Derborence lake in sight…expected something nicer…
Col du Sanetsch marked 4h40

Near Derborence lake, there is one authorized camping spot (see map below).
The GPX file downloaded in June 2013 is following the road (longer).The trail white-red-white take a sharp right turn near the lake and through forest (way nicer)

11:45am 1370m Le Godey.Col du Sanetsch marked 4h05

12:40am Leaving Le godey. It goes up in a valley towards massive rocks.Via alpina here will get very steep then a little climbing vertical is needed.Ropes & a ladder make it safe & helpful.Effort is short

2:15pm 1960m Poteu des Etales.Great panoramic view on Derborence lake,glacier des Diablerets.
Tsanfleuron marked 1h35.Col du Sanetsch marked 2h05.Prarochet cabane 2h

2:40pm Mie decide to go off Via Alpina and do a little detour by Cabane Prarochet.

4pm 2533m reached Cabane du Prarochet. It is open there are people inside…Lots of snow up here. Great clouds all over now.

Distance covered : 25,7km
Walking time : 6h55
Resting time : 2h10
Date : monday 8th July 2013
Altitude : 2555m
Weather : hot & sunny until 3pm when light rain and black clouds showed up

Bed is 29CHF
Been asked 9CHF for 1.5L of water


Vallon de la Vare


Les diablerets massif from Col des Essets


Anzeinde alpage


Near Derborence lake


Authorized Camping place near Derborence & le godey map


Chalet near Le godey. Les diablerets glacier behind

Going up steeply to Scex rouge/col de Sanestch


Going up vertical now


On the way up to cabane du Prarochet



Cabane du Prarochet 2533m

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