Day 24 : Refuge Moede Anterne – Samoens 4th July 2013

Light rain still this morning. Waiting for a couple of spanish hikers who got lost & scared yesterday and want to join me to get to Samoens safely on the GR5.

Leaving 8:30am Refuge Moede Anterne.Sixt marked 3h45

Col d’Anterne 2257m 9:10am. weather got better.
Sixt marked 3h.Manuel & Solle also walking the via alpina to Feldkrich (started from Les Houches this year.doing piece of the via alpina every year).Might see them again…

9:50am around Anterne lake, the rain and fog came back.Decide to wait for Manuel & Solle who do not have the GPX file.

11am refuge Alfred Wills fog still but no more snow and GR markers and path easy to follow. Leaving fellow via alpinists behind.

12am 1450m reached Pleureuse et Sauffaz. Intersection GR96 & GR5.
Lignon marked down 30mins

Awesome waterfalls shortly after : Cascades de la Sauffaz de la pleureuse de sales

12:15am Le Lignon 1180m.Samoens marked 3h. Sixt Fer a cheval marked 1h30

1:05pm leaving Le lignon after lunch break.Rain stopped, sunshine is back.

1:30pm 960m Cascade du Rouget waterfall

2:20pm Pont des Nants 767m. Samoens marked 1h40

Going up little bit in the woods (+100m) then down steeply through “old gorges” (canyon like)

3pm 760m Chapelle Notre Dame des Graces marked 5min off the forestry road walking on now.

3:10pm Videotaped rafting going down water stream le Giffre

3:35pm Passerelle des Bechi 702m.Right marked Samoens centre 15mins. Left Samoens Lacs aux dames 15mins.

Leaving touristic Samoens after checking out the free alpine botanical garden 5:50pm

Distance covered : 28,1km
Walking time : 6h30
Resting time : 3h15
Date : thursday 4th july 2013
Altitude : 718m
Weather : light rain and fog in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon


Refuge moede anterne 2000m



On the way up to Col d’ anterne


Lac d’anterne


Lots of mud on the way down in between refuge Alfred Wills & Lignon



Cascade du rouget



Chapel in Samoens alpine garden


Huge piece of mountain that falled down in 2005

1 thought on “Day 24 : Refuge Moede Anterne – Samoens 4th July 2013

  1. Dud&Laet

    Nous partons demain pour la Slovénie avec pour objectif Monaco dans 3 mois. Un mix de l’itinéraire rouge et bleu. On se croisera surement un jour !
    Notre blog : que l’on essaiera de mettre à jour le plus souvent possible, mais avec moins de régularité que toi !
    Bonne continuation !

    Laetitia & Christophe


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